“We’re just all here to take the step forward and help them heal,” said Dorinda Smith, a family friend who helped organize the vigil. The relationship ended about a month later, but he said there were no discussions about the pregnancy or that he was possibly the father.

Smith said they used a product called BlueStar, a blood revealer, on the carpet and it illuminated immediately and intensely - which meant there was a large concentration of blood in that area. However, a doctor estimated she was already in her third trimester and would be delivering within weeks and said the fetal heart rate was strong and healthy. Dr. Boyce confronted Richardson about no longer being pregnant, and Knippen said Richardson broke down and told her she’d buried her in the backyard. Up and down constantly and the people around her did not know she was pregnant,” he said. The trial got underway Tuesday with jury selection and opening statements from attorneys on both sides. CARLISLE, Ohio (WDTN) – The Johnson family took their first step forward in the grieving process to mourn the child they never got to meet. On July 12, 2017, Richardson went back to Hilltop OBGYN for a request for birth control but saw a different doctor, Dr. Boyce. Dr. Andrew discussed the health of an umbilical cord and referred to it as having structural integrity and that a thin one can break. But because of policy decisions that are beyond my purview, the jury was not permitted to consider those things," Oda said. “None of it fits the amount of pain I’ve felt that I never got to know my grandaughter.”. Richardson confessed to police that she killed the child, but her lawyers said the confession was coerced. He also claimed he could see the outline of a small torso. The team then played an audio clip in court where they said you can hear officers laughing at the crime scene. Oda ordered the remains be turned over to the Richardson family, but the baby must get a proper burial at a site accessible to the Johnson family. She’s utterly confused by the fire comment. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. He asked Scott Richardson to make a proper burial and to include the Johnson family in access to the burial plot. “I said ‘does anyone know about this’ and she said ‘no.’ ‘I’m the first person on the planet you’ve ever told’... and she said ‘yes,’” Dr. Boyce said. “We found out about the paternity on Facebook, although it was a rumor at the time.”. “You have gone above and beyond to keep his private life private and keep it as normal as it could possibly have been in the most abnormal situation anyone could have imagined.”. The skeletal remains of Annabelle were then found in the backyard.

Brooke Skylar Richardson, 20, was seen in court sobbing and shaking after being found not guilty of the most serious charges she faced. © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. "That’s how old my granddaughter would be if she were here.”. Upon examination of Ricahrdson’s bedroom, he said it appeared the bed had been moved that day. While the prosecution claims Richardson burned the remains in a fire pit, Rittgers said interrogations show Richardson denying ’17 times’ that she burned her baby.

In police interrogation video presented in court, Richardson could be seen telling investigators in July 2017 that she did not hear a cry or a whimper and that the baby’s eyes were closed.

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