I've been sippin', that's how I control 'Cause you take the bullet tryna save me

Or there has to be a person that’s doing wrong, if that makes sense. I think a lot of the time in R&B music, a lot of it is about hurt and someone doing you wrong, but a lot of the time, we don’t talk about us doing someone wrong. Like we be runnin' a mile to never make it [Verse 2] My bad, my bad for, trippin' on you (Trippin' on you, trippin' on you) Yeah, it's big enough, got me trippin' on you, trip-trippin' on you My bad, my bad for, trippin' on you (Trippin' on you) So I don't go shootin' where your heart be as an announcement of this song and the whole album. After charting a top-five hit with “Boo’d Up” on the Hot 100, Ella Mai attempts to strike gold again with her new record “Trip.” Ooh, yeah, yeah

He first cultivated a grassroots fanbase with tracks like “Hopeless,” fusing hip-hop styles with guitar melodies. He garnered viral attention in 2017 for his cover of Tantric’s rock hit “Breakdown,” raking in over 2 million YouTube views. [Pre-Chorus] Not gonna lie.

[Intro] We did like three or four songs on the album just based around chords and just building it up, so we started right into chords, doing melodies to chords, and once we started to have the vocal melody is when we put the drums in and stuff like that, so it was done from scratch. My bad, my bad, my bad for, trippin' on you (Trippin' on you, trippin' on you) “Tri"p wasn’t like a conscious effort to be like, "Oh my God, we need to strip stuff down,” you know?

You know your love is big enough, make me trip up on you

That's some kind of love, baby (Drip, drip) I can tell you when I’m right very easily, but I have to come around to it and it takes me a little while, so I thought I wanted to write a song about knowing how to apologize and knowing how to say, like, “It’s kinda my bad. Baby boy, your love, got me trippin' on you Said I admit I was wrong when I did it Baby boy, your love, got me trippin' on you But I think that I'm done trippin', I'm trip-trippin' Doobie, real name Eric Williams, is a rising rapper from Columbus, Ohio. And it takes me a while to admit when I’m wrong. This feelin', you keep givin'

Maybe it's your love, it's too good to be true

I've been sippin', that's how I control

It's big enough, make me (Drip, drip) Then I'm left to deal with makin' you bleed Break it down, roll it up and get higher So put the weed in the grinder Break it down, roll it up and get higher I'm on that Caine like I'm getting old I been had that crack, hear in in my bones Cocaine cowboy, Indiana Jones I had to

Doobie reached a new level of fame with “When The Drugs Don’t Work,” a raw and honest track about the rapper’s drug use.

[Post-Chorus] It wasn’t like, “Okay, we have to do this,” because I feel like it’s missing, I just think a lot of the time, when you work and you already have a beat or something like that, it obviously controls where you go melodically and stuff like that, but working with chords, you have a lot more space to move around, so I wanted to just really have space to kind of go wherever I wanted to go.

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