Today, 8763 Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon is home to a neat little split-level with a carport, an iron-framework balcony, and a family with a minivan. The gang trafficked drugs, mainly cocaine, throughout the late 70s. Susan Launius had been lying on the floor alive, with her skull broken, for more than 12 hours. Eddie Nash was arrested in a 7 a.m. raid on his Laurel Canyon home. Porn star John Holmes, dressed in a prison jump suit, leaves Superior Court on his way back to the Los Angeles County Jail. But the story wasn’t convincing; it seemed more likely to jury and public alike that the porn star had simply been caught in the crossfire. It belonged to John Holmes, who was arrested and charged with four counts of murder. Stealing from their rivals was both a source of income and an effective way to keep their competitors out of the game — until it backfired one terrible, bloody night. Thorson claimed that Nash had been so convinced that Holmes was involved that he had made his injured bodyguard track him down and beat the assailants’ names out of him. Crime scene footage showing the bloodstain in the bedroom of Susan and Ron Launius. Below you can see the photos that were taken by police at the scene of the crime. But be forewarned, the crime scene photos are not pretty to look at. Holmes was acquitted, though since he refused to give any evidence during his trial, he ended up serving 110 days in jail for contempt of court. There was nothing at all half-hearted about Ron Launius’s criminal enterprises, though.

Be careful! How 33 Of History's Most Twisted Serial Killers Finally Met Their End But be forewarned! The gang made most of their money on drug deals, mainly cocaine, but occasionally heroin or other street drugs. We recommend not scrolling down if you don't like see such stuff. The blood is Susan’s. This was also the bed where Holmes left a hand print which implicated his involvement. As they’d been working at the house next door to 8763 Wonderland, they’d heard desperate, pained moans coming from the drug house. The house on Wonderland Avenue, where four brutal murders took place and the infamous Wonderland murders video was filmed. A bloody hammer was tangled in Miller’s sheets, and several metal pipes littered the floor. They are quite gruesome so if you don't like seeing such things, please move on. Launius had already spent time in jail for smuggling and only narrowly escaped life imprisonment for murder when the prosecution’s star witness was killed in an accident. Suspecting Nash had murdered the gang for revenge, police questioned and eventually arrested the rival drug dealer. Ronald Green, has just been kidnapped and Sherlock Holmes. The property was officially leased in Joy Miller’s name, but it was home to a rotating cast of characters. Heroin was their private passion and armed robbery their side gig. Crime scene footage of Butterfly Richardson, found in a pool of blood on the floor in front of the couch. The body of Barbara “Butterfly” Richardson, David Lind’s girlfriend, was lying on the ground near the couch she had been sleeping on, covered in blood. He had made a name for himself during the Vietnam War, when he was dishonorably discharged from the army for smuggling drugs back to the US in the bodies of dead US servicemen. They had rented 8763 Wonderland in member Joy Millers name to house their exploits. Katie Serena is a New York City-based writer and a staff writer at All That's Interesting. YouTubeDrug paraphernalia from the Wonderland house, documented in the Wonderland murders video that recorded the crime scene. Today, the Wonderland killings are remembered as one of Hollywood’s most gruesome moments — a horror story whose images and video have continued to haunt long after the bodies were buried. Four on the floor murders. They are quite gruesome so if you don't like seeing such things, please move on. Location of the so-called 5th victim, Susan Launius was found at the foot of her husband's bed. The graphic Wonderland murders video is recorded and narrated by an evidence tech, who moves through the scene and makes note of blood splatters, body positioning, and evidence of ransacking in the Wonderland house.

You've been warned! Charged with planning the murders, Nash was saved by a hung jury: just one juror stood between Nash and a guilty verdict. Porn star John Holmes, who would later go to trial for the Wonderland murders. Read about John Holmes and the Wonderland Murders here. He also confessed to commanding his men to repossess the stolen items in the Wonderland house on the night of the slayings — though he never admitted to having ordered the murders. Bettmann/Getty ImagesScott Thorson at the age of 24 in 1983. After reading about the Wonderland Murders, check out the unbelievable true story of the Lizzie Borden murders. The Story Of The Gruesome And Still Unsolved Wonderland Murders.

Oh, and by the way, also below are some photos of John Holmes's penis that is reported to be 12 inches long. Bettmann/Getty ImagesPorn star John Holmes, dressed in a prison jump suit, leaves Superior Court on his way back to the Los Angeles County Jail. Richarson's body was found on the living room floor in front of the sofa. ... - Wonderland Murders Crime Scene: Warning - Item Wonderland Murders Crime Scene might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. Joy Miller’s boyfriend was Billy DeVerell, the gang’s levelheaded second-in-command. Bribed with drugs by the Wonderland gang to unlatch the Nash hideout door — a mission that took several trips — Holmes had made himself a target for Nash, who believed he was a Wonderland accomplice. The most unusual member of the Wonderland household was John Holmes, the famous pornographer, who was a frequent guest and often purchased or mooched cocaine from the gang.

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