Ok, now I have to be honest, once I tasted the Hydrant, I gave up on the research aspect. Skratch has a good electrolyte profile but uses a higher dose of cane sugar as the first ingredient. After reading your responses to others I couldn’t resist myself reaching out for your suggestion. As for the option of adding in Saltstick, in what way would I be able to figure out if I really do need it or not? Wow thanks, it staggers belief that something like that is still allowed without a warning of some kind. Regarding hydration, you may want to consider the Vega single serving packets or Hammer Endurolytes Fizz since they would be easy to pack and throw in bottled water. If you are an athlete, keep it in the fridge and enjoy it later in the evening to supply more calcium and magnesium to speed recovery and alleviate sore muscles. If you are really serious about performance, consider nutrigenomic testing through Nutrition Genome to analyze your genes for VO2 max, muscle injury risk, muscle recovery, muscle strength, higher needs for minerals like potassium and magnesium, and a lot more for overall health. You should definitely consider a multi-vitamin, extra magnesium citramate (500mg daily split into two doses), vitamin C and an electrolyte drink daily along with water (any of these mentioned in this article should be fine). Pure Encapsulations Electrolyte Energy Formula. The electrolytes do vary on blood work. Will I be taking in too much carbs if I use Heed for hydration along with a gel like Hammer? With 3x the electrolytes and ½ the sugar of sports drinks, DripDrop ORS hydrates more effectively that water or sports drinks. High fructose corn syrup is water, glucose, and fructose. so I would like to know what i should and should not be drinking. I have tried Hammer Perpetuem but have had a hard time keeping it from souring in my bottles in IM races. I have found that the Hammer Endurolyte Fizz tablets work best for long hikes. For athletes with a high sweat rate, I recommend combining Heed and Saltstick, which has the research I just added last month under Saltstick to back it up. You could add Saltstick if needed along with the Endure drops. HELP! For recovery post-run, I recommend a grass-fed whey protein smoothie with a banana and berries. I’ll give you a quick guide for clarification. I have recently started running in the Spartan Races. Your beneficial bacteria is responsible for up to 80 percent of your immune system, manufacturing b-vitamins and vitamin K, your ability to lose weight, and emerging research is connecting anxiety and depression to low beneficial bacteria populations. It will give you the electrolytes needed, while also providing nutrients that will aid in your recovery from the surgery. Gatorade has now removed brominated vegetable oil and replaced it with sucrose acetate isobutyrate. You would be better off using Endure in water or Vega if stevia doesn’t bother you. BTW – I typically cycle for 75 -90 minutes, so I assume that I’m looking at the right category of hydration drink. All rights reserved. I am so sorry your family has struggled with this, but I am so relieved that the information in this article helped. Anyway, thanks again. Another option is to combine the Hammer Heed with Endurolytes powder to customize the amounts of electrolytes, and continue to use the GU. Do you have any information from USADA on your recommended products? Sorry for the delayed response! (PS the heat stress here in Maryland during the summer is off the charts and he has camps that are 8 hours a day. Here is the program I have firefighters follow: (check with your doctor first). Alex, very informative site and thanks for sharing. The Saltstick is used before the race, and again on the run and bike. You wouldn’t need multiple ones. Both Drip Drop and Liquid IV say that you can use them in cold or hot water.

I am taking iron supplements now as well as 250mg Magnesium Citrate (twice daily). Due to the current workload at Nutrition Genome, Alex is not able to answer questions at this time. The problem is that you need to have a lower sodium intake to begin with to make a lower sodium drink work because you will lose less in sweat.

Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Less than 0.5% of: Citric Acid, Salt and Potassium Citrate and Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride and Potassium Phosphate (electrolyte sources), Natural Flavors, Modified Food Starch, Calcium Disodium EDTA(to protect color), Medium Chain Triglycerides (contains coconut oil), Brominated Vegetable Oil,Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride),Vitamin B12, Red #40.

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