We have moved into the highest level, the highest reality of light in December. This 1-12-2020 major shift event is not negotiable but mandatory which is why we’re going to be seeing even more people quickly exiting their bodies via physical death. And, as if that weren’t heavy enough, Team Dark got in there and inverted much of it making old 3D density far worse and very negative. It’s happening. and the majority of them are not as yet Soul Contracted to begin the Ascension Process. Phase 2 is going to be, at times, actually fun and very much worth sticking around for! These transmutational symptoms can be extreme. I’m not saying that now we’re on the other side of the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction of January 12, 2020 everything  is instantly going to be perfect and easy constantly. It’s happening all around you. And (2) it signaled that we were very close to having the entire NEW higher structural energy patterns, foundations, codes, frequencies and NEW Earth-NEW Human reality blueprints inserted for Saturn & Co. to hold energetically for the next great Evolutionary Cycle. March 2020 Energies: Energetic Pandemonium. Ascension Symptoms aemedia-March 4, 2020. A small taste, a small piece of the future. But, for now it is is happening. The transmute, transform, transcend that the First Everything Volunteer Forerunners have HAD to do on themselves and in their physical bodies has been happening simultaneously throughout the Earth, its grid systems and more, the Sun, the planets of our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, other galaxies and the universe. Life feels lighter. Follow Energetic Earth – New Ascending World on WordPress.com, Embodiment Of Rainbow Crystal Light Energies, Embodying Lionsgate Light Energies in 2020, New Iridescent White Plasma Triangle Codes, October 2020 New Light Code Distributions. If some of the thing’s that your used to doing, or used to seeing, is not functioning in the way that it used to. Everything, that you do is brand new. We could be in the same damn house, in the same city, doing the exact same thing’s, but emotionally thing’s can change our perspective and that can make it feel a lot better. The strangest theme about {March 2020’s Equinox} is the isolation. We’re ready to move beyond the same old way of living and existing. Shekina Rose - The celestial heavens are showering you with an increase of … There are many, many, many, different realities that exist on earth right now. Everything, that I write here is unheard of. So, don’t feel too bad about how everything feels right now. That just happened on January 12, 2020 via the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Can you see and feel where this is going on so many NEW creative levels for us all? I feel like I am alone in this space, and feeling isolated is a normal feeling. {, This is new. So, my knowledge in {Psychic Manipulation} and in how I deal with constant negative fear mongering. Tag: amplified ascension symptoms in 2020. I have experienced a mental and emotional change, and while I am in the same house, in the same city, doing the same thing’s day in and out, life feels better. However, sometimes new beginnings can feel like we’re trapped, or that we aren’t really in a better place physically. This stupendous energy shift event ticked off around the planet, one timezone after another, instantly installing the NEW energy foundations for Phase 2 of the Ascension Process on NEW Earth. It’s happening. Not very many people can fully understand them. There are many lower realities that are filled with lower conscious people, and higher realities filled with people who carry within them higher light intelligence consciousness.

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We Volunteer First Everythingers have been at this ourselves for the past twenty years of Phase 1. We have moved into the highest level, the highest reality of light in December. Yes. Just get through it. by MICHAEL LOVE | Oct 17, 2020 | Ascension, THE EVENT But, it so extremely severe that i barely leave the house anymore. Ascension is a lifting of personal No money, no jobs, no slavery, no ego, no darkness. So, yes this is where we’re at. What would people do? March 2020 Equinox Energies: A Whole Different Kind Of Equinox For This Year. This is new.

Not very many people understand this feeling of isolation. It isn’t an isolation because of this virus that is spreading around. But it’s been weirder than usual.). The terms I come up with, the processes that I discuss. It’s lonely, and it’s not fun when your on the highest level that there is literally. One of the major themes of this time-period: Is a new beginning. It’s happening all around you. It’s an isolation between the highest reality, and all of the other ones. In Phase 1 we’ve sort of been like those guys whose job it is to go in afterwards and clean up everyone’s huge leftover party mess. This is existing in “Deep Rapid Evolution” where we move fast and hard. Those who’ve chosen to also live the Embodiment Process during the Ascension Process will continue it to completion in Phase 2.

I have never felt so isolated, so alone, and so on my own within this new reality; that those of us who understand higher intelligence are on. Do You Know A Narcissist? Lisa Transcendence Brown - Your LightBody is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this entire process, as it’s HOW you achieve all as PURE LIGHT. I haven’t enjoyed feeling all of the mania, and flat out pandemonium.

I certainly have been and strongly since November 2019. Tag: March 2020 Ascension Symptoms. There are many, many, many, different realities that exist on earth right now. What do you do? Today, is the first real day of spring for the Northern Hemisphere of earth and a lot of us know this as the Equinox.

Some of you may remember how excited I got when Saturn was hit by seven solar flares in April 2017. Phase 2 of the Ascension Process for us has energetically shifted to our now learning how to—as these physically ascending versions of ourselves—Consciously Create for ourselves, for humanity when needed and for all life on NEW Earth for starters. I don’t even need to mention just what everyone, has already been talking about day and night, countless times, with no end in sight. Lovely topic I know but worse if you’ve been on old Earth transformation Shit Detail for much of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, which many of us were and in a variety of ways other than this. They’re now living in the NEW crystalline Diamond physical reality energies and structures etc. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You may share this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL https://highheartlife.com and Copyright Notice is included. It’s exactly like the animation just above this paragraph. Keeping it constantly on your mind 7 days a week, like a recording that plays on a loop until you cannot stop thinking about it week after week. Phase 2 for most of us is about re-learning how to be Conscious Creators and individually energetically sovereign and more. Remember how many Volunteers have had repeated dreams of having to do Energy Work cleaning up public bathrooms overflowing with human excrement and assorted dense filth left by unaware humanity over the eons? Everyone across the world. But is it normal? After them a Second Wave of HUMANS will be activated to start it, and after them a Third Wave of HUMANS and so on.

Spiritual Awakening Ascension Symptoms: How It’s Affecting You. It has felt so different in-fact that I barely recognize life right now, and the energies are beyond my physical bodies ability to comprehend.

Now, we’re just moving through this specific level and on our own. New and Amplified Ascension Symptoms of 2020 Those "older" symptoms such as feeling vibrations, tingles in the body, light-headedness, blurry vision, high pitch tones, pain, stiffness in the body especially where we hold the most trauma, amplified dream state, exhaustion, anxiety, feeling disconnected from the 3D Grid; to name a selected few.

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