DJ and producer Avicii killed himself, according to several sources who spoke with the US celebrity website TMZ.

She has said that trolls have blamed her for his death online and she has turned to alcohol to cope with the tragedy. So Tragic. Per Sundin, head of Universal Music Sweden, said of the new music Avicii had been working on: “All his notes were in happy mode… He loved what he had created”. Avicii was found dead in Muscat, Oman, on April 20 2018. And I agree – parties can be amazing, but it’s very easy to become too attached to partying in places like Ibiza. So hard to write this out.

A real groundbreaker and influencer to all your peers .

Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, was one year past joining the ‘27 Club’ when he took his own life. Promise. Disclaimer: At first, I was also a bit skeptical about his suicide. The musician was born in Stockholm on September 8, 1989, and died on Friday April 20, 2018 in Muscat, Oman. What a crazy life. Did Miley Cyrus Unfollow a Buncha Celebs?, Never let this game change you. How Did Avicii Die? "You have accused me of ‘exposing Tim’ to get ‘fame and money’ while throwing every insult under the sun my way.". A sad loss. Avicii's death has reportedly been confirmed as a suicide, according to TMZ, citing sources familiar with the circumstances of his death. The DJ was remembered by friends and family during the service, which was held in his native Stockholm.

See tributes from Avicii’s peers on social media below: Devastating news about Avicii, a beautiful soul, passionate and extremely talented with so much more to do. sending all my love to his friends and family. Avicii was reportedly laid to rest in a private funeral in Sweden during June. But, let me explain why I now believe he did in fact commit suicide. Account active

The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Multiple sources reportedly said that Avicii, whose real name was Tim Bergling, took his own life using a shard of glass "that caused massive bleeding." I was still anxious and then I started touring again.

— Nile Rodgers (@nilerodgers) April 20, 2018, Speaking to AP, Nile Rodgers also said he was ‘upset’ after performing with the DJ three years ago. It featured the words ‘Tim Bergling 1989-2018’ and was covered in musical notes. I really hope you’re essence , wherever it may be in the universe is now at peace.

I just wish I could have hugged him more and told him it would be okay .You’re music will forever be apart of mine and so many other lives. Condolences to Avicii's family, friends, and the fans who supported him.

The result was ‘Stories’, released in October 2015.

He continued: ‘I didn’t give myself time to stop and recover, not just from the pain and the medication but also the illness and all the years of touring and stress., — “DROGAS WAVE” & “BeatNPath” NOW PLAYING (@LupeFiasco) April 20, 2018. His talent was huge.

His assets pass to his parents, with nothing to charitable causes he supported in life, or his siblings.

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