Whether they have been in the field all day bird hunting or in the back yard chasing butterflies. You can get on the Master Waiting list for one of our Vizslas with a $500 deposit. Subscribe by email. Our Vizsla pups are worthy of recognition for their loving tendencies towards children, strong social behaviors, and easy maintenance. Our Vizsla puppies begin the potty training process, but they should be monitored indoors. These exceptional puppies are in their forever homes. Depending on training level and obedience, new Vizsla arrivals start at $2,500. At least one of the parents should be titled and preferably they both have AKC titles. Titles at the end of their name denote performance titles such as Hunting (JH, SH, MH), Obedience/Rally (RN, BN, CD), Agility (NA, MX), Scentwork, (SWA) etc. All Rights Reserved. Our Stanley would spend all day in the ocean, chasing tennis balls and body surfing. We are always happy to talk about our wonderful dogs and puppies.

Great to have you here! If you're interested in owning a Vizsla puppy, be sure to view our online profiles for each pup. I am constantly amazed by the personality that the Vizsla puppies display. Southern California Vizsla Breeder selectively breeding AKC show champion puppy litters. We could not have successfully raised our first Vizsla puppy without your mentorship. Pups will be ready to head home November 29th. Verify membership with the VCA at www.vcaweb.org, Vizslas should have the following health clearances: OFA Hips, Thyroid and Eyes, often breeders do OFA Elbows and Cardiac. We must admit that this breed can be difficult to handle if you've never owned a Vizsla, but that fact should not push you away from these loving companions. Bred to follow the Magyar hunters on horse back, they have an amazing stamina and require a great amount of exercise and play. Our trained Vizsla dogs are crate trained and sleep through the night without any accidents. Litter Description Vizsla Puppies for Sale. She has been paired to our sweet American stud Loki.

Due to the amount of time and effort put into the Moonlight Vizslas breeding program, we are highly selective where these puppies are placed. Champion Vizslas! October 20th, 2020!!. We have been breeding Vizlsas for over 9  years now.

We display personality information and photos of each dog. Mom has beauty and Grace with a demeanor great for learning. A good breeder is forever responsible for the dogs they've bred, and they will take back a dog at anytime. At a minimum you want to see CH (Championship) in front of every name in their 4-5 generation pedigree. We're proud to offer both new arrivals and fully trained Vizslas for sale across southern California. We undertake extensive health testing before breeding; dogs are OFA cleared for Hips, Thyroid and Eyes which adheres to the CHIC recommended health screenings for Vizslas (link to more info: CHIC certification).

All Rights Reserved. Train and board options are available, as well as in-home visits for basic training and/or questions. Golden Meadows Retrievers is a reputable vizsla dog breeder and wants to help you find your perfect companion. Breeder of Vizslas, Long & Smooth Coat Chihuahua's, Papillon's and Toy Fox Terrier's. Vizsla puppies are a wonderful bundle of energy, and Golden Meadows Retrievers puts in the time to begin training this very intelligent breed. We strive to only breed dogs of sound temperament, correct breed type, natural hunting ability, and overall good health. We offer support for the life of the dog. Yes, all 60 lbs of them! We prove our dogs in competition before breeding; both the Sire and Dam of our puppies will, themselves, be AKC Conformation Champions/Grand Champions (not just a “champion pedigree”) who are AKC and DNA Registered. We display personality information and photos of each dog. Vizslas are known as "velcro dogs".

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