It is derived from the prefix ‹na’› which is very common in Modern Golic Vulcan, but is not a mere abbreviation or contraction of that prefix, but rather performs an entirely different function. Marketa Zvelbil's Vulcan language materials. Ki, fayei nam-tor Gol-Vuhlkansu gen-ves ik nelau n’ulef-vel-zhit — tvai n’ta ri ya’bolau n’ta satiben n’ulef-vel-zhit ish-wak pa’shik s’ek’sitra-klai — nam-tor ved velik ta ma n’paresh t’ond’ohan. There are a few of the ancient characters which appear commonly in modern life. I haven’t posted here for a very long time. Ki’starpa’shal Dzhei Dzhei Eibramz bai’pen-na’akashan k’hitrasu t’Halliwud nash-trof ta toyehting ki’kugal na’lof khartau thurai-dvuperuv t’weizehl t’Star-Trek. Like the adverbial prefixes ‹i’›, ‹la’›, ‹wa’›, etc., the morpheme ‹e’› can affix directly to a verb to convey the sense of “only, just, simply”. The modern Vulcan script is the most common in everyday life.

I am looking for beta-testers. Compare the horizontal text above and below this paragraph to see that the preceding style requires less horizontal space than the one that follows. I was also on set for much of the filming — specifically when lines of dialogue were being spoken in Klingon by anyone. Browsing historical records or even reading for pleasure would likely produce the more ornate writing by default—while for non-verbal commands or other interactions with technology systems one would use the standard script. Tal-tor n’yeht-kilkaya bai’yeht-deshkaya t’yeht-suyu. Nam-tor yauluhk beglanau n’ta ved k’ashiv k’ka-ek’sitra-klai paresh-tor vanu-tanaf-kitaun gotavlu-zukitaun teretuhr. Thank you again and if you would like to join the testing group now for the first time, please request a package at the address above. Sagluvau nash li-fal dah-zhit-bal °Stal Stonn le-matya k’stonn ik tal-tor svi’mazhiv po’ta zeshal aushfa mal-nef-hinek t’sa-veh. V’yak kup-telv-tor danan t’shila’es-kisu k’ek’saven vanu-tanaf-kitaun – heh ish-ves ved tsukik – riwehat pakagoshau u’ta is’boshik goh. Content originally presented at, where it is available for free. Dan-neruk klem-bosh nash-veh na’_________. Nam-tor Zun mes-skaf-hiktra spo’Tru-Taip na’Gol-Vuhlkansu spo’gotavlu-zukitaun-kuhz ¦ri kuhz t’vanu-tanaf-kitaun¦. Mesukh-tor paing u’zhit t’Fse ik “should”. I encourage you to check it out and if what you see appeals to you, please LIKE the project on Facebook if you are on Facebook. Nam-tor T’Lin ik otrensu t’nash-trahokna ko-kuk t’nash-veh isha. Any and all profit from the sale of this book will be donated to the Vulcan Language Institute via Paypal. It has nothing to do with Star Trek, but it is science fiction and it does feature a constructed language which is featured on screen pervasively during the film in its written form. Li-fal—. Type each word of a phrase in the boxes, then press the button to 'translate' it. Kesing sagluvau bi-yem t’vesht-vipladan il ruhm telv na’tizh weh-fanet-kitaun shating—v’yak na’sviribaya ri-zhit-bosh il na’vath-svatorai k’ek’mishan-torektra kesing is-tor veh gotavlu-kitaun. vocabulary to the published Rihansu from Ms. Duane's books. Of particular interest among his comments is the fact that he explicitly stated that Bad Robot is focusing on trying to to get the story right to be appealing to the fans. Dungi olau ish-veh kunli pa’ta paribau k’kanok-veh svi’, Many thanks to all of you who have volunteered to test Zun. Beglana’uh— shetau °n’yon° ››› /ɲon/ rik’hayai-ralash ik °uh° /ə/. Isha yuting saudau nash el’ru-kitaun-ves heh rika’a’vanu-tanaf-zukitan ri da-tor zhiyeh ish-wak paresh-tor doming. Kesing nam-tor nash-faterek pulva t’genvuhnaya t’nash-shi ik dan-ritsuri-natyan na’veshtausu. You may not find these consistently noted in any dictionary, but the meanings are predictable based on the adjectival forms.

For more Vuhnau salasharaya t’nash-faterek ik °N’° bai’ralibi ik snagel-tor na’gas-rak u’vath-faterek ik drom-ikastarzun. It is important to note that traditional calligraphy and the standard script do occur together in the same context quite frequently. In this role it bears a resemblance to the accusative case in some languages. Vulcan children are taught that logic is not merely some universal correct answer to a question, but rather the concept or discipline of processing the information at hand to make an optimally informed choice. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. They are simply positioned side by side with spaces between words. The letters of the modern script evolved over many centuries from the ancient logogram system which is commonly referred to as. Compare to ‹vun-› (must) and realize that ‹dang-› is similar in feeling to this prefix, but weaker. However, they share the tendency to be more often written vertically than horizontally. (Lit. Tvesh-tvah weht-beik na’rata t’°nafai° il °naglanshaya° do °gluvaya t’klem°. If you ever wanted to learn Vulcan, now you can! Beglana’voh — Ri zhelesh nash-faterek tvah t’FSE ik sagluvau n’iwi-vesht u’nash ik °That just happened (a moment ago).° ik tvah ik °Iwi-vesht pavesh-tor ish.°. This distinction still remains in English as “I want X” contrasted wth “X wants me”. (lit. Please try again.

In the most common style, vowels are written as superscript diacritics above the consonants. I’nam-tor zamu t’ma’os-bikuv-kitaun ik i’ma n’is la-wak na’iyi-ha’kiv. Please try again.

If you cannot read this.... qatlhIj! Veling pushul-tor vla be’vla spo’ta ret svi’kanok-zhit. Several site visitors have asked via comments and private messages about some of the aspects of grammar that they see used in the dialect here.

The film is called Senn. Nam-tor weh-kesik ta gluvau n’fan-ro’fori ik ma n’tersaya na’kitau-tanaf il zhitanaf bai’tanaf-kitaun. Lau-pavesh-tor ta ri kup-tal-tor n’nash-faika-zhitlar svi’zhit-dunap, hi kup-kriltesau n’tvah s’rub-zhit-shid. for more detailed information on the standard script, please see the, Na’lof gla-tor n’weh-shefik-ro’fori pa’gotavlu-zukitaun—sanu—dzhina’voh. Any information related to literature or poetry is more likely to show up in front of one’s eyes in calligraphy. # 2 — I’m currently co-producing another film with my husband, Josh Feldman, who is the film’s director. Ne’la saudau ka-kitaya fna’on t’yidor. (meaning, “Logically, it was the (correct) thing for me to do.”), Thank you. The Pronunciation of this ‹n’› varies with the phonemes it encounters to its right as does that of other purely consonantal prefixes. It is generally translated as “should”. Ka-wak k’mohk kup-el’rekau Vuhlkansu on t’torektra. I feel that this film would very much appeal to Vulcans. Or…, Any time. They could also be called “excuses”. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Du’wehk-tehtvun ki’wakrubal zunlar t’gotavlu-zukitaun s’ma’os-torektra t’bikuv-kitaun ik wimish Tik-Nahp. You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. The marking of ‹ta› with ‹n’› is common with omitted subjects, but not mandatory. Ki, vah na’tikap t’ikatu’azun-kitaun nam-tor mortuyik-renyut-vuhnaya dah. This type of handwriting also appears horizontally and unlike traditional calligraphy does not rotate its glyphs when that occurs. They are very conservative when it comes to expressing thanks, but there are several ways to do this effectively in their language without upsetting  the pragmatic balance in conversation. Vulcans are not known for keeping a stack of thank-you notes in their desk drawer. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Vulcans deal easily with both systems simultaneously. Sapa’shau faterek ik °n’° ond’ohan bai’ta tu’ashing gluvau n’wak ik ki’nelal n’navel.

Kuv wiri ki’lasha — sanu — ro’fah’voh fna’raf-ar’kada-sakat na’. If you are not on Facebook, but would like to keep informed, you can sign up to receive the newsletter HERE on the film’s main website. Note: The sense of immediate past in FSE (“That just happened (a moment ago).”) is NOT conveyed by this prefix. Wa’ma veh tatayan-set’ko ik svi’tuhskaya t’ish-veh nam-tor kla-min ik rik’ond’ohan afsakal ta i’thakau Bahd Robat na’ta provulau fereik-tor n’dan-rom-var ik wa’kup-ma vaya’akas na’vaikausutra. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. However, because Golic Vulcan is pro-drop (meaning that it does not require pronouns to be expressed when they are clear from context), it is quite easy for ambiguity to arise. Let me tell you about both of them. Hi dungi sarlah ein-kilkaya.° Dom, ki’sarlah i. Wi i’hafau nash-natyan-ves na’FSE u’pi’zhit’bal ik °I want X° ik kelam-tor tehnat °X wants me°. # 1 — I worked on the film Star Trek Into Darkness. This prefix is likely the aspect of this site’s dialect that the experienced will find the most different and unusual. One must choose overall efficiency over clean, linear simplicity. The most common Vulcan word associated with the FSE concept of “thanks” is the verb ITAREN, which is based on the stem ITAR. A more complete introduction to Vulcan handwriting with all letters and conventions is available HERE. The main reason for this is spacial efficiency. I’nam-tor el’ru-kitaun maafainik goh na’ri-vuhlkansu maut-zamik. Shidorau gen-vuhnaya t’nash-shi nosh-zhit ik shahtau k’raltvah-krus ik °-ng° s’rub-zhit ik shahtau k’raltvah-krus ik °-IK° toming torvaing. Ki’pusatal fe-toyeht uzhaya ik 7.2 na’du. I’naglazhau nash-veh ten-mal-nissu. LA i’nam-tor whet-ovsot-ragtaya na’el’ru-kitaun-torektra ik vinam-tor ek’nuhm heh ek’skurin. If having two different systems for horizontal handwriting seems illogical, quite the opposite is true. ‘naturally’ meaning “I did it in the normal course of things.”), Of course. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Vulcan [from Latin Vulcanus] Astronomers at times have suspected the existence of a planet nearer the sun than Mercury, basing this upon perturbations of more than one kind observed in connection with Mercury and its orbit.Long ago the name Vulcan …

Ri wa’pufai-tor Vuhlkantra na’ta potau n’tuh t’nop na’itar’es svi’zhis-nef t’sha-kitau-skaf. There are specifically 5 points that should be called out and explained to help new learners and experienced speakers and writers of Modern Golic Vulcan become comfortable with the language they will encounter at Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2012. ‘sentiment of respect’), Most humbly. When writing horizontally one must choose the style which is most logical for the immediate task. Additional note on the use of ‹ik›. She would be happy to discuss it with you in the, Rok-tor etek ta sanoi nash uzh-rarav ik ki’fereik-tor T’Prion. Li-fal: Vesht nam-tor yar-le-matya ik stal Stonn. Wa’gluvau k’ashiv veh ik ma akteibuhl t’Kolinar ish-sha’sha’es bai’ma’os-ahm t’tafar. Up until now, my answer has always been “No, but something’s coming.” Well, it has come. This is a most interesting book. Press "Show English Vocabulary" and pick and chose to make your phrases. I coded it using the work of Diane Duane - using her Basic Program Thank you very much! But, there are two primary causes for my publishing tardiness. Alternately for the same meaning without ‹ta›: Krusiting na’ka-tvah rik’zhit ik °TA°—. JJ Abrams announced this week in a brief interview with the Hollywood media that he is officially committed to directing the next Star Trek film.

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