The unit works as advertise. Glad you love the VIOFO A129 Plus!

", Mr. Fors wrote: "Two companies have announced new detector/detectors that received the new lo [local oscillator] frequencies of radar detectors.

Like a lot of rumors, the Ku-band flap seemed a little too coincidental to be real. Military radar band nomenclature, L, S, C, X, Ku, and K bands originated during World War II as a secret code so scientists and engineers could talk about frequencies without divulging them. Up to 1.2 meters. When two or more cars are driving side by side on a busy road, the greater width of the beam may pick up two or more vehicles. Also apparently it is not comparable even cables for other models in their product line.

Also being a new model they dont have a long cable available yet.

As the frequency of the band for radar detection increases, the size of the hardware decreases. Ka-Band: Colored brown indicates that police agencies in that state use Ka-band radar guns. Curious about the origin of this rumor, I looked into it. But not always.

Good night time / low light picture quality.

Bought two quality cards (look for 4K video recording capability) at Costco for $49. I would suggest this device was an excellent choice. Parts   Thanks for leaving a review, Curt! Beginner User.

This is Applied Concepts, makers of the Stalker brand of radar.

Thoroughly pleased, Haven't used cable yet but great service, Thanks.

Great job ! I order a lot of stuff on line and it's like puling teeth to try and find out where your shipment is or get a tracking number. Following are the advantages of Ku Band: Pros: ➨Cost of X-band equipments are less.

[2] The band is called Ka, short for "K-above" because it is the upper part of the original NATO K band, which was split into three bands because of the presence of the atmospheric water vapor resonance peak at 22.24 GHz (1.35 cm), which made the center unusable for long range transmission. The designation "Ka-band" is from Kurz-above, which stems from the German word kurz meaning "short". In stock sooner than expected, fast shipping, very responsive customer service. Yes Votes: 18 45.0% No Votes: 13 32.5% Not sure Votes: 9 22.5% Total voters 40; 1; 2; Next. I knew I was ordering a backordered product, but it shipped and arrived 2 weeks sooner than I expected. When looking at the radar bands we've talked about so far, the K gun is the most widely used. The Ka bandwidth (pronounced kay-ay) is a microwave band in the 26.5 to 40 gigahertz (GHz) range.

Worldwide, only two models of Ku-band radar have ever been produced in quantity. 1,000 - 2,000 MHz. ➨Provides high power for transmission. He answered all my questions before I purchased the unit. Best option for my is the wire is a USB plug, it work great on the Ford Vehicle since their 12V plug is constantly on.

➨Equipments are smaller and hence are easy to

Following are the advantages of Ka Band: Additional Notes: To answer, "What does Ka mean on a radar detector?” we have to look at the different bands used by radar detectors first.

Besides that, the rest of the install was fairly spot on.

Hence X Band does not have much interference from rain fading compare to Another thing you should know about the Ka band is that it has a bigger susceptibility to rain fade and possibly other meteorological conditions.

The Ka band (pronounced as either "kay-ay band" or "ka band") is a portion of the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum defined as frequencies in the range 26.5–40 gigahertz (GHz), i.e. Some frequencies in this radio band are used for vehicle speed detection by law enforcement.

In other words, it doesn't do that well in cloudy weather conditions. Ku band is a European frequency centered at 13.45 GHz, slightly above the ancient X band and well below K band (24 GHz) and Ka band (33.4 to 36.0 GHz). One of the best features it has is its pretty long range so you can be sure it will detect the threat in time. When this happens, the police officer may not know for sure which car was the fastest. Services   ➨Provides high throughput beams. Hi Vinny, thanks for leaving a review. Should you segment Ka band on a radar detector? Extremely easy to install and move from vehicle to vehicle. Here's what I found: The first person to suggest that Ku-band radar may be about to appear in the U.S. was Carl Fors, who formerly did business as Speed Measurement Labs or SML. K-band is still quite common, given its historical advantage to Ka-band. other higher frequency bands such as Ku band and Ka band. [Ontario Provincial Police.] Following are the advantages of L Band:

Hi George, thanks for leaving a review - glad you love the Thinkware U1000! C Band.

Customer service was polite, honest, friendly and courteous.

frequency bands. For police departments, the Ka band also came with a major benefit. One manufacturer in recent years did consider Ku band for European sales.

Go. Radar detectors are used to detect when a police radar gun is in use so that you can slow down in time and avoid a speeding ticket.

Most newer guns the police use operate on the super-wide Ka-band. Great customer service from Katrina and excellent installation of a front and rear dashcam. In contrast with the X and K bands, false alerts are rare in the case of Ka bands.

➨It has lower propagation delay. Although COVID made a lot of things more complicated, the experience with BlackBoxMyCar has been a breeze - from making an installation appointment online to the actual installation, the team made sure I understand the process clearly (and they sent multiple reminders on the appointment date and time!!) Following are the advantages of S Band:

During the 1970s and 1980s, it was cheaper to build police radar guns using this frequency than any other. network configurations   Absolutely the go-to for all your dashcam and scanner/detector needs, I highly recommend them. 60 to 30 cm. VSAT basics, difference between OFDM and OFDMA Next Last. before you shop for a new radar. Receiver is one of the major sub-systems of any Radar. Newer devices may require further usage training. ➨It supports smaller antennas. My previous Cam I bought is a ThinkWare, which I've had for almost 3 yrs (also from Blackboxmycart). The oldest X-band radars, which have been widely used throughout the state of NJ, are slowly being supplemented with newer and smaller digital (DSP) Ka-band models and even more lethal police laser guns. It is a COVID safe experience and the quality of the install is amazing. [2] The band is called Ka, short for "K-above" because it is the upper part of the original NATO K band, which was split into three bands because of the presence of the atmospheric water vapor resonance peak at 22.24 GHz (1.35 cm), which made the center unusable for long range transmission.

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of L Band, S Band, C Band, X Band, Ku Band, K Band and Ka Band. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Best Radar Detector Under $300: Top 5 Budget Friendly Options, Best Cordless Radar Detector of 2020 (Review and Buying Guide), Best Radar Detector Under $100 to Buy in 2020: Top Picks, Best Motorcycle Radar Detector to Buy 2020, Best Uniden Radar Detector: Top 5 Recommendations. Following are the disadvantages of X Band: We hope we've answered, "What does Ka mean on a radar detector?".

Frequencies from 1.3 to 1.7 GHz is allocated. Ku band is a European frequency centered at 13.45 GHz, Video capture is excellent.

The company had it on display to test domestic reaction, which proved to be underwhelming. Some Ku-band photo radars were produced by French radar manufacturer Sagem in the 1970s and early 1980s.

As you can see, the Ka band isn't without its limitations.

It is the most reliable method for speed detection. Parking Mode requires an optional $15 Hardwire Kit, and “semi-professional installation”. [5], In satellite communications, the Ka band allows higher bandwidth communication. Many police officers are used to the old technology. Satellite TTC  

Nice to have a backup card.

I bought this along with Cellink Neo battery pack. In his Blue Line story Mr. Fors reported that "...almost identical results were gained when using the Stalcar RDD as reported by the O.P.P.

➨K band is less susceptible to rain fading compare to Ka band. Thanks for shopping with us, Deokyu!

This means when your radar detector goes off, it’s most likely the police. ",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 April 2020, at 21:44.

Package comes with kits that help you put the wire in the trim. Why don't they just use one single band for radar guns? They took up quite a bit of space and weren't the easiest to handle.

MPH executives expressed no interest in releasing any type of Ku-band radar in the U.S. It's unknown if Dallas-based Mr. Fors was acquainted with fellow Texas resident Heinrich Otters, who does business as Hill Country Research.

This is higher than C band. Difference between SC-FDMA and OFDM

Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Bought this unit (front and rear cameras) for my new LS500. Cobra's announcement had the competition scratching their heads. Unfortunately, they were not able to provide the in-person tutorial after installation, but the instructions sent by email is very clear and easy to understand. Satellite tutorial main page  

"But it wasn't a very good unit. The designation "Ka-band" is from Kurz-above, which stems from the German word kurz meaning "short".

CDMA vs GSM, ©RF Wireless World 2012, RF & Wireless Vendors and Resources, Free HTML5 Templates.

Hi PK, thanks for leaving a review!

Even better, they can be mounted in the police car, often in the light bars.

Bought the A129 plus with CPL filter. Orbits   But police radar gun technology has advanced enough to make the detection of speeding drivers an easy job, at least most of the time. Established in 1999, Radartest is an authorized reseller for Escort, Radenso, Uniden, Blendmount, Whistler and other leading manufacturers.

For that reason, MPH Industries, one of the oldest U.S. radar companies, built a prototype Ku-band radar to see if it would address the European problem. After watching a video featuring BlackBoxMyCar's founder and another dash cam reviewer, I was sold that VIOFO would be a good camera and good value. ➨Provides wide beam coverage compare to other bands. When we spoke with him, constable Cairns remembered it differently. The 5th generation mobile networks will also partially overlap with Ka band (28, 38, and 60 GHz). Band Frequency.

➨It supports lower throughput. Viofo Smartphone App is not the greatest.

➨It also suffers from rain fading due to absorption of EM waves by water droplets. It was first used in the experimental ACTS Gigabit Satellite Network, and is currently used in the Inmarsat I-5 system[6] and the SpaceX Starlink system[7] and will be used in the Iridium Next satellite series, Kacific K-1 satellite, as well as the James Webb Space Telescope. The customer service from Terence was great.

We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. This page covers advantages and disadvantages of L Band, S Band, C Band, X Band, Ku Band, K Band and Ka Band. compare to Ku band. Announcements are easy to disable- turn volume to zero if you don't like them.

About satellite  

Noticed some remarks about the unit being too "chatty."

Glad you didn't have any issues with the installation!

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