Death Mountain is inhabited by Tektites, Lynels, and Boulders. However in Breath of the Wild, there is some suggestion the location of Rito Village and Lake Totori might be the remains of the Dragon Roost Island volcano with the lake being formed from its collapsed caldera. Death Mountain is located directly north of Hyrule Castle. The Maw of Death Mountain located near its foot in Eldin Canyon is surrounded by Hot Spring lakes and Gero Pond. Level 6 is also located on Death Mountain. In the game's Second Quest, the dungeons on Death Mountain are Level 4, found in the Lost Hills, Level 8, west of the waterfall, and Level 9, in the northwestern most corner of the map. In this game there are three dungeons that can be found on Death Mountain: Turtle Rock and Ganon's Tower in the Dark World and Tower of Hera in the Light World. In the mid-western area of Death Mountain's base, the Power Bracelet can be found under an Armos. Link later uses a large volcanic rock from the eruptions to thaw the frozen Zora's Domain. As an active volcano, the burning air can lead to spontaneous combustion if Link is unprotected.

The top of Death Mountain can be reached from outside the Goron City barrier, but the path is dangerous as the mountain will erupt, sending out a spray of rocks.

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Level 6: The Dragon is also located on Death Mountain. Its inhabitants are often Gorons, but Ganon has had his lair in Death Mountain also. Directly outside the entrance to the Death Mountain Crater is the humongous Goron Biggoron, a master sword-smith who plays a part in the trading quest for Biggoron's Sword, the most powerful sword in the game. Death Mountain Death Mountain contains many Tektites, Lynels, Armos, and Boulders. Later on in the game, Link has to unfreeze the frozen Zora's Domain. It has not been officially verified by Nintendo and its factual accuracy is disputed. The Legend of ZeldaThe Adventure of LinkA Link to the PastOcarina of TimeFour SwordsFour Swords AdventuresTwilight PrincessA Link Between WorldsBreath of the WildCadence of Hyrule, Level 9: Death MountainGoron CityGoron MinesEldin Volcano.

It can be assumed that eventually Eldin Volcano became less active and the Gorons settled there at some point. Death Mountain is a stage featured in Hyrule Warriors.

Hyrule The Gorons also live on Death Mountain, inside a four-story cave network called Goron City.

But Ganondorf blocked the path to Dodongo's Cavern with a boulder and the Gorons needed Link's help to destroy the monster within the cave and the boulder itself so they could eat the "Delicious" rocks. Inside the Death Mountain Crater there is a second Great Fairy who can enhance Link's Magic Meter. The music that plays in the Death Mountain area is a reworked version of the Goron City theme from Ocarina of Time. Tingle's Tower can also be found here. Terrain The lack of Rupee Ore on Death Mountain could be attributed to mining of Eldin Volcano for Rupee by the Mogma, Gorons, and Hylians before and/or after it became less volcanically active. Death Mountain erupts until Fyrus is defeated. In the Japanese version of A Link to the Past, the Light World version of Death Mountain is called Hebra Mountain. A huge mountain or mountain range that is typically the highest geographical point of Hyrule, Death Mountain has become a well known location within the series, and serves as the homeland of the proud Goron race in most games. Link cannot go up this trail until he has acquired the Iron Boots because there is a Goron guard that will not let him pass.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow. In the northwestern area of the mountain is Spectacle Rock. First appearance In Twilight Princess, Death Mountain is located to the east (GCN) of Hyrule. The Great Fairy and Fire Temple reside within the Crater while on the outside there are Tektites and Dodongo's Cavern.

Sometimes it is just a mountain, but in most games, it is an active volcano. It consists of three parts: Death Mountain Foothills, The Mountain Path and the Tower of Flames. The volcanic Death Mountain is located in the far northeast reaches of Hyrule. Death Mountain serves as the location for Goron Target Practice. The Death Mountain trails are only passable with the help of the other Gorons, being this is the only way to get to the very top of the mountain. This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 14:05.

This version of Death Mountain is a volcanic mountain range. The smoky clouds that always surround the peak of Death Mountain reflect the state of the mountain: when the clouds are white, all is at peace; when the clouds turn a fiery red, the mountain is facing perilous times. There is a level in Battle Quest that is called the Death Mountain Climb. They eventually defeat it, allowing Link to venture inside and defeat Fireblight Ganon, avenging Daruk and freeing his spirit to retake control of Vah Rudania.

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Once Link challenges the Goron Elder Gor Coron to a sumo match and beats him, he earns the respect of the Gorons. If Link breaks the boulder next to the cave where the hammer is discovered and walks into that space, he also finds a Magic Container hidden in a cave. Unlike the hot climate of Hyrule's Death Mountain due to the presence of a volcano Lorule's Death Mountain is snowy with no volcanic activity. (The Legend of Zelda)Level 9Spectacle RockWaterfall(A Link to the Past)Ganon's TowerTower of HeraTurtle Rock(Ocarina of Time)Death Mountain CraterDeath Mountain SummitDeath Mountain TrailDodongo's CavernGoron City(Four Swords Adventures)Death Mountain FoothillsThe Mountain PathTower of Flames(Twilight Princess)Death Mountain Hot SpringGoron MinesGoron Shop(A Link Between Worlds)Ice RuinsRosso's Ore MineTower of HeraTreacherous Tower(Breath of the Wild)Goron CityVah Rudania In this level, players will climb up the side of a mountain killing enemies. Death Mountain (デスマウンテン, Desu-Maunten?, ) is a recurring location in the Legend of Zelda series. After saving Yunobo, Link travels with the Goron up the mountain, attacking Vah Rudania with cannons while avoiding its Sentries and Magma Bombs.

The trail leading up to the Mountain is connected to Kakariko Village. The volanco's caldera is known as Death Caldera, and the lava flowing from it fills countless lakes and ponds of lava near the mountain and in Eldin Canyon.

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