[40], However, Saitama arrives and easily defeats the Deep Sea King with a single punch. Genos tells Dr. Kuseno that he wants to become stronger. Genos runs into Flashy Flash in front of Saitama's door and aggressively begins to question him what he is doing there, but before a fight breaks out, Saitama steps in and stops him. As Saitama and Fubuki argue, Genos believes that she wishes to become a disciple as well which he planned to stop. At first, it seemed as though Genos had a great chance to win considering his fighting style and incineration power but instead, he lost the fight. As they leave the seminar, Genos is glad that he finally becomes a real disciple of Saitama and counts on his guidance, though Saitama isn't actually glad about it, and they part ways soon after. So, we know that the evil cyborg destroyed Genos' village and he has this whole quest for revenge. Given the warning he received from the other S class cyborg that Metal Knight is his real enemy. [37] He was the first to arrive in the Evacuation Shelter where the Deep Sea King just took down four heroes. [15] Genos is amazed and is eager to finally know, but inwardly questions whether it is wise to divulge the secret to his enemies. At first, Saitama notices that Genos changes his parts frequently and does not want to let him down so he states that Genos has indeed gotten stronger. Genos was just a normal human boy until his village was attacked and destroyed by a powerful evil cyborg. During the fight, he uses his a new move; Lightning Core to create a bright light to blind Saitama and moves in to punch him. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OnePunchMan community. "[13] Carnage Kabuto then shows Saitama to a rather large room and they are about to fight, but Genos suddenly appears and blasts Carnage Kabuto. When they find it, Genos promptly destroys the building and part of a mountain in the distance. Then later stopping Saitama from getting all worked up from someone calling him bald by saying they should go home. Therefore, he claims that it is possible for him to become much stronger there instead. Although that could just as easily have been a ruse as well. [73], Genos tells Garou that he will eliminate him, After receiving an emergency call from Glasses, who is part of Death Gatling's failed ambush on Garou, Genos arrives to fight the already weakened Garou. Genos becomes enraged when he hears that his teacher scored 71 points ranking him as a C-Class. After going back to A-City, the two run into Forte, who is building a dog house for Overgrown Rover and Black Sperm and Genos states that he is taking Forte's room and that Forte has to move out by the end of the day. Genos is later dispatched to P-City to fight the Extended Family of Darkness.

[90] After collecting himself from being caught in the debris, Genos encounters King and Tareo who were forcefully ejected out of a water elevator inside the base. [48], While shopping with Saitama in M-City, Genos recognized King on the streets, when suddenly a robot monster by the name of G4 appears to fight King. He tells the people to run while he distracts the monster since victory is no longer assured. He then notices Beast King approaching Saitama, who is still buried and goes to help him but gets grabbed by Armored Gorilla who he then blasts away, and starts to run to Saitama again. [38], Genos defending a little girl from the Acid Spit, He put up a fight and traded blows until he was hit by the Deep Sea King's Acid Spit to save a girl, melting his body, which ultimately disabled him. Genos activated his "Arms Mode" suitcase and throws it in the air, forming it into a pair of arms and attaches to himself, surging electricity through his body.

The man then introduces himself as Blue, the top-ranked hero at the Neo Heroes.
Nyan moans that he would've never joined the Monster Association if he knew there were powerful heroes that could even kill monsters in one punch, tipping Genos off that Saitama has already entered the Monster Association's underground base and that Nyan has encountered him. He also explained the Disaster Level System.

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