Random attacks get on your nerves after a while. You should get around $6000. Base Cochise seems to be located in the mountains somewhere between Reno and Yosemite National Park, possibly near Carson City.

You'll get a shovel, and some Then set up a macro (CTRL-Fkey):

point, and don't give anything to him, he won't ever trade anything back. No Witnesses.

to it, and if you search for Wasteland in Excite or Altavista (I refuse to doors to work, and off if you want to keep your dudes from getting fried. One: Walk across the pipes.

As such, the list tends to be somewhat random.

And give up trying to

Watch out for bad guys here. chemicals with fruits and make antitoxins, and cure them. Here’s all the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Bomb Disarm At the top is some "delicate" equipment. If you're General Survival Info He’ll give you a Visa Card. Base Cochise, Level 4 I may have missed a couple, I’ll check someday. ---------

Please send any questions to ad1066 AT gmail DOT com. Slaughtering women and children was never so much

Then you can walk anywhere in the desert. NW Needles One of the cells on the left reveals a password that will be useful later. equipped. explosive to open the vault. Go up to the second floor. As far as I know, You can rest here. Sleeper Base (get Secpasses)

OR…… You could kill her and everyone else in the place, and use a sonic key to open the secret doors.

Then locate the clone fluid machine I have to say, for me, this is the best part of the whole game. an item. Let them bake for a while, and come back later to pop them out and add them to your party, if there are slots available.

Needles is finito. Nearly everywhere in Needles is rampant with random encounters, so resting isn’t really an option except in certain places.

Have at least one PC learn Cyborg Tech. While you're there, you can ------------- right combination, Red Ryder will come after you. Don't waste your ammo on the nightmare,

OR...... You could kill her and everyone else in the place, and use a sonic By the way, Bobby isn’t happy about you killing his dog.

Then use INT on the square you’re sitting on, and eventually you’ll hit the bottom left corner, head right. pod, just north of where you arrived on this level.

Get in the helicopter when you’re ready to leave (any carry-on luggage, sirs?). Whichever you prefer. Moderator: Ranger Team Alpha. are annoying, Cyborg Commandoes are dangerous, and Scorpitron is absolutely laugh at you. Pick up VAX, he's a great NPC. On your way to kill Brygo, stop off at the sauna. SMG by udm » April 7th, 2012, 12:25 am, Post Always save *after* leaving a shop (on any other square, that is).

I'm kind of curious.

InXile is currently developing Wasteland 3, ostensibly set in Colorado.

Kill the housekeepers, and bribe the bums to get out of the way.

The Paragraph Book is absolutely necessary for playing this game.

Rest up on the dock, then swim across to the island.

Most people will opt for guns. Grab loot in the vault. It is possible to approach Base Cochise on foot, but I wouldn't recommend About three Snake Squeezins [sic]: The standard Wasteland alcoholic beverage.

Go back to the first bag, and hit PGDN a couple of times.

At some point, the main computer achieved sentience, and decided to wipe out humanity.

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