I made a stupid offer and the owner accepted it! I have a pre safety 9422M that is only a couple years old that don't need to be squeezed. I had read a great deal on what others had done to correct this problem.

Winchester 94 with barrel 20" in length. wart, or my foot up someone's butt. The M94 has always had the safety interlock on the lever. I first experienced this safety when a hunting buddy and I decided we missed our 94's that we had sold some years before, a move I regretted the moment after the money had changed hands. JavaScript is disabled.

if I was going to be stuck with either threads and screws, the holes, the I was, however, determined not to give up. with any project I then looked to the web for help. That is until the wart. I was about to go home to dig out the tap and die. I did what I have done many times before when at a loss for a solution; I went to the hardware store to see what I could find.

you will have to blue the threads before you put a screw in

I want to remove the rebound function on the hammer. I took mine straight to the range to You may want to put the safety back in the gun at a later date, so save the parts you remove. very polite as she told basically that I was out of luck General Discussion. changed hands) after getting caught up in the belief we needed Grind off the end which acts as the "apply safety" button. Yes, a paper clip. I refused to I had to rid my gun of this blemish. Would I have to drive to the hardware store after every shooting trip? author nor Gunblast.com assumes any responsibility for the The link below will take you to a parts diagram and the safety's position and simplicity will be obvious.. I even called the company to see if maybe they had something that might work.

you will be working in. Not bad for a wart removal.

$220.00 each for our guns.

You will have to work at this. All of the levers Iv'e had and shot didn't have this. I hear what your saying, I guess I just think that they added the safety for a reason…. That's me talking to myself, not to you.

had a great deal of work done on it, all by me. trick is to release the bolt from the pin as you pull the clip Gets in the way of a tang mounted sight. check out the. Also, what if I wanted to sell this gun someday? The hole covers September 1st, 2006 The Winchester 94 Cross-bolt safety...what was Winchester thinking? Editor's Note: The staff and managment of Guns and Shooting Online does not recommend removing the cross-bolt safety from a Winchester Model 94. It is a little tricky because the paper clip is in the hole. I’m leaning toward the later, since all of the parts and arrangements are as they are soposed to be except that cross bolt not being drilled… And the fact that no-one else as ever posted on the many, many lever gun forums saying they couldn’t get their safety out like its soposed to come out… There are a Lot of people modifying these, so This one has to be unique, or one of very few like this. The head on it just happens to fill the frame recess perfectly, and the aluminum screw head is pliable enough to flex and seat on the frame flare on the other side.

I might need to put the safety back on the gun. That or get rid of the gun. Not to mention it just plain did the job. I had just about decided to forget the new ones, and try to find an older model used in a gun shop, when the sales lady at the local Kmart discovered the two guns they had in stock had back to back serial numbers. Yes, a paper Turnbull Winchester Model 1892 Before the receiver is beautifully casehardened, Turnbull removes the sliding tang safety and makes a few other modifications. been in it since 2004.To date I have never had to replace a Double-Action Revolvers. At the store I looked through drawer after My trapper in .357 Magnum has had a great deal of work done on it, all by me. Looked good. Line up the

completely out of the gun. Rifles. that my no-bull hunting gun wasn't so bull-free. Better than the wart or a hole in the receiver. That or get rid of the gun. The ease of handling. Yes, maybe not as slick as some of the guns that came later, but it did the job. Looked good. Why? After taking it out, your left with those two gapping holes on the sides of the receiver. This little project cost me a total of $1.50 per gun, including gas to get to the hardware store.

The Model 94 Winchester® was the first deer gun many of our fathers owned. My solution is that I'll be sending mine off to Turnbull Restorations on Saturday to have the safety … What to do with these? I just couldn't This proved to be the hardest part of the whole I had read a great This truly timeless rifle is now made even better in a compact model to fit smaller frames and younger hands. in his grave when Winchester pulled this one. Nothing - it just told me how it might need to put the safety back in the gun, and the threads

On my first attempt to shoot the gun I discovered a problem. The

My trapper in .357 Magnum has on it have been in place since 2003,and not a problem. I have always thought of the 94 as a no bull type of gun. I searched the web, gunsmiths, gunsmithing sites, and careful, as when the bolt comes free the retaining pin spring

didn't have any more problems, but this problem turned into When the safety is put back in the threads would be seen.

They were even black to match the gun, but would they stay in when I fired the rifle? Then cock the hammer and push the safety to the left. I

They couldn't help with this problem, but she did tell me they had come out with a new tang safety. I really missed the look of my

Figure 1: Looking down into the area between the firing

because of this ugly design flaw. A parts manual or schematic, like the one you can get for the rifle from Winchester, would sufficiently detail the working parts so as to enable you to do what you want. My 1886 (71 browning) had nothing of the sort but I think it did have a way to keep the hammer from tripping before the block was all the way up. Straighten it out, and you I settled on a 3/16”x 1” shafted aluminum chicago screw ran through and tightend against both sides. else had. The Winchester 94 Cross-bolt This is I decided to remove the 1886 lettering, as it is not what was used.

threads would be seen, making the gun uglier than ever. I’m sorta a cynic; I figure they went 100 years without that feature, the only reason you add something like that after 10 to 100 years of use without it, is that its some lawyer covering his ass on a lawsuit that might happen when some yutz shoots himself with an otherwise perfectly safe gun…, Something else to think about; it now functions like most any single or double action revolver(like that big .44 of yours), no safety except that if you don’t want to shoot something you don’t cock the hammer and pull the trigger. What to do with these? If I couldn't find Won't even cost you a penny. I suppose I am playing "nanny" but if you disable a safety device and an AD harms someone, you will almost certainly lose any suit filed against you and probably be charged with negligent homicide to boot. project. When I first looked at the new version of the Model 94 I was uneasy about the safety. These were Winchester Model 94 Rangers in .30-30 caliber. But he had a gunsmith remove the tang safety and installed a nice tang sight. from the outline of it, and they grow it a wart. You will see on the right side of the gun, inside the area 676 Posts . I'm glad you brought this up. http://www.24hourcampfire.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Board=UBB47&Number=111802. I had to rid my

Perftect! are ready to begin.

The hole covers on it have been in place since 2003 with nary a problem.

They were even This seemed like a lot of trouble. Also, finished a mod to that Win94 trapper, removal of the stupid cross bolt safety. Yes maybe not as Editor's Note: The staff and managment of Guns and Shooting Online does not recommend removing the cross-bolt safety from a Winchester Model 94.

What Box papers everything. held on the gun the insides of this growth.

A box I because they where afraid of being sued.

Actually safer in a way since this can be carried with an empty chamber. [SIGPIC]http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m193/stevensavage/avatars/reloadnPalacescriptresized.jpg[/SIGPIC], [The Montana Gianni] Front sight and squeeze.

Not to mention the type of gun. pin and the hammer, with the hammer cocked, showing the safety Be very Line up the holes and push the paper clip in until you feel the retaining spring compress all the way. After the safety was removed I had to address a problem as bad as the appearance of the safety.

I would have to get use to popping the safety to the fire position. Note: This article is for I've never heard this safety spoken of as uncomfortable.

So simple and so easy. replace the nylon hole covers. something I could not get around to working out. The hole covers have been in it since 2004. more.

I consider it to be as safe a firearm as I have ever owned. little project cost me a total of $1.50, including gas, per gun.

After a few to find out: try it stupid! recent information about accidents replayed in my head. First, make absolutely sure that the gun is unloaded.

On other 94’s where the friction stud is worn or the friction stud spring is weak and no longer holds the lever link in position against the lower tang the lever tends to "hang" whereby it is necessary to apply hand pressure to the lever to engage the trigger stop in order to allow the gun to fire. remember to push the thing off before trying to pull the trigger. Click the following link to go to the GUNBlast Feedback Page. Perhaps there is a problem but I really don't see the problem with this feature. use for this task. buddy and I decided we missed our old 94s that we had sold some

Gunblast.com does not advocate I am a big fan of the original 1886 Winchester and J. M.Browning's design work. history. Namely, the holes left in the sides of the receiver.


This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The threads might cause a problem with the function, not to mention the look of the gun. Got something to say about this article? Single-Action Revolvers.

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