I assumed that you had simply moved on to bigger and better things. I have been looking for a church like this for years. or is it the congregations fault for being weak and gullible? Thankful for her thoughtful response and I agree with you that God knows all of this and isn’t surprised by any of it – including the timing of her response. Another blind believer. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Praise the Lord! I’ve been blessed by your teaching and I’m wondering if I wouldn’t have heard your teaching as much had you stayed longer at Harvest. How long before we wake up and show the world how Christians are not only different from the world but we are not of the world! Herald Breaking News, Are you ‘straining at a gnat but swallowing a camel’? Lina, given your vast experience, It is ironic that the experience at Harvest should be seen as a culture of fear. In any case, I’m saddened to hear that this happened to James McDonald. This month I have gotten the courage to seek professional counseling. It isn’t about timing. Also in the 1999 elections, Assemblies of God member Anyim Pius Anyim of the People’s Democratic Party is elected to the Senate and later becomes Senate president, Nigeria’s most powerful political position after the president and vice-president. At my former church, I reached the point where I couldn’t, in good conscience, stay because of the amount of bull-headed spiritual abuse that was going on combined with covering-up of sexual abuse. Because Jeff is still lying to people’s faces with a smug grin as recently as Saturday night. I do have cds and dvd of contemporary Christian artists. When it becomes clear that Abiola will win, the government cancels the result and Christians appeal to the military to relinquish power (Freston 2001: 188). One person (not from Harvest) asked if I needed to call the church to “cancel” my membership. But how? Implying that the information on TED was lies. No one knows why. No church is, because they are all filled with sinners like us. You are joined with so many ex harvesters that were wounded deeply by what became a toxic culture at HBC. Your taught to distrust your thoughts, and feelings. This problem is not isolated to Harvest. Those of us that have experienced spiritual abuse and church hurt personally can truly resonate with your story. Lina, this took courage and I’m glad you said it. For many Protestant leaders, he symbolizes the restoration of Christian control over government. Although they preach grace, [they] bring condemnation for everything--from soup to nuts. Even before the Garden of Eden seduction, he foresaw the need for “The Lamb slain before the foundation of the world.” Your leaving (however late you feel it was) – was His provision for others, much like Joseph sent ahead to Egypt years ahead of his brothers and father. I pray your steps continue to be guided by our Lord! And you will not lose true friends and sisters in Christ. Wake up and take some serious deep reflection… you follow a man not Jesus… that is extremely dangerous… my suggestion to you.., workout your salvation with fear and trembling my sister in Christ. Several years went by and one family apologized to us as did another man. DON’T defend these people in any way!! 1st at services, then recording those messages fir walk in the word and finally by publishing them. I’ve been asked, what would I do if I were still on staff.

Even now, many years later, the enemy could still, if I let him, get me questioning my motives and trying to persuade me I was in the wrong not the ‘shepherds’. ", "My wife and I are born again Christians and have not left the faith because of our experiences, but have certainly modified our thinking in some ways so as to not fall prey to these so-called men of God again. How dare you question her about ‘why?’ Why? The small church that I and my family left was a textbook case in spiritual abuse. If you ever make that offer again, I’ll be there, but please post on Twitter. The preacher has no support system to fall back on but must find a new church before the new hireling moves in. They have gone the deep end of the pool. That is, so many think that the church is the “pastor’s ministry” and they don’t adequately facilitate the ministry of believers. Is the owner of the church in some illegal businesses? Deseret Bookshelf Plus Deal, I’m one of the people who asked you to share why you left. Thank you Yahweh. The entire world knows about it. You also restrained and could have said much more and didn’t. In good conscience we walked away too knowing it was the right thing before God.So now I get your story, you were a favorite of Kathy and James so I am sure to take a stand against the injustice at Harvest was not at all an easy decision.So many other godly people got pushed out for speaking up about the entitlement and harshness of James and other Pastors and Elders.So very sad somewhere along the way they just forgot they are supposed to be shepherds and servant and not the guards defending the many sin issues at Harvest. You take feed back to heart and you use it as growth points. "I just read some of the material on your site about Calvary Chapel and was surprised to suddenly realize that there are others out there who have come to the same conclusions about it that we [my husband and I] have [as former members]. When he called me again to know why I was sure God was going to bring him, I showed him John 6:44. English For 8-year Olds Worksheets, I give him all the praise. “It has become necessary to issue this statement to clarify issues surrounding why Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, the International Headquarters of Living Faith Church in Ogun State, held church service on Sunday, although with less than half of her regular worshippers. The entire world knows about it. 1. Winners Chapel defends itself, explains why it held fully-packed services on Sunday... BADOO: Suspected member burnt in Ogun State, Ogun state declares June 12 public holiday, Hilda Dokubo calls on Pastors with supernatural powers to heal those infected with coronavirus, CDQ gives his tenants a 30% off their 2020 rent over the inconvenience caused by the ravaging coronavirus disease, US Election 2020: Donald Trump shares clip from the massive rally organized by a Nigerian church in his honor. It permeates through the woman that you are. I don’t know you personally but appreciate all you continue to teach me and countless others. Whether they gain it or not remains their issue.

Before I begin to tell my story, please know that my goal is not to cause anyone to leave the Oneness Pentecostal movement. I will not blame those who suffer spiritual starvation for wolves like the James McDonalds, Joel Olsteens or Creflo Dollars (to name but a few), however designer churches and their false teachers are the direct results of people who refuse to be obedient and submissive to God’s will.

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