Damage to second deck and torpedo bulkhead No. 3x tripple. 47, USS Enterprise CV6 War History 1941 - 1945, USS Franklin CV-13 War Damage Report No. Action was expected and SOUTH DAKOTA. 2 and the longitudinal armor bulkhead.

USS South Dakota BB-57 was known as "Battleship "X" or "Old Nameless" by much of the American public during the war. Many interior communication and fire control circuits were severed, particularly in the superstructure where the damage was most extensive. Three fragments penetrated the 15-pound STS splinter shield around the mount exploding the ready service ammunition on the shield and six fragments pierced the deck within the working circle of the mount. 1, War Damage Report No. ship. At Battleship South Dakota Memorial in Sioux Falls, SD, we pay homage to the USS South Dakota (BB-57) and its crew. Within the 1.1-inch clipping room the centerline beam was severed, the overhead blown open, ventilation ducts crushed and insulation badly damaged. Armament. USS South Dakota (BB 57) Tags. 21.

Some difficulty was experienced in training the turret after the hit but it was believed that the turret was still able to fire. Temporary repairs were made and power was regained on these mounts later. Its relatively low horizontal accuracy can ensure you survive your head-on charge. 26. BB57/C-FS/(L-l-2-3), of 19 April 1943.

Hole through Mk. Hit No.

To prevent deflection upon striking water, the forward section of the projectile was weakened so that when it struck water the windshield and cap head would break off leaving a flat end. Damage to SOUTH DAKOTA did not imperil the ship. Three glass panels on the flag bridge were broken by blast or fragments and the operating mechanisms rendered unserviceable. Projectile holes through starboard splinter shield and into 5-inch secondary battery director foundation. The I.C. circuits in approximately three minutes. A two to six-knot wind was blowing from the southeast. USS South Dakota (BB-57) Edit. (a) C.O. Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren, Va., Report No. 5. transverse passage and the radar plot and out the port side, demolishing the top of the port spray shield between frames 83 and 86. https://battleofwarships.fandom.com/wiki/USS_South_Dakota_(BB-57)?oldid=2721. There were no serious fires during or following the action. The South Dakota was an american battleship featured in the game. Watertight door 1-58 was buckled. During the day of 14 November, numerous units of the enemy fleet, including battleships, cruisers, destroyers and transports had been sighted north and west of Guadalcanal. Hit No. Damage to radar platform apparently from a projectile that detonated on contact. Hits Nos. Some fragments were deflected down and aft riddling the starboard side of bulkhead 129 in numerous places between the main and second decks including one hole 26 inches by 35 inches. Although not the direct result of enemy action, an analysis of this casualty has been included herein because the loss of power to Turret III seriously hampered SOUTH DAKOTA during the action. 49. Apparently the projectile detonated upon impact. 9 on port side of wind and spray shield around air defense forward. The projectile pierced the stack hood and continued on through the radar antenna of 5-inch director No. Damage to bulkhead 129 above second deck. An estimated 6-inch projectile hit the tank top at frame 85-1/2, penetrated the armor backing bulkhead between the main and second decks and detonated. Price. Hit No. Cruisers should not threaten her too much, and destroyers should be avoided if possible. 47. 45. 51. Too much stress in the past has been laid to the space restrictions at these stations. South Dakota (BB57) Gunfire Damage . 7 in starboard side of 1.1-inch clipping room. 6 and 8. and I.C.

An area of the deck 9 feet wide between frames 72 and 76 was dished to a depth of 4 inches and the starboard longitudinal structural bulkhead of the senior staff officer's cabin on the second superstructure deck was blown in about three inches between frames 72 and 74. Hit No. Fragments ranging aft on the main deck damaged 20mm guns, ready service boxes, gun shields, starboard catapult, and fire plug 1-133-2. 35,000.0 long tons. The port longitudinal structural bulkhead had a 10-inch hole about 6 feet above the first level above the housetop at frame 84 and a 10-inch by 3-inch hole at the deck level. 2 above the third deck was blown outboard between frames 46 and 47 by the force of the explosion. Naval AP projectiles.

9 and 10. Use this chance to destroy them. Damage to port longitudinal structural bulkhead looking from radar plot. As the AQB circuit breaker in the power distribution panel was "locked in" the fault on generator and distribution switchboard No. Control stations behind armor should be used more frequently. This force was reported to be four ships in column on an opposite course. Damage to main deck around barbette. The foundation of radio direction finder No. 10. USS South Dakota (BB-57), 1942-1962. The type PQ relays installed on the SOUTH DAKOTA were the first that became available. Hit No. This projectile, probably 8-inch, hit the Mk. Transverse bulkhead 85 was ruptured and distorted over an area 15 by 24 inches.

33. switchboard tripped on main generator and distribution switchboard No. Fragments and blast deflected upward from the point of impact demolished the gas seal and water shed for 30 feet around the circumference of the barbette, gouged the gun sleeves of the right and center guns of Turret III and ignited the gun bloomers. circuits in the superstructure. SOUTH DAKOTA ltr.

Loss of fire control, interior communication and radar facilities seriously impaired her fighting power, particularly in night actions. At this time, the circuit breakers on both normal feeder (FE0716) and alternate feeder (FE0420) to the bus transfer panel were opened. 1.1-inch clipping room B-0502-M The AQB circuit breakers in the distribution panels, which were in unattended locations, were "locked in" in accordance with outstanding instructions. As said above, her greatest enemies are the Japanese trio because they too pack a punch and can tank very well. It penetrated longitudinal torpedo bulkhead No. Expanded metal partitions, doors, shelves and bins in AH-219-L were demolished. 7 port side of 1.1-inch clipping room. It appears more probable that an 8-inch AP projectile cap head broke off the projectile upon penetrating the starboard structural bulkhead and made the second hole in the centerline and port bulkheads, while the intact projectile made only one entry hole in the starboard bulkhead.

the waterline, these parts would break off and make fragment holes in the vicinity of the hole made by the body of the projectile.

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