It’s light, it was reasonably priced, and can be customized in many areas of the build. So, here are the eight lightest pop up truck campers in ascending order based on overall dry weight.

The Kodiak Canvas truck bed tent is the best truck bed tent on the market and stands out thanks to its impressive durability and innovative construction. Listed below are some of the most noteable. A build-specialist for your camper can do this for you, or if you’re buying used, you can DIY the system. Every manufacturer is going to have its own installation process.

While standard truck bed campers can easily weigh in excess of 1,000 pounds, the newest generation pop up campers range from just 275-350 pounds, which allows you to explore even the most rugged terrain without killing your gas mileage or your suspension. It’s available now and my new one definitely will have it. NAPIER Backroadz Truck Tent at a Glance:Sleeps two – 55.5 – 7 feet center heightHatchbacks or trucks5 different sizes for various vehiclesGenerous waterproof gasket. Locate a seam on your tent and look for a thin, clear line of tape running along the seam. I am an avid outdoorsman with experience in naturalist education, outside adventure education, ski instruction, and writing. "name": "How can I stay dry in my truck tent? So, I began to research truck pop ups.”.

Camp King Industries is an Australian company, but these pop up campers are sold in the United States by Sloop Imports. On the top of the tent where the truck cab meets the edge of the tent you may have to get creative. It is built with the same heavy-duty materials as the Habitat camper but it has a hard top instead of the vast tent top the Habitat features. In this article, we’ll explore the eight lightest pop up truck campers on the market today and get some insight from several owners. Truck, Jeep and SUV running boards known as nerf bars or side steps run alongside your vehicle. Next up is the OVRLND Pop Top camper, at just 300 pounds. I wanted something easier and made to handle all the conditions better.”.

Otherwise stick with a truck tent because they’re way cheaper and easier to swap in and out after your trip. “Go Fast Campers always had a strong presence in the Toyota community. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With the Duracozy pop up campers, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of setting up tents and sleeping on uncomfortable, lumpy ground any longer. DAC Mid Size Truck Tent at a Glance:Sleeps twoCan fit over truck toppers and foilsIdeal for trucks with toppersSilpoly waterproof fabric. It is low-profile when it’s all packed away. They have amenities you would find in a larger RV, but they’re designed to slide in the back of a pickup. You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. We spent over two years living in a DIY camper van and visiting 48 US states. "@type": "Answer", This is a number represented in millimeters. Treehouse was lightweight enough for our truck.”. It has many of the same amenities you would find in a larger RV or camper van. They have so many options available compared to other competitors. When it comes to campers that fit 1/2 ton trucks, there is a lot more variety. Built-in dinettes can also serve as a workspace and give you a place to hang out in poor weather. Without a doubt the most notable improvement of this tent over many of the others on our list is the waterproof gaskets around the edges. Expand To See MoreSee LessWhat you really get out of this is a little more usable space and open air.With the glass up and the tailgate down you gain an extra couple of feet worth of room to move and sleep. What is a Truck Bed Tent? However, it seems like the modular factor would make it so you can upgrade components. The solid ⅛-inch one-piece insulated roof was huge too so no worry of leaking in wet rainy conditions. Cons: Can’t really think of many here, if I had to say anything maybe accessibility of getting in and out but I feel all of these small campers have the same issue, you just get used to it. While it’s not hurricane proof it should be just fine for most camping. The seasons are in order from warmest to coldest: A majority of popup truck tents available today are three-season tents.

Best For: Those already camping with a truck topper setup.

Check out this PVC truck tent and this Primitive truck tent. Can You Live Full Time in a Truck Camper? Required fields are marked *. Larger versions can also come with an outdoor shower, cassette toilet, or even a wet room! The low profile of a popup camper makes them easier to store and easier to drive.

AT Overland is a great company with great people.

The pop-top truck camper gives you interior standing room, a comfortable bed… That’s why I always go prepared with a few extra of the most critical items like straps, tarps, and sleeping gear.

The one-piece roof is TIG welded and connected to the body with orlock rivets. It is an easy to assemble truck bed tent that sleeps 2 adults. The Outback Series from Camp King Industries is fourth on our list at 325 pounds. Top Pickup Bed Tent – Best Truck Bed Pop Up Camper for in 2020. } "name": "Should I use a tent or a truck topper? Hallmark RV has the largest selection of campers, but Four Wheel Campers has the lightest pop ups overall. if you desire. I spend as much time in the mountains as possible. The interior height is a lofty 6 feet 6 inches, so even tall individuals can stand comfortably inside. The price of tents for the bed of your pickup trucks ranges from $150 – $550. It’s capable of handling everything except snow. If you own a pickup truck and/or love camping a truck bed tent is a no-brainer. I talked with Blake (, Next up we have a three-way tie at 340 pounds between the AT Overland Habitat camper and the following two campers on the list. Examples of the most common vehicles you’ll see these campers on are: You can store a truck camper in your garage or backyard on a set of camper jacks. By far the biggest issue with truck topper tent and tailgate style tents is waterproofness. Truck bed tents are easy to set up, portable shelters for sleeping in the bed of your pickup truck. capable pop-up currently available on the truck camper market. construction techniques more commonly deployed in the aerospace and racing industries. It’s the lowest priced truck bed tent that includes everything needed for a great camping trip on a budget. This is a high-quality material that allows for ventilation while trapping the heat. One option is to use an additional tarp and a couple of straps or ropes. Truck bed tents are well worth the money for anybody who enjoys camping and the outdoors.

Truck tents can be a great lightweight, cheap, and easy alternative to other styles of camping. Raven Pop-up truck camper. Once you find the right one for you, don’t be afraid to invest in quality over cheap gear. Also cleaning it is a PITA. So, how can we make sure we’re buying a truly waterproof truck bed tent? Many fail to provide this specification. These can be found very inexpensive online or at WalMart. }, { Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent at a Glance:Sleeps two1500mm hydrostatic headLong bed truck size5.25 feet center height. High-end truck bed tents get made from canvas.

When we are talking about truck bed tents we’re talking about a waterproof, lightweight, and affordable pop up tent for the bed of your truck, not those full size truck bed campers.

Instead the tent should seal over the lip of the bed just behind the rear window to shed rain outside of the truck bed. "@type": "Answer", Crow Survival - All Rights Reserved, panels, coupled with fatigue and corrosion resistant 5052 aluminum alloy, to deliver a robust and capable. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Two Season Truck Bed Tent – Rated for Summer and Spring, Three Season Pickup Truck Tent – Rated for Summer, Spring and Fall, Four Season or All Season – Rated for Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter, Steel Pop Up Tent Poles – Strong and Heavy, If there’s a chance of your vehicle moving, put wheel chocks in place behind the, Lay the truck tent canvas flat in the truck bed – Doorway pointing to tailgate, Attach the straps – refer to tent instructions – tailgate and truck sides, Assemble the poles – refer to truck tent manufacturers directions, Sweep the truck bed clean and try to keep the tent floor clean, Try to park in a shaded area to stop the sun from damaging the tent material, Use a tent seam sealer for watertight tape sealed seams, Wash tent by hand with warm water and soap. Design features of the RightLine Gear truck tent are: The GuideGear pop-up truck tent has a basic D-shape and minimal design.

Luckily, this is a one-time install process so it’s not something you would have to do every time. "@type": "CreativeWorkSeries", A lightweight pop up truck camper is an amazing option for backcountry camping and off-roading. The ability to have a wedge camper and lockable camper shell was a no-brainer. While a new pop up camper should come with everything you need, there are two things you’ll want to pay special attention to: Leveling blocks and camper jacks.

Some truck tents may not secure the right way to your truck or may have straps that can scratch the paint of your truck. The Napier Backroadz truck tent manufactured from polyester taffeta makes it durable. A rainfly to help keep the tent dry when the inevitable rainstorm hits. The Drifter checks all the boxes whereas the others were lacking things here and there.”. This makes them easier to maneuver and you can really get them off the beaten path. Honestly I think the people who will be happiest with this type of truck bed tent camper are those who already have a truck topper and like camping from the back of the truck. “Pros: I think the price point is really great. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. It has 13-inch shelves running down each side on the interior of the camper so you can store items off the ground and out of your way. A: Honestly I think the best way to use a truck bed tent camper is to treat it as if it could leak at any moment. That means you can pack more gear into your camper without putting too much stress on the pickup. Truck bed tents allow ventilation through the walls and mesh windows. So there’s a chance it will get outdated. Fortunately this is usually just a little water and it can run freely down and out of the truck bed thanks to the plastic grooves. "name": "",

Wipe the poles clean with a dry cloth after use to prevent corrosion, Interested in making your own pop-up truck bed tent? With the glass up and the tailgate down you gain an extra couple of feet worth of room to move and sleep.

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