Thrax's Henchmen |

In his rage, he takes Old Deuteronomy to Growltiger's ship. Poppy |


Butch Bowers |

Occupation Mr. Mole | Bob the Goon | Barney Bear | Kitty Galore |

This may include Villains who originally appeared in comic books and/or live-action adapted into animation such as Zim, Thanos, Green Goblin, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man & Stacy This includes hand-drawn, CGI-styled and stop-motion cartoons.. Toplofty and O'Bloat | Jenner | Businessman Since most of the film is about a contest to see who will be the Jellicle Choice in order to go to the Heaviside Layer to receive a new life, Macavity is a contestant who stoops to sabotaging his competition in order to be the Jellicle Choice. Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe Villains | George Wilson |

He even spared her life when he planned to kill all the mice with a giant mousetrap. Ann Laurent | Unfortunately, Waul is instantly spotted by a heavy-set, cat-fancying woman on a train (presumably his owner), who immediately grabs him and puts a bow on him promising to take care of him "for ever, and ever and ever!". Serafettin the Bad Cat Grinny Cat is a supporting protagonist and original character in Pastamonsters. Mouse Queen | He is the leader of the Cactus Cat Gang and Fievel's arch-nemesis.

Lord Coward | Truck Driver | Great White Shark | René Belloq | Nazi Party (Major Arnold Ernst Toht, Herman Dietrich, Gobler, German Mechanic & Otto) | Satipo | Barranca | Keys | Reverend Henry Kane | (Poltergeists (Tree, Clown Doll & Gremlin) | Mola Ram | Thuggee (Chief Guard & Chattar Lal) | Lao Che | Mama Fratelli | Jake and Francis | Albert | Warren T. Rat | Mott Street Maulers (Digit) | Moe | Sergeant Nagata | Sharptooth | Judge Doom | Toon Patrol (Smartass, Greasy, Psycho, Wheezy & Stupid) | Walter Donovan | Nazi Party (Elsa Schneider, Ernst Vogel & Adolf Hitler) | Panama Hat | Garth | James Hook | Mr. Smee | Cat R. Waul | Cactus Cat Gang (T.R.

Fabrication Machine |

Villains are the antagonistic and wicked charaters in the Felix the Cat series.

Stiltwalker | Powers/Skills

Leopard Seal | When Cizer returns home, he finds Princess dead and decides to avenge her. Flappy |

Collecting mice.

Full Name

Semi gives him advice to get flowers.

Spinel | Things do not end there a few days later, for Felix's bad luck, Rock Bottom is associated with Bluto with the intention of getting rid of Felix, both thugs had already cornered until luckily for Felix, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck had discovered the intentions. Ruber's Minions |

Bruiser | Adam Sutler |

Slade (Teen Titans Go!) Cry Baby | Shero comes across Semi and offers booze. Mojo Jojo | Chief McBrusque | Macavity's minions throw a net over the Jellicle leader Old Deuteronomy and capture him. Dr.

Proxies Bowers Gang (Henry Bowers, Patrick Hockstetter, Belch Huggins & Vic Criss) | Captures Jerry's Mermouse friend to sell her to a museum for money in ", Attempts to steal gold from Jerry's claim along with Butch Cat in ", He appears as the secondary antagonist of ". Superman Villains | High intelligencePersuasionSmooth-talkingManipulationCultured personality Balloon Man (Teen Titans Go!) Miss Minchin |

Powerpuff Girls Villains | In the movie, Macavity appears to be blessed with the magical power to teleport.

8 |


They try to seduce her, but she has a panic attack and ends up accidentally electrocuting herself (Shero raped her in the comics). The dogs begin beating Shero and taunting him with insults until Misscat kicks them in the face.

Powers/Skills He held the law in little regard and saw himself as superior to almost everyone, making him rather snooty as a result. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Villains appearing in animated shows and/or films.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein | Shadowlurker |

Full Name

Frog Bouncers | Mr. Mistoffelees soon arrives just in time to restore the lights and bring back Old Deuteronomy, earning praise from all the Cats.

Macavity is both charming and deranged.

Goals Felix the Cat is a funny-animal cartoon character created in the silent film era. Ra's al Ghul | Lawrence Van Dough | Léon Rom |

Macavity's minions throw a net over the Jellicle leader Old Deuteronomy and capture him.

President Bush |

Lazari | Sergeant Nagata | Frederick Sykes | The True Knot |

Shapeshifting Cat Type of Villain Yosemite Sam |

Malevolent | Cunning intelligenceStrengthDurabilityCreativityEngineeringDeterminationStealth

Angel Knives |

More Disney Versus Non-Disney Villains Wiki. Joker (Lego) | Lord Business | WaulBossPussy Poos (by Miss Kitty)

The Mystery Cat Chula, One-Eye & Sweet William) | During the first act, two loud crashes then startle the Jellicle Cats as warnings that Macavity is nearby.

Waul was served by a number of feline thugs who lacked his "level of sophistication", yet helped him in their own ways, such as when he ordered them to attack the mice sector of New York in order to drive the mice underground and (via the use of a puppet) trick them into buying tickets out West to a "safer world". Harry Potter Villains | Taunting his enemies

Innovative Online Industries (I-R0k, F’Nale Zandor & Sixers) | Hobby Stonekeeper | Sharptooth |

Penguins | Talia al Ghul | The Grinch |

King Ghidorah |

Frames Spike for stealing the chicken from the refrigerator and tried to dispose the photos that Jerry took in ", Pins the blame on Spike for the mess in the house and aggressive behavior and gets him thrown out of the house in ", Terrorizes Nibbles/Tuffy and swats him on the behind with a flyswatter in ". However, Taco arrives in the nick of time and frees Shero.

Foot Clan |

Singe |

Tom's Owner | His antics involve laying traps for Jerry which most of the time end up failing. Grand Duke of Owls | Velociraptors (Lego) | Dark Yugi |

Toplofty and O'Bloat | Nuk, Yak & Sumac | Chief McBrusque | Melanie Martinez Villains |

Macavity in the first act in the 1998 film. Foot Clan (Shredder & Baxter Stockman) |

The Jokerz (Dee Dee Twins, Chucko & Woof) |

Rush Hour Villains | Grinny keeps a mental record of everyone in the Under Realm. Kevin |

Chula, One Eye & Sweet William) | John Hammond | Dennis Nedry | Ed Regis | Lewis Dodgson | Amon Goeth | Peter Ludlow | Dieter Stark | Steamboat Willie | Don Rafael Montero | Harrison Love | Lamar Burgess | Martians | Count Armand | Jacob McGivens | Hatsumomo | Irina Spalko | Antonin Dovchenko | Colonel Nelec | Cooper | Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine | Allan | Tom | Pedro | Falcon | Aristides Silk | Red Rackham | Fleshlumpeater | Giants (Bloodbottler & Bonecruncher) | Nolan Sorrento | Innovative Online Industries (I-R0k, F’Nale Zandor & Sixers), Turn all of the mice of Green River into mouseburgers. Monstars | After the fight, the Rum Tum Tugger suggests that the Cats should find a local magician named Mr. Mistoffelees "the original conjuring cat" for help.

Cizer is killed, while Shero manages to survive.

Powers/Skills Ludmilla |


Kralahome |

Disney Versus Non-Disney Villains Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.

Spiders (Consuela & Tank) | Blacky tries to reason with him, but Cizer stabs him to death.

Illumination Villains | Bane (Batman vs. TMNT) | Wolf.

Dr. Mann | Waul is a sister, stingy, sly, cocky, manipulative but ingenious feline criminal, who pretended to be the champion of a "brave new world" where cats and mice would peacefully coexist in harmony while actually secretly plotting to turn all of the mice of Green River into "mouse burgers" once they had outlived their usefulness to him in building a town in the Old West, and a giant mousetrap that he intended for killing them all. AssaultTheftBreaking and enteringVandalismMurderManslaughterRape (in the comics)Torture (in the comics)RobberyKidnapping (in the comics)Child abuse (in the comic)Aircraft hijacking (in the comics)

Ditto | Tom and Jerry He is a "master criminal" and is never found at the scene of the crime. Bullying the cats. Powers/Skills Preed | In the film, he plays a much larger role.

Jay Gatsby |

Waul's genius was shown in the way he designed a giant mouse-trap with the intent of gathering all the mice who had helped build the town onto it in the guise of a stage only to kill them; however, Fievel, Wylie Burp and Tiger showed up and foiled his evil plan.

Shero and his friends arrive at a bank and Riza sneaks in.

His minions include Growltiger, Genghis, Bombalurina, Mungojerrie, and Rumpleteazer. MagicTeleportation Twitch | Crimes

King of the Cats |

Animated Features Brett Wyden |

Catch Jerry by proving that he is a great house cat and mouse catcher. Martin Brisby | Grinny is an intelligent, sneaky, and scheming cat- always taunting and mocking Smile Dog and others. Clarice Kensington | Hunch | Pegasus J. Crawford | Natalie Clockwork | Ms. Fieldmouse | Dr. Applecheek |

Jeannie | He usually disguises himself as an average cat, allowing people to adopt him before killing them in their sleep.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.


Scarecrow |

Grover Dill | Pokemon Villains | He manages to catch up to him on a pizza delivery man's motorcycle and manages to rescue Taco. Ruby Deagle | Shero manages to defeat Cizer and the dogs and throw them into a dumpster. Chula, One-Eye & Sweet William) | Warren T. Rat |

Villains Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Knuckles |

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