Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens.

Weirdly, when she is broody she is friendly. Roosters: 9.5 lbsHens: 7.5 lbsBantam roosters: 36 ozBantam hens: 32 oz.

This is a gentle breed, but also a tough breed that thrives in most conditions. What can we help you find? However, as a heavy breed with dense feathering, they may struggle in extreme heat.

They are quite a heavy chicken, so it is best that smaller children are supervised around them and do not try to pick them up. The breed also is very adaptable in that it does well either confined or free-ranging. Your email address will not be published. They are strong, intelligent and active birds and chicks mature fast.

Langshan chickens were the last of the three Chinese breeds to be brought to western world – first to England in 1872 and then later to the United States in 1878. Their tall, regal deportment translates well in the show ring.

Has to be hand fed because the stuff on the ground is not good enough lol. The 4 different types are: Langshans of the shorter-legged type. The Langshan had been bred in this damp district for centuries and was prized for good reason. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I have beautiful blue, black and splash Langshan. The video below shows a rooster and hens of the White Langshan variety.

Buyer can pickup at ranch located in Northeast Texas, between Palestine and. Like Langshan hens, roosters tend to be calm, docile, and friendly. It is important to support breed clubs as they are on the frontline of preserving the breed in quality and quantity! Because they are large birds, many smaller predators (such as some birds of prey) won’t be interested.

The breed, though smaller than the Cochin and Brahma, is a large breed with males weighing 9.5 lbs and females 7.5 lbs. That’s because Langshans have been developed into 4 distinct types (of which, only 1 type is recognized in the U.S.). Almost immediately upon importation, a bitter dispute erupted between Cochin and Langshan enthusiasts. All three of these originated in China and have been causing a stir in the western poultry world since the 1800s. You’ll need to jump 3 minutes into the video to see them standing side-by-side. North Adams: Storey Publishing, 2015. Black Langshan Rooster – photo courtesy of Matt Stillman. They are pinioned, sexed and healthy. Choosing & Raising Chickens: The Complete Guide to Breeds and Welfare. Notice how he just scoops them up. The most popular color? Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 2009. We had our champion Langshan rooster take on a bald eagle that had flown into the coop! Blue Langshan Rooster My name is Linda.

Croad, who first imported the lovely Langshan chicken, it was his niece, Miss A.C. Croad, who worked tirelessly to establish the breed in Britain. They are also quite active for such large birds! German Langshans have longs legs with no feathering and smaller breasts. In the video below, you can see just how dense tail feathering is in the Langshan rooster.

They are just referred to as “Langshans” here. Langshan, Blue/Black/Splash. There will be four hens and 4 roosters available for the Spring 2020 line. They are very tall, full-bodied chickens with dense and stunning plumage, long necks, and long tails. They do stand their ground if another chicken tries to start something with them. She is the only chicken out of my flock of 8 to frequently escape the run’s 6 foot fence - she loves to fly / jump. If you do have a lot of predators in your area, keep in mind that white chickens are notorious for being picked off first because they stick out. Below is a table summarizing the characteristics of these varieties.

You can see this happen 41 seconds into the video. Below is a YouTube video of a Langshan rooster “driving” a car. Of course, if you hang Sweeter Heaters over your roosting bars, frostbitten combs are not likely to be a problem in roosters.

The original Langshan chickens were solid black with a brilliant green sheen to their plumage. Interestingly, almost 100 years would past before the Blue Langshan was accepted in 1987. Langshan, Cochin and Brahma are the three breeds that comprise the entire Asiatic Class of chickens recognized by the American Poultry Association. Truly, these two breeds are easily distinguishable. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 6.

I tried to see where they said the birds were imported from overseas and couldn't find it on the website? For smaller to medium gardens, it is best to mix one or two of these large ladies with a smaller breed if you are wanting three or more chickens in your flock.

One chicken keeper said that her Langshan hen “voluntarily jumps up onto my back/shoulder, and will stay there for a while if allowed to… She tends to follow us around…”, Another keeper said that her hen “will follow me around… and always comes running as soon as I call her.”. Most Langshans lay brown eggs that aren’t particularly dark. We have a splash langshan that is easily our most beautiful bird. As they are big birds their coop run will need a bit more space than the normal sized chickens. Blue Langshan Rooster.

Sadly I was not interested in chickens until now. Langshan chickens tend to fair well against predators in comparison to a lot of other breeds. As the Langshan is an excellent flyer that can clear quite a high fence it is best to completely cover the coop run. However, blue, white and most recently, a splash variety has been developed. The original Langshan breed recognized in Britain is called the Croad Langshan, in honor of Croad family and to distinguish the breed from other Langshan varieties which were bred to accentuate different features. She has hatched and raised chicks for me and was an excellent mother.

One Langshan chicken keeper said of her roosters, “We call our roosters hero-birds because they will not back down to predators while other roosters hide and cower. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this robust and gentle breed, including: What Langshan chickens look like in their many different colors and patterns, Everything you ever wanted to know about Langshan egg laying, Langshan meat (how much do they provide and what does it taste like? Did they ship eggs overseas to you? Breeders used the Langshan as stock to improve the black plumage coloring in the British Cochin lines at that time.

Enthusiasts for the breed often describe Langshans as “intelligent” birds – being inquisitive, social and easily tamed.

I am trying to find more of them but they are so hard to locate.

Developed by German breeders with a focus on prolific egg-laying, this type of Langshan was crossed with Plymouth Rocks and Minorcas.

Any help is appreciated-we LOVE our White Lanshans, definitely one of our favorite chickens-and we have a lot of varieties. There are three varieties of Langshans currently accepted in the A.P.A. Some Langshans have been bred in colors or patterns not officially recognized in the U.S. Below, you can see a Barred Langshan Bantam of the German type. These varieties are Black, White, and Blue. My parent stock is from excellent bloodlines from Judy Gaines' Beaufort Line, Spectrum Poultry and Matt Stillman.

As Christine Heinrichs, the author of The Backyard Field Guide to Chickens, says: “Roosters do not fly, but it’s not clear whether flying is aerodynamically impossible for them or temperamentally disdained.”.

However, these are very rare in the United States. Langshan chickens, truly calm and docile in nature, can live happily in a confined run. She doesn't fight or they to get away if I catch her but she is hard to catch. Lisse: Rebo Publishers, 2005., Chicken breedsCoops and runsChicken careChicken behavior, BlogTerms and conditionsPrivacy policyContact me. These birds do well with children as they are friendly, inquisitive and easy to handle. Be sure to do your own due diligence before purchase. In the video in the section above on Langshans and children, you can see two Black Langshan hens, Cory and Betsy, doing great in a mixed flock.

Roosters are, however, reputed to be incredibly brave against predators, showing very little fear and risking life and limb for their hens. * Hotel & Amazon Links on PSC are Affiliate links that help support the work of maintaining the website. Dark horn, shading to pinkish horn at tip, Dark horn, shading to pinkish white at tip.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Birds are cold hardy, can be broody and are not economical eaters. They are the tallest, non-game breed – the average Langshan rooster stands between 24-36 inches in height. Today, in both America and Britain the Langshan breed is mainly raised for show purposes.

The Livestock Conservancy. Make sure their leg and feet feathers are in good condition (not caked in mud). I hang Sweeter Heaters in all my coops, and can’t recommend them enough. Note: Did you subscribe but did not receive a newsletter in your inbox?

IN LANGSHAN POPULARITY. Langshan Chick – photo courtesy of Matt Stillman. (i.e., those recognized by the American Poultry Association or American Bantam Association). Of course, he was no match, and it was a good thing I ran out there with a broom, waving it in the air, but his courage was commendable.” Langshan chickens are, overall, a very robust and healthy breed.

Lisse: Rebo Publishers, 2005.

Zelda is the only Langshan in my flock (she is a pretty Blue Langshan)., Kuhl - Big Bird Peeper NP Pin - 100pk - WTP-100-N, Kuhl - Big Bird Peepers C-Clip - 100pk - WTP-100-C, Kuhl - Perfect Peepers NP Pin - 100pk - NPP1M-CC. If you love the hardiness, appearance, and temperament of Langshan chickens, but you want a breed that can handle wetter conditions (i.e., a breed without feathered legs), you’ll want to consider Orpingtons and Jersey Giants. Though it was Major F.T.

Langshan chickens are a very large breed. They have more white meat than many other breeds, and are said to have excellent flavor. by Linda Penning It is an extremely tall looking chicken with a characteristic 'U' shape body. 4.7 out of 5 stars 106.

These were bred to look more like Cochins in type, and were used in the development of the Black variety of Cochin chickens and the Orpington breed. The Langshan is also renowned as a prolific layer.

FREE … These birds conservation status is recorded as “.

Matt Stillman, a breeder of both standard and bantam Langshans and District One director of the American Langshan Club, joins me on the show to share the fascinating history and attributes of this marvelous Chinese chicken. They are calm, docile, inquisitive, and friendly. And their long and thick feathers only add to their stature. Below, you can see an adorable video of a Langshan chick who immediately flies to a girl when she calls her. The Langshan is tall with a pronounced U-shaped silhouette, and the Cochin is rounded. Despite their large size, Langshan chickens are very gentle with other breeds. You can find small Sweeter Heaters here on Amazon, medium Sweeter Heaters here, and large Sweeter Heaters here. This is the original Langshan and the most common variety.

We had our champion Langshan rooster take on a bald eagle that had flown into the coop! Langshans have dark brown eyes. Backyard Field Guide to Chickens: Chicken Breeds for Your Home Flock. $89.99 $ 89.

Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds. To learn more about these other breeds, check out my articles: Brahma chickens: The giant teddy bears of the backyard, Cochin chickens: The gentle and gregarious backyard giants, Orpington chickens: Giant backyard layers the whole family will love.

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