When I was given this assignment, I resolved to test each loading not only for reliability and accuracy, but wound potential as well. Accuracy is consistent at 15 yards.

I'm sure many others would work as well. I am surprised that the “Radically Invasive Projectile” R.I.P. ‘m lucky my state allows it but not all………..So when traveling across states!? As far as powders for 147g 9mm, the most popular and best powder used by shooters on the BE forum is VV N320-anywhere from 3.3 to 3.5g. The boat tail prevents the bullet from excessively bulging the brass where it starts to thicken. Cut my teeth on the .38 Special/.357 Magnum 158 grain so I was used to managing recoil.

But it is still guessing, and is not the same as rigorous lab testing with a piezoelectric transducer under controlled conditions. I wanted to test a heavyweight 9mm. I want a round that is heavy with extreme terminal performance XTP….going as fast as possible + P. Get the most for your money. Buffalo Bore 147-Grain JHP. Speer Gold Dot 124 g gdhp. round from G 2 Research.


This loading fills the need for a low-recoil loading for those of small stature, particularly in a compact handgun. The +P in the P365 is stout, but not unmanageable. I still prefer my .357 revolver, but with so many of today’s shootings involving 2 or more shooters with high-volume weapons, my 15 round S&W seems to make more sense. Start at 3.4 grains and work your way up to about 4 grains.

The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt! Winchester 147 grain T-Series.

Subscriber Services. +  These bullets are long, which means they go deep in the case and should be seated to a long overall length to prevent excessive case bulge. 7 was able to match Fiocchi factory velocities with Bayou and Armscor bullets within safe estimated pressure limits.

IIRC, I used around 4.3 gr Unique to produce loads just a hair under 900 fps with Zero 147 gr JHP bullets. They are a LOT less expensive than Berry's or Ranier's. round wasn’t included in your list of personal protection ammunition. The primary advantage of gelatin is that the wound channel may be observed and even preserved. The Underwood loading clocks 1302 fps average. Any powder that's going to be really economical is probably also going to be easy to double charge. Fiocchi, IMI and Prvi Partizan offer a 158 grain FMJ round at 850, 935 and 984 fps, respectively. Not all brass is the same, and some Federal 9mm brass has thinner walls at that position. Easy to clean. notice.style.display = "block"; Velocity was recorded with a Shooting Chrony chronograph at about 10 feet.

Reliability is good. Accuracy is excellent.

Every now and then there are articles that I’d like to save, either for my own future reference or to share with others. Obtain training and build skills, or else resign yourself to defense at arm’s length.

Or you can try a weaker recoil spring. Cases tend to bulge to varying degrees with many of these bullets. Give a Gift   My agency in Florida Citrus county- tried frangible but just for training.

The ballistic gelatin doesn’t shoot back. I only report them to show what the QL software calculated.

The current Lyman manual (49th Edition) does not have load data for anything heavier than 147 grains, but older manuals do. The low charge weights and low velocities translates into a low and slow recoil impulse which can be quite pleasant to shoot. Buffalo Bore also offers fast-stepping 9mm loads in 115 and 124-grain weight.

The 9mm will handle heavier bullets. 7, Alliant Power Pistol, Hodgdon Titegroup, Ramshot Silhouette, VihtaVuori N310 and N320, and Winchester 231 and Super Field (WSF). When you choose personal safety gear, choose what is optimum for your use, not what is popular.

It is a slow powder so it fills the case more - less chance of a double charge. The 9mm is not quite as good as some of its fans think, but it is a better cartridge than most of its detractors would have you believe.

Curious as to why the X-Treme bullets fit, I pulled one after seating it and saw that the base was being slightly swaged to a boat tail shape. Most people who shoot a 9mm Luger use 115 and 124 grain bullets, since these are the typical weights for this cartridge. two

They accepted the Armscor FMJ bullets without excess bulging, and they fit in my chamber. You may want to check the depth you're running that expander plug to. They provide great penetration and a full energy transfer. I found AA#7 worked well for a 147gr 9mm load, but you didn't mention it in your powder … The 9mm Luger is everyone’s caliber. Right off the top of my head, I have three powders around the house that should get you there: Unique, Power Pistol, and Blue Dot. I don't load much 9mm, but when I do I use Titegroup and watch the charges really close. But I am standing there after shooting and the top bullet & powder drops on the floor empty brass still in the magazine. I[m sure that was just a graphic way of explaining it to me, but actual shootings demonstrated to them what didn’t work and a reason to switch.

Most 9mm brass starts to become thicker right around where the base of these bullets sit. My wife carries the .38 Special Critical Defense Lite in her S&W Model 60.

Buffalo Bore also offers fast-stepping 9mm loads in 115 and 124-grain weight. It produced 761 fps but I experienced some cycling malfunctions in the Glock because it produced so little recoil. All Rights Reserved.


The 9mm easily jolts 115 to 124-grain bullets to well over 1100 fps. I wanted to test at least one +P or maximum-effort loading. The load averaged 1160 fps. QL's estimated pressure for this load was high at 41,415 psi. Folks interested in high velocities should use slower burning gunpowders as they tend to produce more velocity than faster gunpowders for the same pressure. I tested the loads without regard to advertised velocities or overstated claims. My fav has been MagTech First Defense 92.6 Super light recoil, wicked fast, near perfect penetration in gel. Time limit exceeded. One used to be able to get IMI's 9mm 158 grain FMJ bullets, but these seem hard to find nowadays. I tested many loads, but ended up with five that I feel fill the most important niche roles of the 9mm Luger. I reduced the load to 2.3 grains to keep estimated pressures reasonable, but at an average of 738 fps, none of these rounds cycled the gun reliably. I gave up on lead and plated bullets in 147 after a bunch of testing.

I’m sorry I am not convinced the better EDC sould be a 9MM IMHO a .40 or larger is more You use this data at your own risk. All comments are held for moderation and will appear after approval.

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