As we go to press, it is working on a 140-inch race engine to be released in the spring, rated at 170 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque using pump gas. There’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. A 140 Horse Midwest Monster. Chris wanted a fully-polished engine and eventually settled on an Ultima El Bruto 113 inch Evo engine which produces about 125 hp at the rear wheel. "They can handle all the power you throw at them," Ken said. have had rocker arm failures.The company rep here in Canada sent up new parts pronto, and it has been fine so far. 298-255U  Complete 113CI Engine, Polished. Photo gallery of the memorable moments from the 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. "The 127-inch engines were designed to be our most powerful engine for everyday street use and are capable of producing over 140 hp without modifications, out of the box," Ken Francis, VP of Midwest engineering said. Ultima’s commitment to engineering excellence and competitive pricing brought El Bruto® to life with a completely new designed set of castings emphasizing performance, reliability, and value. K.R. 1/2” Alignment dowels for true line bore. This was hooked up to a BDL primary and clutch that now hangs off the Jim’s five-speed gearbox.

1.700 Stainless Ex. 1. Complete Ultima 113" Engine Ultima offers the “El Bruto” series engine to provide customers with a U.S.A. built, high performance engine that's priced to be the best value of any engine in today's market. The fit and finish are nice and so far the reliability is perfect. Cylinder Details:C355 Casting. Billet Oil Pump Crankshaft Made from prime C355-T6 aluminum that is superior in strength to A356. Valves. All of the castings in these engines are based on all-new CAD designs cast from C355 aluminum, a common U.S. military alloy known for its stability over multiple heat cycles. Precision 4.5-inch stroke Ultima Flywheels. Valve Spring: Ultima Copyright © 2020 Hot Bike. "There was good throttle response throughout the 1,400 brutal miles we put on it before teardown. I've got the Ultima 113" and so far I love it. "Overall our customers like the abundance of low-end torque and how smooth these engines run. Manganese Bronze guides. I have an Ultima El Brutto 113" engine, brand new with oil pressure problem. Cast-in liners will not move. As long as the rpms are high its pretty smooth. how many miles do you have on it? All fins are machined for an excellent cosmetic appearance.

We think that you will agree these engines are the best value anywhere.

In an effort to bring you the hottest torque monsters available, here's our latest offering from the Midwest Masterminds. I want to register an account for free right now! 5. Ultima’s El Bruto Series113ci 4" bore Engine is a high-performance, American-built engine that emphasizes performance, reliability, and value. Forged 4140 Steel. Light weight 7.44” high-performance H-beam rods w/.792” fins. 4. (REGISTERED USERS DO NOT SEE THIS POST/AD! C355-T6 Casting.

107 CI Complete Engine Assembled He'll test the engine with the installed ignition system and step-tuned drag pipes. Counterbored stainless allen head case bolts.

Made from prime C355-T6 aluminum that is superior in strength to A356. 2.100 Stainless Int. 113 CI Complete Engine298-253  Complete 113CI Engine, Natural. So far, so problems. Twin Cam Styling. Bike Year, Make, Engine: 2005 HBS Wicked 117 SS. 30 % More fin area than Evolution® style heads for cooler running. Large bore breather for increased crank case vacuum and less blow-by. / 115 HP Tuck in, hold on, and don’t scratch the tank. "We have stepped up production to supply orders within a week." Precision 4.5-inch stroke Ultima …

American Made, high-performance billet and polished Ultima oil pump. 0 PSI (zero!) We found a treasure trove of vibrant custom motorcycles from the. 113 C.I. Engines. Currently Midwest, under the Ultima name, offers 80-, 96-, 100-, 113-, 120-, and 127-inch engine configurations. 113 CI Long Block Unassembled298-269  113CI Long Block, Natural. Additional Features:- Ignition module included.- 12 month warranty from date of purchase. 298-253U  Complete 113CI Engine, Natural. All Ultima engines are available in a natural finish or powdercoated wrinkle black with highlighted fins or full show-polished. 4. Camshaft: 248  Duration .625” lift 107 CI Long Block Unassembled298-233  107CI Long Block, Natural.

This process is automatic. Storage containers, shelving, and wall mounting systems help keep tools, cords, parts where they should be. 3. This one has an interesting twist. These engines are made solely in America. I have oilflow through the filter. It's because of the attention to detail and overall quality of the product. Twin Cam Styling. We dynamic-balance all of our crankshafts." Cosmetically machined for a truly custom look. Rated Power Topped with high flow cylinder heads. The El Bruto series of engines are now considered to be some of the most powerful aftermarket motorcycle engines currently in production. Bike Year, Make, Engine: o4 BlackCloud 113ci Ultima El ,Prowler6. Chrome Nose Cone / Rocker Boxes Jims Machining shafts and pins. At that point they offered to return my money I am now running an S&S 113. A Bonnier Corporation Company. I feel like there's a lot of negative reviews floating around out there based on here-say but there are a ton of positive testimonials from actual owners .

Kendall Johnson, an avid S&S; dealer, who pumps out 400-500 performance motors a year was offered this 127 to acid test and tweak. Cast-in liners will not move. Counterbored stainless allen head case bolts. Some 900-1,200 miles were spent at 5,500 rpms or more. Bike Year, Make, Engine: Modified Ultima Wolf Daddy, 93" Panhead. Ultima’s El Bruto Series113ci 4" bore Engine is a high-performance, American-built engine that emphasizes performance, reliability, and value.

120 LB FT Torque

C355 Casting. We'll report on the results in an upcoming issue. Close machining tolerances. 298-270  113CI Long Block, Black. The key is to develop a package and stick with it, it doesn't matter what package, including cam, carb, and ignition." I want to get an El Bruto but can't decide on the 113 or 127. We'll get our greasy hands all over one and share the results. Large bore breather for increased crank case vacuum and less blow by. That’s why tank pads exist.

Engine has about 500 + miles on it now, and both front and rear cyls. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen.

Just take it easy on the throttle and you'll be fine. Although fully polished motors can take longer. Compression: 10.2:1 Something as silly as a pant button or zipper can do some serious scratch work to your motorcycle’s tank. 1/2” Alignment dowels for true line bore.

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