Towa is dismayed that she has lost Mira, but then reveals she has also taken control of the original Future Warrior, Ace. Win conditions: Reduce Mira's heatlh a certain amount or fight until a certain amount of time passes.

It was originally known as Toki-Toki City up until Age 850 but changed in Age 851. Pretty easy just ignore Dodoria and keep attacking Zarbon until his Hp is low enough that the fight ends, after which the next fight will start. In Age 780 of Trunks' timeline, Towa finds and activates Future Android 16 who she corrupts and modifies with her dark magic, ordering him to destroy Future Gohan in Age 780 before he is killed fighting Future 17 & 18.

(super soul),Goku the legendary supersaiyan(super soul), I'll use all my strength to kill you(super soul), Android 18's clothes (vest and pants) male and female, Clear with Hercule's health over 50 percent, I'm neither Kami nor Piccolo (Super soul), Goku's turtle hermit gi(No character) male and female, I wanted to kill you with my own hands(super soul), This truly pointless...(super soul), Defeat Android 16 and revived Android 17, 18, Time to dismantle you androids! While the Z-Fighters are celebrating the defeat of the Ginyu Force, the Future Warrior notices Towa hiding nearby behind a rock. ), Expert mission 11: The Devil born from the Dragon balls, Expert mission 12: Attack of the lone supersoldier, Expert mission 13: A history of mixed battles, Expert mission 14: Huge blasts from huge apes, Expert mission 16: Realm of the gods: Vegeta, Expert mission 17: Realm of the gods: Goku, Time patrol: Majin buu saga part 3....and Beerus arc, Preparations for online, skills and important things to know, Builds to be used in limitless and limited, Win Conditions (Ultimate Finish Included). For more info look in the Time miniature section above. However when Towa fails to appear as Chronoa had suggested she would after Golden Frieza and his brother are defeated, Beerus becomes angry and Whis is forced to spar against him and the Future Warrior in order to calm Beerus down. Demigra | Now it's time to visit the time miniatures and the large time rifts.

In this fight you can either stall Frieza until a dialogue begins and ends (about dende, the dragon balls and turles and slug), or you can beat the crap out of Frieza which will trigger the dialogue immediately then just wait for it to finish and this fight will end, just make sure Nail isn't killed regardless.

Now an ally will be brainwashed and you can't stop it. Champa | Her acting as Chronoa manages to convince Beerus to leave Age 852, which prevents Whis from assisting Goku and his friends when Frieza destroys the Earth, resulting in the deaths of Goku and his allies that Whis originally saved. I'll be called Queen, and you will be my King." After doing a couple more quests you will once again be asked to meet with Guru who will now grant you more possible wishes with the dragon balls, you will get another troophy for this.

Cymbal | You will now fight Turles and Slug with Gohan(kid) as your ally. (super soul), Clear with Future Gohan's health over 50 percent, Getting beat up makes me cranky..(super soul), Clear with Majin Buu's health over 50 percent, Take care...of your mother....(super soul), Clear with Super Buu's health over 50 percent, Defeat Super Vegito and Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, Frieza's suit (final form) male and female, Before creation comes ruin....(super soul), In never knew this world existed!

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