Here is some great information to assist you with these questions. It has nearly 10 times the amount of members and is easier to follow up with.

Got to looking at my donor 72 and it seems like everything is the same as the 66, so I may consider just putting my cab/bed on the 72 frame instead of swapping front ends, also I'll have a leaf rear instead of a coil rear end, this may save me a ton of work!.. My '64 GMC Maintenance Manual has several pages dedicated to repairing cracks and other damage to frames.

They have no frame rise in the center of the cab and are dirt cheap and easily cut to right wheelbase.

Big Dog is right however if you are lucky enough to find a 67-72 GMC shortbed donor you would be best off. I would suggest cutting the frame and Z dropping it at this point you need to make the rise in frame go away. Welcome Guest. for you jaker20 im restoring a66 in tucson.

I'm in the middle of a 66 to 72 swap right now and its a bolt on deal. Will need lots of advice and tech assistance to get this bad boy back on the road. C50/C60 frame swap.

I have a 1960 GMC C10 cab and short bed with no frame, and I have located a 1981 short wheelbase C10 frame at a good price. Password: Home: Forums: Gallery: …

If you want leafs you're going to learn how to weld. The pickup truck frame from 1973 to 1987 has a hump under the seat which matches the frame hump.

Clearly I've not retained all of what my dad told me but I feel certain that a couple phone calls will get you started if you decide to title the truck. Are you building a 1963 C10, and are not sure if you can actually use our swap kits or headers to get the job done?

Hopefully this clears up any questions that you may have - if you do have more questions, please email us at, and provide your question. My dad did it just a few years ago. No title, motor needs overhaul, and has several large cracks in the frame. Any one know if Toyota 6 lug late model truck, 4runner or fj cruiser rims will fit on a stock 64-65 or 66 chevy c10 wheel? Headers and exhaust should be fine, as they are wider than 63-72.

Am I missing something? Am new to this,question have 65chevy step side short bed, what best year truck frame with rear end and front end suspension, would my body will fit on that . This costs around $150. Even New jeeps have coils, Big foot has coils. I have a really clean 64 C50 winch truck that my dad bought at a farm sale several decades ago. If you replace the coils with Bags you can adjust the load and ride height. Off road buggys that go 110 on dirt have coils. Did it come from around here, or from down there? I want to change the rearend to something very low around 3:08----ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR ME? What year can I swap pu truck to my 65 body to fit. It will bolt right to your old frame. The GMC has disk, PS,PB and leafs and it bolts right on.

Working on another year GMC?

Just my thoughts. does anyone know where i can get a rolling frame for a 64 c10 in tucson az. Antone have any 60-66 front fenders that arent rusted?

hi thanks for the add an I have a 64 C10 that was parked at San Diego Navel base and has roof rusted what is best to do get a new cab or weld new top on thanks. And if your dad built the 327, that scores a lot of points. Does anyone know the best and most economical way change a 196666 Chevy C20 to a 5 or 6 lug wheel to lower the stance. Truck: 1965 930 & 1965 K20 & 65 C10 combining into one truck. If your frame measurements are consistent with what you see in the image below, then you are perfectly fine using the 64-72 LS Swap kits and headers that we provide, which can be found here.

I'm new here and trying to figure out my way around. New to the forum and beginning a resto on a 66 C10 Fleetside.

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