Lieutenant Gamergate •,, This is set sometime before The Line That Divides. Mini Elves • Adventure Time The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s, Finn / Gata • Party Bug 2 • It's ADVENTURE TIME! Unable to give a sick Jake an entertaining story, Finn sets off into the woods to discover a true story. Farmworld Jake • Sveinn • Minerva Campbell • The Ice King asks Marcelline the Vampire Queen to help him write a song. Maja • Caterpillar • Wildberry Guards • Sentient Lollipop • Ble’s Founder • Candy Boss • Squirrel • Lifeguard 2 • Fire Newt • President Porpoise • Elder Granny Alien • Finn and Jake two adventures become great friends with Marceline, Bubblegum and Simon and they uncover secrets about their past as Finn (the last human) searches for that of his own. Starchy •

Cinnamon Bun's Dog • Blargetha • Woodpeckers, ALLMO • Directed by Bong Hee Han, Larry Leichliter. Gross • Key-per • Cosmic Tentacle Creature • Blindfolded Mantis • Party God • Animation. Paper Pete • Insect Audience • Giant Goo Skull • Tree of Blight • Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Flying Lettuce Brothers • Pendleton Ward has proved that he has a formula for tangential humor, and so far the equations are working out.Adventure Time's pilot aired in 2008, and since has collected a cult following on the internet. Like her siblings, Jake Jr. has the ability to teleport from one place to another. Veiny Monster • Jr's Rival, Don't You Remember?, Color Blinded, Time Sandwich, Color Blinded, Monochroman, and Adventure Time Wacky Races. In "One Last Job," Jake chooses to save her, even if it means reforming the gang he chose to leave behind and stealing one of the most precious artifacts of the Candy Kingdom. Pete Sassafras •

Iron Owl • Turtle • King of Ooo • Matthew • Chocolate Chips •

Choose Goose •

Sally • Jake Is Going To Take a Day Long Nap On A Tired Adventure Time Quote << Ed Goes To Sleep With No Blanket in Ed, << Previous Krillin Looking Defeated and Dead As Usu >> Next >> Comments Unlike her father she can use this power to form a propeller allowing her to fly. "Paper Pete" (indirectly mentioned)"Jake the Dad" (actual)

Blue Snail • He kept muttering and muttering nonsense junk!" Bellamy Bug • Skeleton Army •

Gummy Fish • Jake Jr. is a dog/rainicorn hybrid and is one of Jake and Lady's five children. Door Lord • Voiced by Gunther the Dinosaur •

Future Two Headed Duck • Pig • Pup Citizen • Ghost Fly • Vapor Swamp Monsters • (brother)Kim Kil Whan (brother)Pat (sister-in-law)Bronwyn (niece)Gibbon (nephew). Hamburger Monster • Mind Frogs • Her blonde hair is put into a large up-do ponytail, and she has pastel colors (blue, pink, yellow and teal) running vertically around her whole body. Unlike her siblings' white horns, it is the same color as her hair. None Shall Pass • Candy Sheriff • Peppermint Butler • It's available on the web and also on Android and iOS. Wizard Tailor, Alarm Clock Creature • Marauders • Petey • With Jake the dog and Finn the human, the fun will never end. Flame Lord •

Ogdoad • Cake People Mutant • ‘Tiny Toons’ Revived at HBO Max, Cartoon Network, Halloween Is Here: HBO Max Unveils October Movies and Shows, HBO Max “Halloween is Here” Lineup Includes US, Doctor Sleep, Child’S Play 2, The Blob, and More, IMDb Picks: Animated Kids' Shows That Adults Love, Top 100 TV Shows as Rated by Women on IMDb in 2016, The Top 200 TV Shows as Rated by Women on IMDb in 2018, Greatest Animated/Cartoon Series of All Time, Favorite 2017 Season from the IMDb Top 250 TV, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Schwabl • Wendy •

Insect Workers • Fisho the Colossal • Jordan • Colonel Candy Corn • BMO - BMO loves to play with Jake Jr. the same way Finn does. Hunny Bunny • Hairy Person • Evil Cosmic Cyclopes • 22 (as of "One Last Job")30 (as of "Another Five More Short Graybles") Mediator Shrimp • Wall Spider • Cosmic Waist Creature • Only on Cartoon Network. Jake Jr. is a rainicorn puppy with pastel colors. Have a Seat. Gum • Leaf Beard • Bun Bun • Ladybug Mom • Dr. Her blonde hair is put into a large up-do ponytail. Fire Rat • Female Iceclops • Was this review helpful to you? Jermaine • Lenny Longlegs • Chips • Tuber • Cute King • Blue Nose • Mother Alien • Dr. Dextrose • Shelby’s Girlfriend •

?oldid=841113, Her first words were "Dad, the manual's a bunch a junk. Mildwin • Phlannel Boxingday •

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