DATE: c. 1978 • CONDITION: mint • NIB: extra-fine/medium • $650. Ftted with the original 14kt gold medium tipped nib, USA Parker 75 Ballpoint In Sterling Silver Cisele Pattern with  gold filled trim. A solid layer of gold, mechanically bonded to brass, or sometimes other materials, with heat and pressure. The Big E was made from the same plastic as the Parker "19". DATE: 1986 • CONDITION: mint • NIB: medium • $600. 5. resize photo accordingly Repeat 160 times. condition. 2002 - A.III A.II A.I A

red-brown button-filler, frosty Lustraloy cap, chrome plated trim, 13.9 cm long, bold deep imprint with 2nd quarter date code, early production with plastic blind cap threads, black hard rubber feed; with matching .9 mm pencil. Brassing, discolouration. 1/8 14K Gold Filled PA2595 Parker 15 Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed (Medium) Date: c1993 Size: Capped - 4 7/8 inches; posted - 5 7/16 inches. - HOME, Prices & availability current as of 3 Nov 2020.

Light cap or blind-cap misfit. 13685: Parker 45:

stainless steel cap and barrel, gold plated clip and end jewels, 13.45 cm long; uses cartridge or converter (included), made in England, not sold in the USA. Europe; also Duofolds, Vacumatics, Parker - Condition Scale DATE: c. 1967 • CONDITION: VG* • NIB: medium • $165.

Beautiful Rare French Parker 75 Custom Laque Burgundy Ballpoint with gold filled cap. Our voicemail was disconnected some weeks ago and we only just realized what was wrong. in MINT condition. In August 1932, Parker began test marketing the next generation in fountain pens, the Golden Arrow. ... Sheaffer Model Identification. fully functional and crisp finish with no brassing. The following codes should be used to establish an overall condition,

RRHR = Red-ripple hard rubber, - Pen Measurements - Glossary 14K GF --------------------------------- The Parker Pen company has been making fountain pens since 1889. scratches and marks. Educated at the University of New Orleans, Troy Pankey started writing many years ago.

In Good condition but with some wear on the barrel but with no damge or dents. Fitted with the original 14kt gold medium tipped nib. SGF = Solid gold filagree Fountain Pen Fitted with the original 14kt gold, super smooth broad tipped nib. 1/10 14K Gold Filled Signs of wear on the nib or light discolouration Very few of these pens were made. DATE: c. 1982 • CONDITION: exc-near mint • NIB: fine • $300.

Common Parker markings: fully functional and crisp finish with no brassing.

LF = Lever filler Abbreviations: dull finish. Ditto. 85 Extra Broad 18k PARKER CLASSIC 75 BALLPOINTS AND PENCILS NOW HAVE A SEPERATE SUB PAGE – SEE MENU OR CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW,, HERITAGE COLLECTABLES – FULLY RESTORED VINTAGE WRITING INSTRUMENTS. To be stamped 10K the layer must equal at least 1/10 of the total weight of the item. Flaws should always be noted, such as rare German-made limited edition cartridge/converter filler (slender metal-bodied squeeze-filler converter included), 14.3 cm long, gold plated trim, redwood cap and barrel, section band bears number 883, original sticker on back of cap. This pen is in absolute MINT Unused condition, French Parker 75 Ballpoint in Silver fill Milleraies pattern with gold filled trim. Fitted with the original 14kt gold medium  tipped nib, Early USA Parker 75 In Gold fill Cisele Pattern. Hence a "47" marking on a 1930's pen indicate that the pen was produced in the fourth quarter of 1937, not 1947, which is a common misconception. The quarter marker changed in 1988 from E,C,L,I to III,II,I or none (last quarter) according to the below table. 2008 - E.III E.II E.I E Both in MINT condition in original box. NOS pens should be in Mint Please donate to help me keep this site online. In Absolute MINT UNUSED condition . A used pen in average condition.

No marks, spots or brassing. PF = Plunger fill Complete with Coloured Cabochon set in cap top. 14575: Parker 61 Classic: 12586: Parker 180: be filled. cracks. pen. Some even have the market cornered on 51s.

81 Crisp colour. Beautiful Rare French Parker 75 Custom Laque Blue with gold filled cap. 51, and 75 & Classic. M = Mint. Same process as abouve but a very thin layer of gold, usually less than 5 micrometer thick. We believe we may have the biggest selection of vintage restored pens on the web, and we add dozens of new pens each week. 98 Heavy Italic-Expressly designed for italic handwriting. G = Good. Some scratches and dull finish. special model, never sold to the public, for presentation to retiring Parker employees; finish is similar to that of the RMS Queen Elizabeth limited edition, stippled gold plated bronze with gold plated trim, cap plaque with facsimile signature of George Parker.

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