Maybe you just got the TV of your dreams, or you picked up a great deal on a new wireless device. ← Back to File a Claim New. I reported the damaged power cable online. So if I were you I'd just take any issues up to Arcade1up themselves. card classic compact. Even though they ask during the filing process what the problem is, apparently they pay no attention to that, and assume that you’re returning an entire laptop. The Walmart Protection Plan Hub is the easiest way to manage and track all your plans and makes filing a claim easier than ever! We checked with several reviewers to learn more about actual customer … That's actually brilliant. If you don't need the bigger freezer you could put the $30 towards, I would absolutely recommend shelling out for the protection plan. It always ended up being too much trouble considering the cost of replacing the device or repairing it on my own. The only issue would be if you had to ship it to them (don't know if that's a requirement.) The 4 year protection plan costs almost $30. I knew I was buying a plan that would require sending the device in for repairs, and that was okay for this particular purchase. All your Walmart Protection Plans now live in one place! Some items even qualify for in-home repair service. Hang Up on Social Security and Medicare Scammers, latest update to my Walmart Care Plan experience. Those things are pure profit plans for those companies...I'd steer clear of them. It's not like walmart has a stock of arcade1up parts they keep laying around for repaits, or have experienced staff to repair them and the parts still have to come from the same plant in China so if it's not something they have on hand states side it would still take weeks. Chances are you won't have any major issues. I’ve heard of both good and bad experiences with Dell warranties. 117. pinned by moderators. Shop top new tech Shop top new tech $. The real question is, what is the deductible? Former Walmart Manager here. Power surges happen whenever there’s a spike in the electrical current that reaches a device—spikes are really common, and you can’t always prevent them from happening. That's what I was thinking. Activate to move to this slide, slide 4 of 10, Join our community, read the PF Wiki, and get on top of your finances! Ill report back if anything screwy happens. I read reviews on how they are very good. Hot.

Plus it's 3-4 years of coverage rather than just 3 months. Plus, good luck actually being able to use the plan you paid for if the item has a problem. You return the product, you get a gift card to go replace the product. 75% Upvoted. Don’t go only half way, go the whole way by adding a Walmart Protection Plan to any gift or present you purchase from They would replace with a new cabinet, presumably, or refund if unavailable. Consider these top 10 reasons why a Walmart Protection Plan is a great move for you. You can even purchase a plan for a gift you’ve received—as long as you know the purchase price and date. Posted by. It wouldn’t be okay for my own primary laptop or some of our other gadgets. Seems like a good deal. They paid for shipping both ways both times too. You should also know there is two types of plans. The extended warranty covers an additional 3 years. In many cases, you won’t buy an extended warranty through the same company that made the product. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It does come with one, but it’s only for 1 year. I'm looking for any help I can get here because this wheel has a ton of issues for a lot of people and I want to be able to get it replaced if I'm another casualty.

It isn't just Walmart. Replacement covers accidental damage and service covers if the item breaks on its own. Permission required for usage of the content on this website.

But that excitement can quickly turn to disappointment and frustration if something goes wrong. I figured an 11-year-old was more likely to break something than the laptop was to have some sort of defect needing repair. My Walmart Care Plan also didn’t carry a deductible, something you’ll want to look for anytime you’re buying an extended warranty.

You should also know that the product care / product replacement plans don't cover accidental damage, so if they decide that you caused the air mattress to fail, they will deny your claim.

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