Categories marked in red are mandatory to fill out. Here are the missions you can complete to obtain gems and other items: Tests are high-score events to challenge and test your powers in battles as a magician to achieve high ranks. Each card has stats information that you can view during battle. Proceed within the lesson by tapping the screen, selecting the AUTO button, or choosing the LOOP button to continuously do the lessons until you ran out of AP. To view them, tap any character sprite in the middle of the screen. Select a dorm and choose a character that you want to prioritize in leveling. Tap START to begin the lesson. When receiving a friend request, a pink dot will appear on the third tab. Apocalypse Soon Game Review : Worth to Download? I want to reclaim my account.). ※ You can change the name after the game starts. Obtaining a duplicate card in MIRROR will automatically Limit Break and increase the Lv cap. Players can earn Title Emblems and medals by completing the conditions to unlock them. Each character has a special chat and assignments for the player to complete after a lesson. You have the option to adjust your note tap timing, as well as the volume for background music, tapping sounds, and sound effects. King of Fighters ALLSTAR Game Review : Worth to Download? You can adjust the volume of the background music, sound effects (SE), and voice of the characters in the game. Tap the "OK" button to continue. How to gain Buddy EXP: Attend Alchemy Lessons. EASY has a multiplier of x 0.8, NORMAL is x 1.0, and HARD is x 1.2. Filter by post type. (These notes are for the purple notes only). No matter what, never let go of that hand––––". Required to enhance the magic of specific Event cards. Each magic types correspond with one of the 4 attributes (Fire, Water , Tree , and No Element), and leveling them up requires items specific to its attribute, plus madols. ), You can purchase useful items in the game, such as magical keys and enhancement items. Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel Game Review | Worth to Play?

Element typing that you can use in the battle against an opponent with advantages, disadvantages, or none. Can be exchanged for items in SHOP. Twisted Names can be duplicated and can be changed later, so you can use any suitable name when you are in rerolling. You want to try to tap the second they’re fully on the target. The third tab will appear when the Special missions are available until the event period ends. Personal Story chapters, Duo Magic, Groovy, Voice lines). Tom and Jerry chase guide: Best Tips & Tricks for PvP to win every battle! Players who have been absent for more than 15 days will receive rewards different from the General Login Bonus for a week. Name: You can change your Player and Protagonist Name. There are three tabs on the right side to select from: This is the main story of Twisted Wonderland that follows the school life of the protagonist, Grim, and unique students in Night Raven College. The battle will last for 3 Turns before the beast uses Zero Breath [III], a 3-hit attack, and defeat your team. (Your rank will not be compared with other players). Players can earn test medals and attribute books for winning a battle. Link.

Additionally, the numbers shown on these notes are meant to count down the order in which you tap them; they don’t represent the actual number of seconds you have to wait. Similar to History Lesson, choose a main classmate card and 4 cards of different names. twisted wonderland guides < > Most recent. And then tap START to begin the lesson. If you roll more than 100, the extra rolls will transfer into the reset gauge. How To Obtain: Clear missions and purchased in SHOP. (See Chats & Character's Assignment section). Here is what you need to do to unlock them: The button below Chats is [CHARACTER]’S ASSIGNMENTS (○○の課題). Tap the Rhythmic Setting icon to make adjustments. The screen will display your deck of cards obtained through Mirror, Events, and SHOP. Disney Twisted-Wonderland game app size: 165.3MB (772.16MB while downloading) After installing the app enter the player name and hero’s name to start the game. Clear CHAT #3. Personal stories are unlocked under the following conditions: ※ Personal story does not have full-voiced dialogues. (See Buddy Level for more info.). Once you select a card to set on your Home screen tap the black button to confirm. Welcome to the unofficial English wiki for the Disney game, Twisted-Wonderland! List of cards acquired through MIRROR, SHOP, and EVENTS on the second tab. You can select which character's magic to go 1st and 2nd, view the opponent's side by tapping the arrow icon, see status effects on characters' sprites and look at card's info during battle. These icons are displayed on the bottom corner of the character sprites. Once you send the friend invite, your friend request will be pending until the player accepts your request.

Photo. 3. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The tapping area instructions can also be found on the menu. On your “Battle Composition” screen, tap the bottom left button reading バディ詳細 (Buddy Details) to see what kind of bonuses you can activate during the battle. ※ Standard – Displays standard screen.

Make sure to check whether there are pink up-facing arrows (indicates stronger attribute) or grey down-facing arrows (indicates weaker attribute) before selecting your cards.

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