In November, The Courier Journal profiled El Mencho and CJNG in a special report that illustrated how the fast-growing cartel has successfully set up shop in small-town America, including cities across Kentucky. “They [the CJNG] move about in large convoys announcing who they are because they don’t fear the authorities,” he said. 'Propaganda video' comes as Mexican president visits criminal group's heartland, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. The release of the video is part of the cartel’s “escalation of confrontation” approach, he said.

Known as "El Mencho," the billionaire kingpin is a top U.S. target who remains in hiding despite a $10 million reward.

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The number of people tested in the last week of October was 48% higher than the previous record set in the first week of September. The video messages came the morning after a video was supposedly uploaded and sent by CJNG, in which a showy demonstration of weapons was released, the new messages, in which CJNG stresses that its war is not against the people or the government, but against "El Marro": Interior Minister Olga Sánchez appears to have been given a dressing down for comments about misogyny in the federal security cabinet. The majority of methamphetamine, heroin and illicit fentanyl and about 90% of cocaine entering the U.S. comes from cartels in Mexico, according to the DEA.

For many Mexicans, making pan de muerto is a rite of nostalgia and tribute to the previous generations who taught them their cherished recipe. “Regardless of that, we declare that there is not any criminal group with the capacity to successfully challenge federal security forces,” he said in a second tweet, adding that the video only added credence to that assertion.

Nevertheless, Falko Ernst, senior Mexico analyst for the International Crisis Group, says the video sends a clear message to the federal government: “You come after us, and we will strike back.”. Click here to sign in or get access. False reports of El Mencho's death went viral in June on social media in Mexico, a possible tactic by a rival cartel to try and weaken and splinter CJNG, now viewed as more powerful than the infamous Sinaloa Cartel. As a camera films the lengthy procession of vehicles, gunmen shout “pura gente del señor Mencho,” or “only Mencho’s people,” among other remarks.

Alfonso Durazo, secretary of security and civilian protection, said the “propaganda video” was being analysed to confirm its authenticity. CJNG's video features cartel members with AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles and machine guns with 50-caliber rounds, which can penetrate patrol cars, buildings and police vests. Puebla authorities criticized for Covid ventilator scene in Day of Death altar. "It demonstrates the impunity they operate in Jalisco, that they can take that many vehicles and have that amount of arms, shooting in the air, chanting messages and have it choreographed and videotaped without having any law enforcement and military presence to prevent that,” said Donahue, who previously worked in Mexico City overseeing DEA offices throughout the country.

Security analyst Alejandro Hope told El Universal that the video “speaks of the state’s territorial control problem.”.

You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. CJNG's video rebuts any rumors of Cervantes' death or a brewing coup as CJNG members repeatedly chanted the Spanish equivalent of "Lord Mencho! Police chief shot, 3 others killed:CJNG, a top U.S. target, blamed in assassination attempt on Mexico City police chief, El Mencho's daughter's arrested in U.S.:Mexican drug cartel leader's fugitive daughter arrested in US while trying to see brother, Covid and cartels:Mexican cartels stockpile drugs and money amid COVID-19 pandemic. Cjng is desperate lmao that video of their “military type convoy” is getting roasted on social media for the jeep they robbed from somebody (video uploaded on instagram accounts) and put military camo on it and called it puro senor menso lmao they’re proving ehat everybody has known all along cjng is nothing but tweekers that robbed, kidnap and extort people.

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