By using this method sperm can be collected without any previous training or the presence of a queen in heat. Please do not even consider becoming a breeder if you plan to stick this male in your garage or basement to be forgotten and live alone. Table 2.

(1) if natural mating is impossible due to anatomical, physiological or behavioral problems, (2) the preser- vation (chilled or frozen) and subsequent transport of genetic material of valuable breeding animals and (3) the research and use of information obtained in the do- mestic cat for the conservation of endangered wild fe- lids. Journal of American Veterinary Medicine Association 173, 1353-1355. eosin/nigrosin or diff-quick stained slides. Zambelli D., Cunto M. (2005). Therio- genology 64, 698-705. Figure 2. Sperm collection in a tomcat using an artificial vagina. The Fertility Center of California (FCC), Sperm Bank Inc., has been helping patients overcome infertility for over 30 years. Zambelli D., Cunto M., Prati F., Merlo B. (2010). Parameter                           Value, Volume                                 0.03-0.3 ml, Concentration                       100-5000 x 106/ml, Sperm/ejaculate                    3-160 x 106, Motility                                56-85%. This is not fair! How many kitties do you really wish to own?

A breeding program is selecting a breed and working within the breed to improve the genetics, personality, and all while improving type. Pregnancy results obtained after AI in the cat with fresh and frozen-thawed semen.

var today = new Date(); One of the most important disadvantages for the sperm eva-.

Computer- assisted semen analysis of fresh epididymal cat sperma- tozoa and the impact of cooled storage (4°C) on sperm quality. Copyright ©

Laboratory Animal Care 20, 198-204.

Investigation of cervical patency and uterine ap- pearance in domestic cats by fluoroscopy and scintigra- phy.

See in the cat world, we consider it very unethical to buy and sell cats not bred by the breeder. Transcervical catheterization and cervical patency during the estrus cycle in domestic cat. Immediately after col- lection, the sperm sample is placed in a pre-warmed Eppendorf tube with a diluent. The tomcat is anesthetized by using medetomidine (80-100 µg/kg IM) and ketamine (5 mg/kg IM) (Platz and Seager, 1978). See in the cat world, we consider it very unethical to buy and sell cats not bred by the breeder. Next, look for a good male that can offer the Free storage is eligible for multiple vial purchase, please call for details. This is totally unfair and unethical!! Axnér E., Forsberg L. (2002). Please check their value system before believing they are ethical and good. There are many reason why you need to buy from a reputable breeder and not just because they are well known.

Your male will take longer to develop, mature and get his hormones. They purchase a female first, and they believe they will be able to borrow a male when the queen comes into heat. Simple! The insemination in queens can be performed du- ring natural or induced heat with a subsequent induc- tion of the ovulation by using e.g. Anytime I, or people who have our kittens, have had questions you are right there to help. Artificial in- semination in the cat (Felis catus). Moreover, the required equip- ment is expensive and many cat owners and breeders are reluctant to apply this method. Monaco Cattery, Judges Workshop 2010 Egyptian Mau by Melanie Morgan, Bronze Egyptian Mau article by Peter Chamberlain, Gr.IC.La Marniere “Eli-Ora” of Amiel-Goshen – (Egyptian Mau SILVER – ‘Female’), IC.

Contact our office to set up a consultation. Subsequently, sperm is collected by using a small artificial vagina consisting of a 2 ml rubber bulb-pipette and a small test tube which is placed in a water bottle at 37°C (Sojka et al., 1970). However, cat semen can be conserved either chilled at 4-5°C for several days or cryopreserved at -196°C for a long period, which makes (inter)national transport and use of the genetic material of valuable breeding animals possible (Zam- belli et al., 2008). The Journal of Veterinary Me- dical Science 62, 1163-1167. Other restrictions may apply. Sojka N.J., Jemings L.L., Hamner C.E. The insemination can be per- formed in the vagina or directly into the uterus. AI during na- tural heat is preferable because the gonadotropins used for the induction of heat may cause an inappropriate maternal response.

I get a lot of feedback from people who have our kittens and they all agree with me that Castle Baths ANNA is a great product and a great company to deal with. Although this procedure is easy to perform, it is con- sidered invasive and unethical and is therefore prohi- bited in several countries. Department of Reproduction, Obstetrics and Herd Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent University, Salisburylaan 133, B-9820 Merelbeke, Belgium, Up till recently, the reproduction in cats has hardly been studied, despite the fact that the reproductive cycle of the cat is unique in a number of aspects, such as the induced ovulation and the sequence of events in the course of natural mating. A breeding program is not all about making kittens. Our sophisticated membership system allows people to connect in a safe way through a mixture of public groups, advanced membership searches and private messages.

The Jour- nal of Veterinary Medical Science 62, 1241-1245.

Theriogenology 70, 1550-1559.

document.write(today.getFullYear()); If male factor infertility has been diagnosed, hopeful parents can search the online sperm donor database to find a sperm donor, or have a close friend or relative donate sperm.

I recommend Castle Baths Anna to all of our kitten and cat owners.

The concentration can be mea- sured by means of a counting chamber (Bürker or Thoma), the motility by using subjective assessment of the percentage motile and progressively motile sper- matozoa on a pre-warmed glass slide and the morpho- logy and membrane integrity on e.g.