Tenali does as he is told and Goddess Kali appears in front of Rama with a bowl of milk and bowl of curd asking him to pick one but Tenali ends up tasting both leaving Kali furious. Our epics are treasures that teach life lessons via stories. At a feast, Tathacharya is insulted by Tenali Rama, and he vows to seek revenge. Gohil, who worked with SAB TV on Yam Hain Hum, where he played the titular role, said, "This time it's Krishnadevaraya, a very powerful king that I am portraying. Balakumaran, who is at Tathacharya's home to learn from him, puts on the broken vase as a crown.

"[22], Tenali Rama aired on Zee Tamil under the title Tenali Raman and was dubbed in Tamil. He is immortal, his wit being admired even in today's times. He gives Tathacharya his position, which he lost for many years, back which causes Tathacharya to become evil again.

Bhaskara has to glue together a broken vase. (2020), Haelyn Shastri as Varlaxmi, Friend / Neighbour of Sharda, Urvashi S Sharma / Poonam Rajput as Princess Jaganmohini, Gajpati Pratap Rudra Dev's Daughter, Deepak Qazir as Annacharya, Tathacharya's elder brother, Patrali Chattopdhyay as Han..chhi, Chinese businesswoman, Pratima Rasaily as Aan..chhi, Chinese businesswoman, Bhavin Bhanushali as Mirza Liyaqat Ali, Humayun's son, The series portrays Chinna Devi as Krishnadevaraya's senior wife and chief queen and. Tenali Rama is an Indian historical comedy drama based on the life of the legendary Telugu poet Tenali Ramakrishna, one of the Ashtadiggajas (or the eight honorable) poets at the court of Vijayanagara Emperor Krishnadevaraya (C.E. She assumes the role of ruler. Balakumaran never gets his hair back, and is forever angry at Bhaskara, who is blamed for Balakumaran's mistake. Timmarusu's Surprise Visit Timmarusu secretly visits Tenali and seeks his favour in protecting Krishnadevaraya and the Vijayanagar empire from the unfavorable demands being made by Tathacharya. Rama is very close to King Krishnadeva Raya.

Berry said, "I am very excited to play Tathacharya. When Tenali gets forced into marriage and is compelled to earn a living, a revered saint asks him to go to the temple of the village and recite a specific mantra. Six years later, Bhaskar, Pandit Ramakrishna's son, is a naughty child and causes his father to be humiliated in the court of Krishnadeva Raya multiple times, to which Rama starts punishing Bhaskar for his naughtyness. Three months later, Krishnadeva Raya and Pandit Ramakrishna have a debate about whether Vijayanagara will end. Then, Prince Balakumaran arrives. Kaikala keeps trying to get Bhaskara, in the costume of Pandit Ramakrishna, put in jail.

Later, Tenali reasons out by explaining that what is the use of one without the other. Later, Tenali reasons out by explaining that what is the use of one without the other. Bhaskara is then sent to Gurukul (school) for 20 years. He finds from the reformed Tathacharya that Balakumaran has become king after King Krishnadeva Raya left the kingdom for an unknown cause. He stops Sulakshana Devi from being crowned Empress, and instead makes it so that in 4 years, Sulakshana Devi's adopted son, Swami, will be crowned Emperor of Vijayanagara. Tenali Rama (TV Series 2017– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I did not do any research nor read about it but I can assure I am doing a good job, even though I do not consider myself so capable. Tenali Rama leaves for Hampi with a desire to become a part of Rayas court. This is foreshadowing to the future. This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 15:25. "[13] It was reported in July 2017 that Sonia Sharma and Priyanka Singh had been cast to play the roles of Krishnadevraya's wives, Chinna Devi and Tirumalamba, respectively.

1509–1529), who is often cited as the greatest Vijayanagara emperor. Balakumaran is Krishnadeva's second wife, Tirumalamba's, brother. Legendary poet and royal advisor Pandit Ramakrishna in Krishnadevaraya's Vijayanagara court uses his timely wit and intelligence to solve even the trickiest of problems. I feel there has been a divine force blessing me for I have managed to sink my teeth into the character so well. But then I decided to give it a try, and it all fell into places. "[10], Krishna Bharadwaj was chosen to play the titular role of Tenali Rama and went bald for it.

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