does it share a footprint with better known magnifiers? This can be attributed to magnifiers as a whole, but the Vortex does come with their no-questions replacement warranty, and have a habit of producing near bullet-proof products. The Vortex Micro 3x Magnifier shines as an augmentation to any home defense or small predator hunting AR. Windage and elevation adjustments are protected by caps similar to an Aimpoint T-2 Micro, and the included handbook makes it clear that the dot doesn't have to be perfectly centered in the magnifier to be used accurately. When shooting long range, it is not always easy to aim accurately. It can magnify AR-height red dots up to 3x to make them easier to see. They bring the target that is, “over there” closer to you so that you can take aim and fire without giving your position away. The Micro 3x, itself beats some competitors on price, and comes in at .25 inches shorter than the HM3XT by Holosun, and takes a full inch off the EOTech G33, sacrificing 3.23 feet of field of view at 100 yards, or .6 degrees. To further increase your comfort it has a 3 1/4 inch eye relief. Even as the EOTech and Aimpoint Micro battled it out, many scratched their heads at the strange lack of magnifiers specifically designed to pair with the smaller red dots proliferating the playing field.

For most people, these are minor inconveniences that they are willing to work around to save money and therefore they are happy they purchased the Vortex VMX-3T. This is especially useful for hunters. I compared it to the Holosun 3X, which barely weighs more but it is a bit longer. There are people who use it with their Eotech, their Vortex Strikefire, the AR-15, Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic, and many more. All rights reserved. Smaller package and slightly lighter weight goes to Vortex.

Magnifiers gained their prominence in military and tactical applications, and thus translate directly to home-defense and fast-paced hunting scenarios. Basically… 1. Your email address will not be published. Overall, most users and reviews for this 3X magnifier are delighted with it.

Owners state that it works, whether they use their left hand or right hand to fire and that it stays zeroed in no matter how many rounds they fire off. Historically, magnifiers flipped off to the right, but when set up this way, the Vortex Micro 3x Magnifier's quick release at its base places a noticeably aggressive serrated lever directly in front of an AR-15's charging handle, adding the fun of a stubbed toe to malfunction drills or locking the bolt to the rear. When the Magnifier is set close to the charging handle, the quick release lever creates a problem for right handed shooters. Recent activity you may have taken has led our security system to take the precaution of restricting access. Vortex was the brightest, had the biggest field of view, and good eye relief (3 inches from eye to optic) 2. This is especially useful for hunters. Our team will investigate and restore access if our security system took action in error. All rights reserved. However, there's something to say about challenging the norm. But for the Vortex Micro 3x Magnifier, and a right handed shooter, that experimentation doesn't leave room for options, for, combined with the limited eye relief of the compact magnifier, pushing the optics forward only works so well.

A few people do not like that it is made in China rather than the USA.

Your access to this website has been blocked. Thank you! However, considering how the brain ties together what each eye “sees,” the space blocked by the offset magnifier is mostly covered by the field of view from the other eye.

Read Owner Reviews Here⇒, Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Review, Vortex Crossfire Scope & Binocular Reviews, Vortex Strikefire Red Dot Rifle Scope Review, Best Progressive Reloading Press for The Money, Bore Sighting AR 15 With Laser Bore Sight, List of The Top Rifle Scope Manufacturers. Home » Gear » Vortex Micro 3x Magnifier Review: How Micro Is It? Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases. Image clarity begins at where the optic is mounted. It is a lot cheaper than other magnifiers of the same quality.

A third option remains by reversing the side it flips to, but this tends to offend delicate sensibilities if one isn't careful. Like a left-bank Bordeaux of the 2015 vintage matched with Steak Frites seasoned only with fresh cracked black pepper, combining a red dot sight with a magnifier harmonized the capabilities of the combat carbine with the complex landscape of the urban sprawl.

It has been internally purged and filled with nitrogen to ensure that it is 100% waterproof. This means that there is significant scope shadow on the left hand side requiring a total change in cheek weld.

Awesome, compact, and lightweight. Adding a magnifier to a red dot equipped rifle isn't a give-and-take, but an add-when-desired option, and a smart one at that. I've never owned or used a 3x magnifier, just LPVO's (1-4x, 1-6x). Most of the people who have already purchased the Vortex 3X feel that it is an excellent value that is still comparable to other high quality magnifiers on the market. When shooting long range, it is not always easy to aim accurately. CMG West, LLC TEN: Publishing Media, LLC

Primary Arms had the same quality of glass but a slightly smaller field of view 3.

The Vortex Micro 3x Magnifier shines as an augmentation to any home defense or small predator hunting AR. However, it is not a perfect magnifier for everyone.

can I use it with the appropriate Unity Tactical Mount? This is why having a good scope on your rifle can help.

Some people have even used it on a 5 inch rail. The Vortex Micro 3x Magnifier ships in the box with its own quick detach mount, 2 pairs of screws, a rubber cap, and a spacer/riser to align it with an optic set at lower 1/3 co-witness height. Almost very necessary to be honest for any decent shooting at 50 yards … I paired this with the new Vortex "Huey" which compliments that optic (or any Holographic or red dot) very well. First, is a stand alone evaluation, and second, within the current optics environment. It offers a 38.2-foot field of view and eye relief of 2.2 inches. This forces the shooter to either commit blasphemy by hereby charging America's gun like an AK variant, or move their red dot and magnifier further forward, necessarily impacting cheek weld location.

Objectively, the Vortex Micro 3x Magnifier performs as advertised, and adds value to any rifle or carbine currently set up with a red dot sight. Sign Up today for our FREE Newsletter and get the latest articles and news delivered right to your inbox. Useful in most scenarios, and easy to completely remove when going for a super-lightweight build, adding a magnifier only gives the shooter more options, and asks very little in return.

It weighs only 11.9 ounces so that you do not feel weighed down by your gun and the Vortex 3X magnifier. There are some who say that the flip to right is wrong because that puts it right in your vision path. If it is not, please email us at with the event ID and IP listed below, along with a brief description of your recent actions on the site.

I've had the Vortex 3x Magnifier for about a month which has included 2 range trips. The qd mount it comes with is extremely solid! POD-150806. I paid $239.99 at botach. This makes it very good at increasing the effectiveness of their red dot sight’s range.

QUICK REVIEW: I just got my VORTEX MICRO 3X in the mail today.

Generally speaking, cost comes as a factor when comparing against alternatives, and the most direct challenger would not be something in its own category, but rather, an LPVO like the Vortex Strike Eagle. Flipping the magnifier off to the left is the way going forward . New Vortex Micro x3 Magnifier!!! PROS: The outer ring looks about the same size on both.

While glass quality and the precision of adjustments should be expected in any review regarding magnification, for this category, we must begin with the foundation: mounting. I believe it uses the same qd lever as midwest industries. When focusing on the target, no effect on the red dot itself could be detected, but if focus was shifted to the dot itself, an elongation effect would take place, making the dot look more like a line or pill. The quick detach flip mount holds either open or closed via a captured detent that can be adjusted for a lighter throw or firmer hold, and the magnifier can be set up for either right or left handed use. I don't consider this plinking, gun games, HD, SHTF, etc. Is it the right one for you?

This not only prevents moisture, but also prevents dust and other debris. I've been looking at reviews and the Holosun HM3X and Vortex Micro and they are generally positive for both. The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle, © 2020 Recoil Magazine Click here to get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a digital PDF of this target pack. Required fields are marked *. This can be attributed to magnifiers as a whole, but the Vortex does come with their no-questions replacement warranty, and have a habit of producing near bullet-proof products. The shooter will still need consistency in rifle technique, for though forgiving in back and forth distance, the magnifier is less so with side-to-side motion.

As far as image clarity, the Vortex Micro 3x Magnifier has no fish-eye effect, and our draw sample of one had minimal red-dot splatter. This is why having a good scope on your rifle can help. I'm thinking of adding a 3x magnifier on this one. It is made with machined aluminum that has been hard coat anodized.

Weight with mount is also about the same.

Mounting it backward so that it flips left makes things awkward, but through it all, most people with negative thoughts about it, still claim that it is a great magnifier that simply needs a few tweaks.

In comparison to the new EOTech G43, the Vortex Micro 3x Magnifier has a 1-foot-at-100-yards, or roughly .2 degree smaller field of view, but comes in at the same length and 1.78 ounces lighter, and half the price. Vortex Micro 3X for $299 at Optics Planet. Your email address will not be published. The focus ring provides sufficient tuning to accomplish the heuristic of looking at the furthest object and sharpening the image to it.

They say that you have to be right on the scope lens in order to get a full view of your target area. This magnifier is lightweight and tough. Maybe you will be happy with it as well.

UTG had blurry sides, a smaller eye relief, and was much …

The Vortex VMX-3T magnifier promises to be an excellent choice that will work well with virtually any long range rifle setup you may have.

At the same time, for shooters with two eyes, here's something about occluding vision: inside might be better. Save my name & email in this browser for the next time I comment. According to the Vortex VMX-3T review that others have left, this magnifier works well with a variety of setups. If you feel the eye relief or the mounting style of it will be a big problem for you, you may want to consider other options.

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