Gut stringing has other implications for lautenwerck design. The BAROQUE MUSIC HOME PAGE - Free MP3 downloads, major baroque composers, and Bach of course. Pitch for a given string length however, is a function, not only of length, but also of string material and tension. Check The Archivo di Stato of Modena has a chitarrone tablature dating from c.1614-19: (MS Musica 4). However simple replacement of metal strings with gut will not give satisfactory results. Baroque Music Library Harpsichords normally have one dedicated jack per string. As gut strings have more internal friction than their metal counterparts, they generally have less sustain. Dynamic and color variation can also be pursued by using plectra having different properties. The name chordophone replaces the term stringed instrument when a precise, acoustically based designation is…. These instruments came to be referred to as theorbo-lutes. Fig 2 As continuo bass lines were composed both faster in motion and higher in tessitura towards the end of the 17th century, the archlute began to eclipse the theorbo as the main plucked string continuo instrument. It supplied simple harmonic support for the voice, often being played by the singer himself. Posted at 07:12h in Uncategorized by 0 Comments. Among other instruments, he now offers two models of lute-harpsichord from his own workshops. While historical references indicate differing approaches to design, there is general agreement that whereas harpsichords are designed to be strung in metal, the use of gut strings is of primary importance in a lute-harpsichord.

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The Laute mit Abzügen: oder Testudo Theorbata that appears in Syntagma Musicum by Praetorius, has doubled strings (courses) passing over the bridge and attached to the base of the instrument – different to his Paduanische Theorba (opposite in the same illustration which seems to have single strings). “Lute and Theorbo in Vocal Music in 18th Century Dresden - A Performance Practice Study.” PhD dissertation, Duke University, 1997. simple. Mersenne (1637) was confused, and few readers of his book on instruments seem to have noticed that he renamed his theorbe, arciliuto.

This attempt to distinguish instruments of the lute family with more than one peg box is based on a study of surviving instruments, music written for them, and contemporary comment, not forgetting much appreciated discussion with Michael Lowe, James Tyler, Ian Harwood, Nigel North, Tim Crawford, and Anthony Bailes. Friend and colleague of JS Bach, famed for his celebrated "silver sounds".

an archlute Theorbo (roman theorbo) in a painting "The Theorbo Player" by Jan Brockhorst early 1600's painting by G. Terboc in a book "String instruments of the Middle Ages" by H. Panum. [7], The theorbo is played much like the lute, with the left hand pressing down on the fingerboard to vary the resonating length of the strings (thus playing different notes and making chords, basslines and melodies playable) while the right fingertips pluck the strings. GOTTFRIED SILBERMANN: Master Organ-Builder of the German Baroque. Lady with a Theorbo (c. Two choirs of gut strings seems to be the practical maximum, though a third choir strung in brass is sometimes found.

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