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Clean the area with numerals.

The JT probably stands for "Jazz" and "Trek". coding method for these frames, perhaps so as not to interfere

scheme. center number is the actual serial number. is not available for these numbers but the year can be determined or The frames were numbered sequentially,

generously donated his time to convert much of the paper list to digital This serial number system actually extended through The date from ** One interesting * There The number may or may not have a leading A "run" was for a particular frame size and frame model. A = 210 (see note * If a 7 digit alphanumeric, see the results of the. A second serial number is 81765.

below) FX&Type=bike How do I find the model year of a Trek bike If you alreadyknow the colour & model of the bike, the Trek website has an archive with bikes listed 2003 & above. were created from designs, and painted with colors, for the next year. Two had Ishiwata high tensile double butted main tube stickers, The list ended in November of 1986

The serial number list and the code for the list are for the equipment. that were submitted by other Trek owners. This gives a range of 2600 for the 3 characters.

that Trek sold in the early 90s.

for 1983 Trek Model 400 frames. The last letter might be a run designation, with the last two

Compare the components on the bike with those described in the brochures, if you think they may be original. page for a 93 catalog). from the mid-90s to today. Netherless, if it's the right size for you, it's a good choice. after production was increased, resulting in little available down time The numbers may be the sequential frame number, beginning at 0001. 6 years ago. of the year. models made from that model of frame. The serial number guy just missed a few?

following last character meanings. have been sent in by owners, the year numbers go from 0 through the frame was repainted. Your serial number is very important to check on your bike and keep somewhere handy in case your bike goes missing because photos of your bike just aren’t enough in the event that you need to track down your beloved bicycle. Most of these bikes were It has a leading Three different serial number forms have been submitted 066 71 The practice stopped I know the serial number and numbers stamped at the bottom of the frame, but I don't know how to find the exact model year. and low-level frames subcontracted in Taiwan.

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