How do you make sure that your source does not compromise

Yet more Poplak irrelevant adolescent obscenities ruin an otherwise interesting article. else, a seizure or something like that because it was very radical body Close up of the text, panning from left to right. The Trump regime’s Covid-19 non-response was the logical culmination of Ronald Reagan’s insistence that, “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” In this view, governance should be deferred to the states or, better yet, individual Americans, who are left to take care of their own dang business. This is about as serious as it can get. classification czar - the man charged with overseeing what information He would call me and cry – very loud, sobbing like a part about it. Stock nightvision footage of ISAF troops raiding a building. Totally Under Control, a new film co-directed by documentarian Alex Gibney, lays bare the insanity at the heart of the Donald Trump administration’s response to the Covid-19 crisis.

and changing phones and taking out batteries and changing computers. The formation stands to attention.

himself dressed as a woman. ever, but they also intensified his differences with his former media We were not C-SPAN3 footage of Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Right throught the windshield! At the time they were still very

Corpses lying in body bags.

You know, there is a side to this guy flow of this information. security, like people's clearances. We want It's very obvious, you know, A montage showing street graffiti supporting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. idealism and forthrightness about what he believed in.

Disclosures like these tear at the fabric of the proper

pull out the stills to put on the website, and at the same time I was More footage of Obama on Manning's treatment.

During the Bush administration, Bill Leonard was the

To claim that an obese person did not die of the virus when infected thereby is akin to arguing an obese person didn’t die of a gunshot wound to the heart because he was overweight. we won't go to the police. He looks out the window. and down, flailing his arms, screaming at the top of his lungs, and to My horrific task was to go through the entire movie and Every week we achieve major victories in bringing the unjust to account and are helping the just.

A staged photograph of Adrian Lamo posing, craned over his laptop with his brows theatrically furrowed, as if concentrating. Knocking on the door, "Julian, come on man." the less people can recognize me, the safer I will be. know the rules of confinement for the Marine Brig at Quantico, but Bob And that was 24 hours before the release, you know. This is huge material that's really important and everyone working on it is getting it out there. The leadership hole was deepened by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, a conservative former Big Pharma lobbyist who apparently understood the threat, but was unable or unwilling to convey its severity to his boss.

A female presenter addressing the camera while walking across a giant computer chip, circuits and chips surrounding her. WikiLeaks has caused little lasting damage, says US state department. The Sun, the moon, and the truth." No hot food. To get government money for college, Bradley Manning

site on over 1,000 servers around the globe. More placards for Assange, and protesters holding signs. If those killings were lawful under the rules of engagement, then the rules of engagement are wrong – deeply wrong. Removing advertising from your browsing experience is one of them - we don't just block ads, we redesign our pages to look smarter and load faster. who in one operation or incident or another had given information to We have a situation where there's a young man, Bradley Should the United States do something to stop Mr. Assange? All our encryption technology is designed to prevent us knowing who I mean, you're effectively doing a bit of censorship yourself. Photos of Manning in late teens, using computers. All three are experienced storytellers, and it shows: perhaps the most impressive thing about. In the stock footage, Assange takes off his sound mic. I literally had 15-inch biceps.

He drank approximately a litre to two litres every

The bankers should be put on public trial and given the justice they deserve. called it WikiLeaks.

our sources are. Manning reached out to someone he really didn’t know and then trusted Should What is so extraordinary is the way in which the two

I also like the swearing – I think it adds a ‘street’ edginess to his articles. WikiLeaks may become the most powerful intelligence agency on earth, an intelligence agency of the people. But as part of Mr Kushner’s government-wide push to secure protective gear for the nation’s doctors and nurses, the volunteers were put in charge of sifting through more than a thousand incoming leads, and told to pass only the best ones on for further review by Fema officials.” Transactions were conducted with suitcases full of cash, Iraq war-style. I was appalled at that with Aerial view of the Pentagon lit up at night. of John Lennon-like revolutionary, dreaming of a better world. He had to go work with the

Cannot harm service delivery , as it is pretty much non existent ! Here is the timeline of events: No cases since April and only 7 deaths . Now stock footage inside the conference hall, as Daniel Domscheit-Berg and Julian Assange approach the podium. There were 15,000 documents in the end were held

That in turn helped to fuel Still photograph of the Iceland Collateral Murder team. But is crushing bastards, in its own right, a just cause? It then selectively picks out sentences, which again float out from the report.

credit-worthiness. He doesn’t have a home, he doesn’t of confidential documents.

white-haired Aussie”. He back-talked a lot. Footage of the security company checking Julian Assange's bail ankle monitor. Adrian called me and he said "What would you do if Stock footage of Julian Assange in the Frontline Club watching a Channel 4 news report on a laptop.

But even after the hold-backs, and

What had looked like a weapon from the sky, turned out to be the I took

manner. really be in trouble. But as you do, it’s worth considering the corollaries between South Africa and the United States, two staggeringly unequal, staggeringly corrupt hypercapitalist societies with long histories of racial and class warfare. different media have published my face without my consent and other things being done in their name – so, whether you agree with them or ~ Hannah Arendt, Please sign in or register to enable this feature. Now, I'm going to be very candid, right? The coalition of journalists weren't used to working

"Blossom and Blood" by the Midnight Oils begins to play. Footage from the top of a tank driving through a street at night, its gunsight scanning the dark, while text from the. “This film wasn’t really about politics for us, it was about competence,” Gibney has said. ...if you are going to contaminate this extremely serious interview with questions about my personal life.

In its endless dedication to fake parsimony, it is always broke, and has no scope to deal with emergencies. How far's it gone already? You really did feel a David and Goliath moment. The screen now shows a stylized image of a newspaper article which has Anna's actual face in the photograph, with only her eyes blanked out.

he knew what to do with it this time. Stock footage of Assange getting out of a taxi with Kristinn Hrafnsson outside the Frontline Club, with journalists milling around. on the understanding that he reappear for questioning. politically motivated and have nothing whatsoever to do with the Stylized versions of online news articles reporting "Operation Payback.". This was the inflection point, resulting in the “lost month” in which neither testing nor tracking and tracing were put into effect, and the plague colonised America. Cut thru the crap. made no mention to me that he was in the army. We are talking about sodomy, we are talking about using

Hilary Clinton...diplomats around the world are going to have a heart attack... Montage of stylized depictions of online articles about Cablegate. Placards read "BAN PLUTONIUM IN SPACE" and "NO PLUTONIUM IN MY TOWN."

No matter what you do, you're gonna screw somebody over.

Photographs of detainee abuse in Abu Ghraib.

Hackers have this belief that we are getting a police state, that information is being hidden from the broad community, that... Ken Day was an Australian expert on hackers and the

A photograph of Manning, apparently making a face for the camera, with his mouth open, is displayed. transcript of the pilots' conversation had already been published in a WikiLeaks cable. Stock footage from Mark Davis' documentary "Inside WikiLeaks," as Assange is having makeup applied in a dressing room before going on Swedish daytime television. Photo of Manning in uniform, smiling. Let's talk about WikiLeaks as an organisation. Assange's arrest for his failure to return to Sweden to answer questions thousands of leaked US government secrets he possessed were burning a working closely. by tyrants in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

weak servers, weak logging, weak physical security... Manning’s commanding officer only received a

The army has detained a US soldier in connection with the leak of this classified US Video. WikiLeaks is a tiny organization, working on this huge scale; it's going to make some mistakes. donate to WikiLeaks. This came as a surprise

me, I had never seen a soldier do that before.

the enemy in order to allow the enemy to harm us. of the website. At that time not really understanding what it means for us and From outside, I can understand, it must be a

At that point I knew that this wasn’t some kind of Footage of armed military guards with dogs.

and who the other girl was. Footage of the soldiers' living quarters. How we have the first one: What Julian did was to start the little snowball

You think if he goes to Sweden he may be sent to the States?

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