Weight be damned, I want tires that I can lean on. Chile World Cup 2014 Squad, It looked a little narrower than the 2.4 dhr2 I took off, but I can measure tomorrow. I rode it a bit in the DH casing, but as I’m not a DH rider and I do a fair amount of climbing, a DH casing is overkill for me. Based on the incredible traction, opting for the Tough Fast Rolling variation in the rear would be a good choice.

Prices go from €58 to €69.95 depending on casing and diameter. I tried a 2.6 Trail Boss mounted on Nobl'sTR36 rim on my Jeffsy. If you’re heading off-piste or taking on more challenging trails it’s a big step up from the fast-rolling Trail Boss. As great and amazing the Vigilantes and Verdicts are, I feel that the Judge is the best tire WTB makes. They are not new to making tires by any means, and in fact have some of the earliest mountain bike tires ever. Ah, the classic Magic Mary. While only available in one casing version, the Snakeskin (lighter casing), it has three width options, 2.25, 2.35 and 2.6. The High grip is lighter than the Fast rolling on WTB’s website, I would think it’s the other way around. It works in mud, not amazing, but it works. The KOM light uses an open cavity within the rim extrusion to keep weight low and is available in i21, 23, 25, 29, 35, 40 and 45 widths and is the all-rounder of the family. At the end of this, you will either know exactly what tire you like or be more confused about everything. Final Results: Lousa World Cup DH 2020 - Round 3, Final Results: Lousa DH World Cup 2020 - Round 4, Qualifying Results: Lousa DH World Cup 2020 - Round 3, Dangerholm vs. Kapfinger: The World's Finest DH Bike Challenge - Pinkbike Poll, Qualifying Results: Lousa DH World Cup 2020 - Round 4, This Aluminum Gearbox Hardtail Has No Seat Stays, Pole Bicycles' CEO Resigns, Company Founder Leo Kokkonen to Take Leading Role, Update: Atherton Bikes Seeking Around £600,000 in Crowd Funding Investment, www.pinkbike.com/news/zirbel-bikes-announces-twister-electronic-shifter.html. I haven’t had any issues. We found the the soft rubber and taller knobs really like the softer dirt types and if I lived where the dirt wasn’t like concrete most of the year, I would most likely have a Magic Mary up front all the time. Any instance in which this would be an advantage over using a Vig front and Trail Boss rear? A new DHF will provide a touch more stopping power in the rear but not by much. I will say, I often find myself over analyzing tire choice, and for good reason. One of the best DH racers, Greg Minnaar, raced the DHR II front and rear to a World Championship win, so I guess it can perform up front pretty well… While it is offered in all the same casings, EXO (trail), EXO+ (heavy trail, light enduro), DD (enduro), and folding DH (enduro/DH), not all are available in every size. On 30-millimeter internal width rims, the 2.5 and 2.4 labels hold true. This is a great thread, I was exactly looking for information like this and been trying to decide for days if WTB would be the right tires for me. A new DHF will provide a touch more stopping power in the rear but not by much. Then there's the Verdict, the do-it-all spike that can literally handle anything loose and rocky. It has a very similar tread design to the DHF, but with a widened center tread. Rim-wise, the WTB KOM line-up has been made clearer to understand, with Light and Tough options. I had an set of the older vigilantes on Nobl rims and they were almost impossible to remove. Their Trail Boss is a kind of menacing semi-slick. And so far I’m super impressed compared to my 2.3in exo DHF I had before. Riders who enjoy steep, loose terrain should look to the Judge for the rear rather than the Vigilante. Once you hit the sweet spot, these knobs bite and hold in a predictable and confidence-inspiring fashion. It’s a versatile option that you could run all the time. With tall knobs poking out like spikes, the Assegai lives up to its name. Posted in: Croatia Vs Russia 2018 Full Match, When seating, pop the wheel on a stack of 3-4 29er tyres laid flat and push down on the middle of the wheel (axle/rotor). We'd compare the aggressive knobs of this tire to the WTB Vigilante but we felt these tires performed well in fewer conditions, whereas the Minion DHF was a more consistent performer. The Nobby Nic is a bit lighter on the tread pattern and is mostly a great front tire for trail riders. The desert is rough on tires. Glad the Vigi has gone up to 2.5. It’s a great tire too but if front wheel traction is priority number one, I’d sling a Maxx Grip Assegai on. It's like a menacing semi-slick with added versatility. If you ride hard, the KOM Tough gets additional twin internal I-beams for extra strength. It's not often this happens but am I glad I did... I’m on my first WTB tire currently (Vigilante, 2.6in width, light/high grip). CLP I run this combo with a 2.6" up front, loving them so far in the dry dusty stuff here in California! To begin with it’s now only available in new 2.5in and 2.6in widths (in both 27.5in and 29in diameters) optimised around 29mm internal rims. While we wouldn’t consider any of our reviews or blogs biased, this is one of my all time favorite tires, so I won’t try to over sell it. Take a look at your home terrain. 1097 grams, Trail Boss 2.4 29″ TCS Tough/Fast Rolling This tire really bites the dirt all the time. Having ridden both tires, in lots of conditions, these tires work great in loose over hard packed. Water Leak In Concrete Slab Floor, Janey Godley Meghan And Harry,

The front tire shows little sign of wear and I anticipate it performing for a long time to come. Setting up the tires tubeless on a set of Santa Cruz Reserve 30 wheels proved tricky. Even though I decided not to keep it on my bike, the traction I had on the bike while going downhill was second to none. I ran a vigilante as a rear tyre though so might just be weird.

I went high grip. Cornering hold is more confidence inspiring in soft dirt with the WTB Vigi. The Verdict still has a very aggressive tread pattern, but the knobs are a little shorter than those on the Verdict Wet. In practice, I can’t argue with this. TCS with high grip is so good. It holds its shape instead of flopping, rolling, and folding in our hands as you ease it onto the rim. Components - Tires, Whatever works, works I guess. I guess the knobs on the Vigs aren't 'hard' or supported/supportive enough? 1220 grams, Judge 2.4 27.5″ TCS Tough/Fast Rolling A two-step rim tape, consisting of a narrow, stiff foundation that fills the central channel capped by a malleable Flex Strip, provides the seal as well as aiming to stop the tape sagging into the spoke drillings. Randy doing his thing on the Verdict tires. Agree. There is only one width at this time (2.5), and I think it will stay like that as it’s a tire made for racing. Cornering hold is more confidence inspiring in soft dirt with the WTB Vigi. The Tough casing has loads of support too, so you can really drop the pressures according to the conditions.

The Vigilante also gets WTB’s new triple-compound TriTec rubber. It could also be suggested, not proven, that the DHR II has a bit less rolling resistance than the DHF. Or would you say the Vigilante is just a better front tire? Our shop rider and product tester Troydon will only ride the, Now for a tire from a brand that is newer to the game, the, Padded / Protective Short Liners / Chamois, The Top Enduro/Trail Bike Front Tires You Should Be Running [Video], RockShox Reverb AXS Dropper Seatpost [Rider Review], SRAM XX1 Eagle Chain 12-Speed Black [Rider Review], SRAM GX Eagle 12-Speed Group [Rider Review], Trending Mountain Bike Products: October 2020 [Video]. Stability was greater than a Minion DHF and engaging the side lugs more gradual, similar to a Magic Mary or Maxxis Assegai. WTB a WTB Phoenix (Want to Buy a WTB Phoenix). 07 Oct. Of particular note is the braking traction on loose over hard surfaces. WTB is a name that should be considered when looking at new tires. product review › I like the DHF and DHF-clones and want something in the 2.4 range. With the all time classic like the Maxxis Minion DHF, Schwalbe Magic Mary or the WTB Vigilante, or some of our newer favorites like the Maxxis Assegai, choosing a tire really comes down to your own preference. A variety of the available tires were requested: the Vigilante in both the TCS Light and TCS Tough casing, both featuring the High Grip compound, as well as WTB's rear Trail Boss tire with TCS Light casing and Fast Rolling compound. Unsurprisingly, the Trail Boss rolls well and performs sensationally on hardpack. It tracks straight and is composed, it simply doesn’t pull up in a hurry.

1102 grams, Vigilante 2.5 29″ TCS Light/High Grip E13 recently took their swing at the tire game, and on their first try came up with a great option. Judge high grip tough 2.4. dhf 2.5 maxxgrip exo+. wtb i23s and wtb vigilante tyres - which tubeless kit, wtb or other? As soon as I saw the Verdict Wet, I knew it would be an absolute game changer. The more pronounced edge shoulder really seems to have helped in this regard, as has the i29 optimised casing and tread pattern. The DHF has you covered when its time to slow down. WTB did well to create these tires and I am glad they are still plugging along.

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. This has been a go-to tire for many DH and enduro style bikes for a while now. The Vigilante falls between the Minion DHF and the Assegai in terms of cornering feel and the Assegai is better under heavy braking. Agatha Bag Korea, GLS TV Network will bring you a variety of cutting edge programming from around the world. Arguably one of the best value high-performance front tyres on the market, the new Vigilante retains the same basic format, but gets tread and compound tweaks to bring it bang up-to-date. But what if I were to tell you that venturing out will lead to a gold mine? They are supportive, providing a consistent feel and inspire confidence. They are not new to making tires by any means, and in fact have some of the earliest mountain bike tires ever. Our shop rider and product tester Troydon will only ride the WTB Vigilante 2.3 tire with the tough casing and high grip for the front. They've developed their own triple rubber tire compound that they call Tritec. It's hard to describe. The Maxxis Assegai is the culmination of Minnarr’s desires in a tire. WTB Vigilante: Next up is one of our favorite brands: Wilderness Trail Bikes, or WTB. Dhr2 2.4 maxxterra exo+. Snakeskin is a lighter option, while Super Gravity would be the more tough option. From super sloppy mud to the deep dust of the Sierra Nevada, it hooks up like no other tire I've ridden! Over 60 minutes of cussing and very painful thumbs I finally removed. Airing them back up on the Reserve’s was a bit of a battle again though. Sizes available are i25, 29, 35, 40 and 45. Didn’t realise there were that many compounds. Lug positioning on the new tire was updated to increase space in between them.

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