An impromptu airborne discussion has them decide to see the world on the way.

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Most of her plan involves a servant girl, Ella, marrying the Duc, the puppet ruler of the country. : My absolute favorite scene in the book was the ‘summoning’ of the metaphorical & semi-literal Force of Nature. Settings; Themes and Motifs; Styles.

Umberella’s father was (for quite a while, as you might remember) the Baron. To STOP the girl going to the ball, loosing her glass slipper, and marrying the prince. The protagonist’s reconciling of learning what they need, rather than what they want, or the subversion of it, is what gives great stories their power.

One to think about perhaps when I am writing about one of his later novels). Lilith leaps towards the mirror and escapes inside it. She used the power of her own reflection to capture Genua. Granny realises that the spell she has cast on Magrat will wear off when the clock strikes midnight, or more accurately twelve. Emberella's dress fits, but the glass slippers do not.

Granny manages to defeat Lilith by trapping her in a mirror, and the three Witches return home. To be truthful, I think Nanny Ogg is the most interesting of the three witches. She is a voodoo practitioner, accompanied by her zombie assistant Baron Saturday (a brilliant nod to voodoo culture), and highly ambiguous.

Inheriting a fairy godmother role seemed an easy job... after all, how difficult could it be to make sure that a servant girl doesn't marry a prince? Written by Ed. I also liked how we got to see what Granny Whetherwax would be like if she did try openly helping people instead of doing her grumpy, Victorian disciplinary godmother act all the time. Seriously this scene evoked some very powerful images and is right up there with the “THIS IS NOT MY COW” scene in. It seemed an easy job ... After all, how difficult could it be to make sure that a servant girl doesn't marry a prince? It is revealed that Saturday is the original ruler of Genua, and was killed by the Duc. So should you give them what they want – or what they need?’. Finally, they find the road to Genua. Of course, anyone who has seen a classic Disney movie or read a fairy tale knows that they are incredibly Grimm (sorry).

Like Granny, she could easily have been the villain of the piece. Witches Abroad. But if not, Granny can always come back to sort things out again. But we are shown how that bears out in reality and it is terrifying. What I liked : The Parodies of Fairytales … Emberella is informed that, as the daughter of the late Baron Saturday (who was the late Duke in Genua), she is now Duchess of Genua. The Witches Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. Not only are we shown that Happily Ever After is a bad thing, how the hero could be (and wishes she was) The Wicked Witch, there is also the figure of Mrs Gogol, a fascinating supporting character. Back to The Witches's Reading Order. They leave the boat before the crooked gamblers can catch them. The fabric of reality is thin on the Discworld and can be easily shaped by such emotions as belief. Terry Pratchett Booklist Terry Pratchett Message Board. She draws in all her power, thus removing it from the Duc who is turned back into a frog and squashed by Saturday. It is the third witches story. This theme came across both very unsubtlety in the text and rather nicely in the story itself. The fairies are back – but this time they don’t just want your teeth… It's Midsummer Night - no time for dreaming.

Thanks. We see them as who they are one small trait at a time and this is basicly what the book is about. Another example is the story: if the same events are told of and imagined and believed in enough then the shape of the story carves a groove into the fabric of reality, and the story starts to become real. Granny uses Mrs Gogol's own belief in the power of the voodoo doll to make the voodoo doll burst into flames when Granny thrusts her own arm into a flaming torch. Author: Terry Pratchett. I’d be inclined to agree about what you said about Nanny. Witches Abroad Book Summary and Study Guide. The stories feature a tight cast of witches that operate in and around a sleep country town nestled in the Ramtop Mountains. People whose wishes get granted often don’t turn out to be very nice people.

The Duc's morphic field weakens while he sleeps, however, hence the need for the pond.

The power he has been given renders him practically invincible and Lilith's magic has no effect. The fabric of reality is thin on the Discworld and can be easily shaped by such emotions as belief. Mrs Gogol, Saturday's lover and mother of Ella, wants to put Saturday back on the throne but as he is technically dead this is seen as wrong. The witches arrive at the ball, tailed by Greebo, who is allowed in.

They finally arrive in Genua and after an argument they all go their separate ways. For example, there is a castle that has been asleep for the last ten years. Lilith can’t see this, or refuses to, hence her self-absorption with her mirrors. She likes to be seen as simple, and nice (compared to Granny), but it is often her machinations that help save the day for Granny.

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