We pick out... We examine two players who have been taking advantage of recent opportunities. It’s easiest to point to those eye-popping numbers to explain why Love is on everyone’s minds, but he also has the game to back those stats up. Including... • The best dynasty rankings in the industry That puts him at 16th in my rankings at the moment, a spot that gives him credit and value for all that he offers in the running game but factors in pass blocking uncertainty. But his skill set doesn’t end there. We don’t know how much he’ll improve his pass blocking, and similar to everyone else in the non-Barkley god tier, landing spot will play a huge part in deciding his dynasty value. Posted on October 20, 2017. It’s also impossible to knock those numbers. Love entered Stanford as a fairly well-touted prospect, touting a .9076 (4-star) 247sports composite rating. Bryce Love leads all draft-eligible RBs in elusive ratinghttps://t.co/qGUUVl2cVN pic.twitter.com/38l35zwPen— Pro Football Focus (@PFF) November 19, 2017, Bryce Love leads all draft-eligible RBs in elusive ratinghttps://t.co/qGUUVl2cVN pic.twitter.com/38l35zwPen.

Challenge to the team...who should be the first SP taken in dynasty? Obviously, that’s a tremendous collection of attributes to work with. Welcome to Dynasty Fantasy Football. He’ll always be limited by his size, but I’ve seen enough from him to suggest that that weakness won’t cripple him.

Accompanying his consistently-great speed is a fully-developed mental game.

After Remound Wright and Barry Sanders, Jr. graduated, Love became McCaffrey’s backup in 2016 and took full advantage. At just 5’10” and under 200 pounds, Love is liable to fall at first contact without much resistance. would you rather Ian Thomas TE or Bryce Love RB. Copyright © 2006-2020 Fantasy Sports Enterprises. If you’ve been in tune with college football at all this season, you’ve heard plenty of Bryce Love’s name… but there’s a good chance you hadn’t heard of him until this season. Most important, though, is how he atones for a considerable disadvantage in size and strength. Contact Us. Dynasty Scouts Devy Profile: Bryce Love, RB Stanford. Watch our YouTube Videos Dynasty’s Child Episode 129: Mocktoberfest! Try our Tools and Apps An efficiency measure of 10.5 yards per carry is insane. This is no coincidence; that agility has allowed him to perfect the subtle sidestep. In an offense as run-heavy as Stanford’s, Love saw 111 carries despite backing up a 254-carry rusher. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a single player from the 2016 draft class who pass blocked as consistently poorly as Love. His vision checks all the boxes: He constantly makes the right decisions (he identified 24 of 25 possible holes in my tracking), he reads the field quickly and effectively, he finds daylight at the second level, he successfully adjusts to tacklers on the fly, and he can anticipate gaps that have yet to open up. Copyright © 2006-2020 Fantasy Sports Enterprises. straight up a little stuck on my last keeper. So is well-over 1000 yards in half of a regular season. Love makes use of the same methods, primarily undying feet and perfect pad level. Try DLF Premium for only $7.99 with a Monthly Subscription. With decent rushing volume, Love should thrive.

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Something is (or, many things are) up. Once your donation successfully processes, you will receive an … What Is A Dynasty Fantasy Football League, turning five-yard gains into 20-yard chunks, maximizing the space-versus-downfield speed, have in his legs to generate tough extra yardage-, 2020 Rookie Wide Receiver Breakout Chances. Share.

Patience for developing holes allows Love to maximize what his blocking provides to a further extent. On the other hand, he will need to seriously develop his pass blocking in order to see any noticeable work in the passing game. That’s fair; he spent the last two seasons as a backup for one of the best college (and, overall) running backs in recent history. While the rules are almost similar, the strategy may be a little different than a normal league. Bryce Love. I see a range of 20-46. With the NFL Draft in the books and OTAs in full stride, it’s time to start ranking the players in order to help you prepare for your upcoming season. Listen to the DLF Podcast Sign up for the DLF Newsletter Contact Us. • Our annual Rookie Draft Guide He obviously has plenty of physical tools as well as the requisite vision to find holes in NFL trenches. What should... Who are some players to buy, sell or add this week? Even with my mildly critical comment of Lindor, I'd much prefer him to any of the names you mentioned. He really showed what he could do the following year in 2017. There’s no quit to his game, which results in a surprising amount of yards after contact for such a small back. Will Washington’s newest running back overcome injury and a crowded backfield to emerge with dynasty value? Compared to other prospects in the middle of their seasons, it’s pretty easy to nail down what Bryce Love is good at and just how good he is at those strengths. What should... Who are some players to buy, sell or add this week? When he sees daylight, he’ll chew up yards just as he’s been doing at Stanford. Sure, but those numbers aren’t big, they’re astronomical: Oh yeah, and when he’s playing good defenses, he does alright too: Maybe one would suggest he’s only taking what his forceful offensive line allows him, but that’s not the case either–at least from two of those six games: In the two games of his that I tracked (against USC and UCLA), Love generated 268 rushing yards, well over half of those incredible numbers.In his worst 2017 performance, October 7th when the Utah Utes put him in shackles, Bryce Love ran for 7.6 yards per carry (better than six of otherworldly Saquon Barkley’s seven 2017 games, for reference). ... A minimum donation of $10 grants you access to a downloadable spreadsheet of TDG’s 2020 Dynasty Baseball Rankings!

The North Carolina native has shown up and dominated at a devastating-yet-consistent level, both setting an NCAA single-game record and managing to rush for over 147 yards in all seven of his games. Combining that with a fine-tuned style will allow him to run between the tackles without bleeding yards due to his diminutive stature too. At one point during his NCAA career, Bryce Love looked like the top back in college. The results are a beautiful display of tacklers missing by a foot in one direction or another as Love churns on, undisturbed. Dynasty Leagues are growing and many players are delving in for the first time. It takes a good player to do that. We have staffing solutions that are comprised of placing the right talent in the right position, streamlining business processes and exceeding client demands. He’s among the class’s best at using space to his advantage, maximizing the space-versus-downfield speed tradeoff, similar to how Saquon Barkley kills defenses that give him breathing room.

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(In short: We don’t know yet, but the signs are promising.). He’s stolen the limelight for Stanford in each game of his junior year and shows no signs of slowing down. TDG Roundtable: Players We Got Wrong In 2020, The Top 500 Dynasty League Players, March 2018, The Top 500 Dynasty League Players, March 2017, The Top 500 Dynasty League Players – July 2017, TDG’s Top 500 Dynasty Rankings March 2020. • Dynasty, Rookie & Superflex ADP Required fields are marked *.

Reach out to him on Twitter @stephengill_ts. Discuss on the DLF Forum 16 team IDP Dynasty 2018 Champ 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1RB/WR, 1WR/TE, 1TE, 1 OP (preferably QB) offensive players We pick out some players worth acquiring this week if available in your dynasty... We pick out another group of players who could provide you some dynasty assistance... We look at four underperforming players. Should you be in panic mode?

To sum up this long-winded, in-season profile: Bryce Love’s insane production is legit, and although he’s not necessarily the best running back prospect, he can post big numbers in the NFL the same way he has done so at Stanford. On just 111 carries, Love totaled 783 yards, good for 7.1 yards-per-carry (YPC). Contact Us. I, myself, knew him as “that fast guy behind Christian McCaffrey” heading into 2017. He has proved to move exceptionally in tight spaces both quantitatively (he hit 23 of the 24 holes he found in my tracking) and qualitatively. Combining that with a fine-tuned style will allow him to run between the tackles without bleeding yards due to his diminutive stature too.

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