@MeganRussell88 (And it's not just me!) How are you going to allow me to pay my bill without charging me a late fee??? @nena2180 The only correct response is to say is late fees and credit reporting will be suspended for anybody with payments due between when the website went down until it's back up. Customer service line keeps disconnecting me. Is our personal data safe???? Might as well waive late fees for….

(1/n), @CreditOneBank horrible co no service nothing works unless you want a new card from them move to Capital One folks much better Co everything works including website @CapitalOne. 2 MOs into a dispute w/no end in sight!

I have a 0 balance , I went to use card and was declined kinda embarrassing honestly. @CreditOneBank did you guys get ransomwared or something?

This is so second hand!!! @CreditOneBank I have been trying to pay my bill for five days now. @CreditOneBank @ShadyLadyBacon Quit patronizing us with this crap message. @CreditOneBank Can't log in, can't pay through phone, can't pay through app. @CreditOneBank system still down? @bengaliting Sad days in USA, @hatfieldmom @CreditOneBank I still received no help and the phones are still down !

@CreditOneBank The app or logging in online to view your account isn’t working. What is the issue ! Please @ me. @davidsm94346357 @CreditOneBank Something happened my password needs to be changed I changed it on hold an hour and 40 minutes I was told the systems are down and nothing could be available for 24 to 48 hours if this is their customer service it’s laughable it’s absolute BS, RT @AcquiredGemini: @CreditOneBank I can’t make a payment the website won’t let me log in? Tried multiple days and times on different platforms. Your customer service department is useless. Any lawyers out there???? #Notification #Communication #WhatsTheETA #WhatsTheRealStory, @RichardLazarsk1 @CreditOneBank system still down? Is our personal data safe???? I suggest anyone have issues with accessing Credit One Bank, do the same. @CreditOneBank I can’t make a payment the website won’t let me log in?

@CreditOneBank is the worst company ever!!

@CreditOneBank I have filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General. Uber: I want to reset my password and discontinue the present credit card you h... Barnes & Noble: I need to know when my order will be shipped? Credit card providers were in September 2018 forced to start notifying customers who…

@CreditOneBank The web site log on issue for payments has been going on over a month now! (And it's not just me!) I’m starting to…, @twenty_five8

this is a joke, @AmieBeaulieu I wanted to report a lost card and couldn't do it on time. @CreditOneBank STILL, NO STATEMENTS FOR PEOPLE WHEN CAN CUSTOMERS GET THERE STATEMENTS. @CreditOneBank still not working the rewards have not seen any on my accounts for two months what happen give up? That's the problem, we can't use your website or app and calling is no better. Jeremy. My brain hurts from dealing with these people Great job letting fraudulent charges screw your customers!! @CreditOneBank are there issues with the website? @CreditOneBank instead of please send us a direct message, how about posting something on your website like we're having major technical issues, we're working on it and we're not going to charge late fees instead of please send us a direct message? @scottreed @CreditOneBank My payment is due today. I have tried to call as well to no avail! Makes a first time customer wonder if it's even worth it activating this card. This is my first credit card and I honestly enjoyed how easy it was to maintain. I have made contact on Facebook page but she keeps saying thanks for patients and im absolutely running out of it. We're aware of this issue and really do not care. I hope I don’t get any issues or late fees OR that my credit score will be affected!!! I called Credit One customer service on March 8 2018 and was told that my information was received in Feb 2018 and still under review. @davidsm94346357 @CreditOneBank What’s an out right lie because still having issues trying to login I honestly think they pull arbitrary number is out of their asses, @CreditOneBank Is the app down? #embarrassing. @hatfieldmom @CreditOneBank I still received no help and the phones are still down ! #Ransomware #Hacked #CNN #FoxNews #AnswerYourDamnPhones, @AlAboutNothing @CreditOneBank Can't login on website.

@CreditOneBank somebody is using my card without my permission, and the charge are going though , i can't reach out of the customer service the lines are busy the website server are down too , this is so frustrating :(, @JoannaHendrie YOUR COMPANY IS EITHER AMATEUR OR PREDATORY, POSSIBLY BOTH. I trust I will not be charged late fees for your problem!?! $50,000 to $250,000 in business credit is for highly qualified clients over the term of the membership with multiple credit batches and/or lines. It helped my credit score, easy payments, website, etc.

@CreditOneBank This is ridiculous! @Frontier_RipOff @EFingeret I'm losing confidence. GetHuman-genenege - GetHuman user since April 7, 2016, Reported on November 4th, 2017 from Nevada, I just paid my credit one CC off. @BlueJediNoodle1

I better not receive a late fee for a late payment because your website isn't working. Going on 3 days and missed offers. @ShadyLadyBacon @lenbonk Why is the APP NOT WORKING??

@Bodhichitta GetHuman helps customers contact companies faster and solve their customer service issues more effectively by providing free tools and info to all. Website and app down. @bbb_us @Experian_US @Equifax @TransUnion your customers need communication about their credit card accounts! Been getting "Problem Processing Your Request" error for a couple days.

You hang up when I call, @CreditOneBank Anyone having issues with card being declined ? I also cannot log in and know enough about production site maintenance and infosec to be skeptical of the suggestion that this outage is maintenance window.

© Ookla, LLC. @CreditOneBank You are NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH WEB SITE FOR MASTER CARD STATEMENTS HAVE NOT POSTED YOU NEED BETTER HELP. We appreciate your money. @CreditOneBank why cant i use my card or log in, @ShieldVoC

You can suspend your monthly T-Mobile service for one of the following reasons: Your device was lost or stolen. That seemed like a long stretch and the customer service rep waived the late fee for Feb 2018 while my letter was processed. @CreditOneBank I Have called the number over 100 times. suspended account "7-10 days" a month ago. @CreditOneBank I need to pay my bill and I can't ever get on the website. I have been trying to log in for over a week. Company and department tried. @JessicaEarl20 Then in the app when I was finally able to login it invited me to accept an increased credit limit, but when I tried it threw another error. @americanstrong6

YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR WEB PAGE. @CreditOneBank having issue accepting a credit line increase and opening additional acct on the app and website. @CreditOneBank I have been trying to make a credit card payment for 2 days! @SRMyers18 @CreditOneBank The executive CEOs are creating this issue to steal from their customers. @CreditOneBank I had a payment due on the 25th. So many problems with the company and never a solid a so just have to sit and hope they get things fixed which as of now is going on a week of what they are calling server Maintenance?‍?

@Jessingraham6 Very disappointed! and i cant log in! Credit One Bank is not responsible or liable for, and does not endorse or guarantee, any products, services, information or recommendations that are offered or expressed on other websites. @CreditOneBank I've been trying to make a payment for several days now and the teller on the phone couldn't help me.

Why is the APP NOT WORKING?? When I can login to my wifes account no issues but I get errors each time I try mine, there's an issue. #CreditOneBank #WebsiteDown. #embarrassing.

@CreditOneBank I need to pay my credit card balance and your app now website aren’t working!!!

@CreditOneBank Your website has been down for DAYS - fix it NOW! @KimHoBim ??? I said No, it was received in February 2018 and she said "My records indicate that it was received on March 14 2018. When I can login to my wifes account no issues but I get errors each time I try mine, there's an issue. @CreditOneBank Can't log in, can't pay through phone, can't pay through app. @ADCOCKTOMMY We're aware of this issue and really do not care. A “credit line suspended” notation will stay on your report until either the account is closed completely or you have your credit card use reinstated. Unbelievable!!! @CreditOneBank Trying to pay my bill but the app and website is not working.

I am trying to pay my bill like many others. Between the high interest rates and fees you charge, you think your system would be too notch. Can't log in - site always is saying "unable to process request at this time". USPS Tracking services shows that my letter was received on Feb 17 2018, a Saturday. Your website is down, the app is not working and when I call, the phone hangs up! @henrayray @CreditOneBank I have filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General. Be the first to know the next time Credit One Bank goes down. !BOTH IOS AND ANDROID VERSIONS OF YOUR APP ARE BROKEN. If I cant logon I cant pay. First of all, the customer service rep was short and rude.

After hours of being on hold with customer service being told their is no timeline for website "enhancements" and the only thing they can do is mail the requested documents with 7-10 day estimated arrival. Credit One Bank - transacion out side of united states.

I called too but was unable to get through is there an estimated time on when the issue will be fixed? What is going on ??? Do you have a timeframe for when this issue will be resolved? @Metal1Electric I don't see a denial just a request to take it to DMs.

@BluGorilla_Team I was told that it would take 7-10 business days for Credit One to process my information, and then an additional 7-10 business days to allow access to my account again. @CreditOneBank Your website has been down for DAYS - fix it NOW! "You can try to check the status of your account again in 7-10 business days. I trust you're not going to charge late fees because this is unacceptable. I couldn’t then and STILL can’t get logged on the app or website nor get through on the phones.

Wth is going on? Website and app down. Regards,

@ScottyYesh @CreditOneBank @ABC @NBCNews @CBSNews @CNN @FOXTV @bbb_us

I really need to make a payment, when will the…, RT @hardbody_moe: @hatfieldmom @CreditOneBank I still received no help and the phones are still down !

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