Kichimura Washuu and his Oggai Squads nearly kill Kaneki - until the famed one-eye ghoul once again undergoes a radical evolution... Tokyo Ghoul:re will return for season 2 (aka Tokyo Ghoul season 4) later this year. One of these things is the fact that V, or the Washuu Clan, didn't know that Arima was the One-Eyed King. Another interesting thing happened in Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 84 when Donato Porpora broke out of his cell. This service allows you to sign up for or associate a Google AdSense account with HubPages, so that you can earn money from ads on your articles. That is because Arima, along with Furuta, Hairu and everyone who was raised in the Sunlit Garden, are actually not human, they are Half-Humans, failures with mixed blood.

Later, in chapter 119 of Tokyo Ghoul:re, Furuta stated that the Oggai, a new special force of half-ghouls that work for the CCG, are made from Rize. But, in chapter 86 she revealed that the King was actually Arima Kishou and that he and Eto were working together on "raising" a new King. Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them.

It just doesn't make sense to put a flashback of Rize, who is not even a part of the Washuu family, at that exact moment in the chapter. Then Nishiki Nishio understands that she was his girlfriend. In Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 64 it was revealed that Rize was found by Shachi (Matasaka Kamishiro) and since she didn't have a last name, he gave her his, and thus she became Kamishiro Rize. Wouldn't it be just enough to say that he is afraid of the King? [Theory PROVED], Sixteen Things You Didn't Know about Ishida Sui (Creator of Tokyo Ghoul), What Happened to Hide from Tokyo Ghoul (Toukyou Kushu)? Even though Kaneki ignored Eto's request, he still ended up fighting Arima, so he could buy enough time for Touka and the rest to escape, determined to die by Arima's hands. Then Kaneki tells Naki that if white suits are going to die foolishly, they should die under him. So, he will do what he thinks is right.

Of course that doesn't mean that everyone there is a Washuu. Some articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them. Eto stating that Furuta was the one who dropped steel girders on Rize.

If you look back at Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 63 you will find the answer. The second thing which was suspicious to me was when Furuta Nimura talked to Eto while she was imprisoned in Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 66. This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons. At that moment, Arima judged Kaneki to be a failed attempt, since he couldn't bring him to fight seriously and with determination. The fourth version of his kakuja manifests as bulkier body armor with claws, and the carapace covering his face becomes similar to a one-eyed dragon with a fully fanged jaw.

In that chapter, while talking with Kaneki, Furuta revealed the system behind V. Apparently, V is composed only of people who are members of the Washuu clan which has the main family and lots of branch families.

Then Kaneki came in her room to talk to her but she wants to remain alone for some time. The fact that Furuta doesn't know her in the flashback (he asked her if she was also bred, implying that they may have met for the first time) could be due to their age difference.

All rights reserved. So, it wouldn't be strange if he wasn't the only one, right?

After Arima tried everything which was in his power to provoke Kaneki to kill him (threatening him and even piercing him with his Quinque), Arima finally gave up. [Theory PROVED]. There is also one time when Kaneki asked Eto about the V. She told him that they were people who "mistakenly believe that this world belongs to them". Rize wondering whether she managed to escape "them". Why would Eto want to mess him up like Furuta said. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

They didn't want to become human like Arima thought, but they wanted to become Half-Ghouls like the original King. [Theory Proved], 10 Manga Like Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn), 10 Manga Like Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice). Eto saying that Furuta doesn't care about either V or Washuu. The fact that he used the word "your" is rather confusing. Nick tells him he could track them because of Roma’s SOS signal.

I believe that the Kagune Rize possesses and which is implanted into all of the Half-Ghouls actually belongs/belonged to the original One-Eyed King. She gave Kaneki the choice of whether he would take on this responsibility and sit on that throne or if he would destroy it. After he questioned them in chapter 131, the ghouls claimed to be human and that they live in Tokyo.

This would mean that there were two Kings, Arima and someone from the Washuu, and each of them had their title passed on to someone else. By hearing that Kurona laugh and asks how he will be able to do that. But, what if I were to say that the One-Eyed Ghoul, the original King, was stronger than the normal Washuu ghoul, and that is why the Washuu Clan started doing those experiments of making children who were between a ghoul and a human? Furuta saying that Eto's King is a thorn in their sides. Kaneki goes there with the member of Arima Squad including Take Hirako, Ship Ihei, Rikai Souzu, Yusa Arima.

Tsukiyama Shuu and other ghoul arranged a meeting with Kaneki.

Their ultimate goal was to find a new King who would be able to lead a rebellion.

After that, Arima took the fight more seriously, since he wasn't fighting just any ghoul, he was to fight the future King and draw out his potential. After that, Kaneki goes back on a little flashback, where he saved everyone in Cochlea from Kyoko Aiura, Mougan Tanaka and other investigators. His previous personalities converge into a reformed, complete Kaneki who knows what's important and is ready to carry on Arima's will.

This is further confirmed by the 0 Squad since Arima gave them the order to help Kaneki, but I also believe that they are to "serve" Kaneki as the new King, just like they did with the last King Arima.

Kaneki's last test, which was given to him by Eto, was to kill the One-Eyed King, which later turned out to be Arima. Haise Sasaki, by contrast, was extremely composed and chipper, acting as a calm and wise fatherly figure for his Quinx Squad family. No data is shared with Paypal unless you engage with this feature. Before she got caught, Eto mentioned that the parent organization of the CCG was founded over 100 years ago in response to the appearance of an extremely powerful One-Eyed Ghoul. Although Furuta is now the second King, there are no information which would prove or deny the existence of an earlier second King who was part of the Washuu/V. This time, Rize is the one who is causing it, but since she has the original King's Kakuhou, it could very well be the exacts same or similar Naagas that she is producing.

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