i don't see any other actresses who can pull off every characters she play in a drama. she's good in acting. Goodness. He became a father in May 2018 - wa, shotgun! Lol. [63] On March 8, 2019, Zhao gave birth to a boy. [7], In 2009, Zhao took on her first historical drama role in The Firmament of The Pleiades.

In fact, they have already become parents of a baby boy on 8 March 2019. K Pop Military Service Enlistments 2016-2019; BigBang, SuperJunior, Shinee, GDragon,Taeyang,Onew,YongHwa... Song JoongKi's ex-girlfriend and current rumoured girlfriend, Jerry Yan's girlfriend Seanna Chang CN; says she's very important to him, Gary likely dating girlfriend Song Jihyo; Kpop underground couples exposed. [61], In March 2019, Zhao announced her partnership with Hesong Media. Feng Shaofeng was apparently the one who chose the wallpaper for their house. This was eventually acquired by Allyes (Mediamax). I don’t know…I’m shocked because it’s too sudden. The couple has been spotted several times on several occasions together already and fans have been speculating that they were secretly dating but neither party had spoken up confirming/denying the speculation at those times. I was hoping she would get together with someone closer to her age but as Long as she is happy, that’s all that matters! Names are unique; get yours today with a comment! [11], In 2010, first started to gain recognition from mainland audiences after starring in The Dream of Red Mansions (2010), based on the novel of the same name by Cao Xueqin. Congratulations to the couple and hope they have a happy fulfilling life together.

[16][17][18] The same year, Zhao starred in historical romance film Palace: Lock Sinensis, the fourth and final installment of the Gong series by Yu Zheng. [42] The very hardworking and kaypoh fan also confirmed that Zhao Liying booked into the hotel with her boyfriend and her mother. I expected it but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon Partly due to me coming home after a meeting It looks like somebody is fan of Mr. Miyazaki. Within five months of their wedding, Liying and her spouse Shaofeng were blessed with a kid which is proof that they had been dating before they exchanged their wedding vows. Anyways congrats and I wish her happy marriage!!! More pictures were released of the happy couple: Liying thanks her friend’s circle on Weibo for the birthday wishes: “Thank you everyone for the wishes. Who is Zelina Vega’s Wrestler Husband? Feng Shao Feng isn’t THAT bad, but I wish it was with someone more compatible… I just don’t see the chemistry between them two. Actor Simon Yam has finally …, has taken a break from showbiz, she has experienced two wonderful life changing events as she got, Zhao Liying tells all in a recent interview about her life away from the spotlight. We're not entitled to know anything about her private life, so I am thankful that she opened up a bit about her life to us.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Do I need to say more.....So please allow Zhao li ying to continue her journey of success without the invasion of her private life. She appeared in tv series like Boss & Me, Princess Agents, The Journey of Flower, Noble Aspirations, Up Idol, The Dream of Red Mansions, to name a few. And now it is confirmed that they are married! I don't believe she was hiding anything about her life from the public. [14] The drama was a hit domestically, and also overseas in South Korea and Japan, leading to increased recognition for Zhao in the region. [56], In 2019, it was announced that Zhao will star as the female lead in the wuxia drama Legend of Fei, based on the novel You Fei by Priest. Choi Siwon dating ex-girlfriend Liu Wen? She is best known for her roles in television series Legend of Lu Zhen (2013), Boss & Me (2014), The Journey of Flower (2015), The Mystic Nine (2016), Noble Aspirations (2016), Princess Agents (2017) and The Story of Minglan (2018). Zanilia Zhao Liying secretly married to boyfriend Wang Hao? Names are unique; get yours today with a comment! ( Log Out /  now. One of Zhao’s most recent movies, The Monkey King 3 (2018) collected $114.2 million, and the movie was produced on a budget of only $87 million. 3 Sep 2019 - Actress and Miss Hong Kong second runner-up Whitney Hui (30) finally married her foreig [ ... ], 3 Sep 2019 - Angelababy was filming with David Beckham in Macau and Beckham graciously prepared an a [ ... ], 31 Aug 2019 - Kris Wuyi Fan (28) has been spotted holding the hands of his girlfriend Luyi Luna (19) [ ... ], 27 Aug 2019 - Over the last weekend, Elva Hsiao (40) decided to go public with her new boyfriend num [ ... ], 24 Aug 2019 - Wang Leehom (43)'s wife Lee Jinglei (33, also Li Jinglei) delivered a baby son Wang Ji [ ... ], 22 Aug 2019 - Zhao Liying Zanilia has been spotted on a number of occasions after her pregnancy but  [ ... ], 22 Aug 2019 - On a recent filming session while Tiffany Tang was on the set, she was dressed in bagg [ ... ], Japanese heartthrob Takuya Kimura (46)'s 16 year old daughter Mitsuki Kimura has just made her debut [ ... ], On 18 Aug 2019, it has been allegedly discovered that Malaysian songbird Fish Leong (41) has already [ ... ], Shawn Yue has been happily married since Dec 2017. Ooh, rich people fighting. [23][24] Zhao's soaring popularity thanks to her various successful acting projects led to her being crowned the "Golden Eagle Goddess" at the 10th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, where she performed as the opening act to the ceremony. The fire worms said that in order not to destroy the formation, let the second uncle’s comments sink a bit, but finally saw Zhao Liying’s comment area or Feng Shaofeng’s comment first, and the following is the blessing of the fire worms, husband Celebrating birthdays with … We can be curious about a celebrity's life but no celebrity is obligated to share their personal life with us or the public. She later recalls, “At the time, the sky was clear and golden yellow leaves of autumn were very beautiful.

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