Italy entered the First World War in a territorial gamble, mostly to gain Dalmatia. In about 925 AD, Duke Tomislav was crowned, establishing the Kingdom of Croatia, and extending his influence further southwards to Zachlumia.

This period was abruptly interrupted with the fall of the Republic of Venice in 1797. The largest Dalmatian islands are Brač, Korčula, Dugi Otok, Mljet, Vis, Hvar, Pag and Pašman.

During this period, the Habsburgs carried out an aggressive anti-Italian policy through a forced slavization of the region. The Venetian Republic, on the other hand, was in the ascendant, while the Kingdom of Croatia became increasingly influenced by Hungary to the north, being absorbed into it via personal union in 1102. Resources to Maximize Life with your Canine Companion. The much more centralized Republic came to control all of Dalmatia by the year 1420, it was to remain under Venetian rule for 377 years (1420–1797).[36]. Here are names inspired from Croatia. When Yugoslavia dissolved in 1991, those borders were retained and remain in force. Its capital was Split, and it included most of Dalmatia and parts of present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the mountains, winters are frosty and snowy, while summers are hot and dry. As an ally of the Byzantine Empire, the King was given the status of Protector of Dalmatia, and became its de facto ruler. According to Lena Mirošević and Josip Faričić of the University of Zadar:[6]. But modernization and globalization have taken the Croatian naming styles to beyond the Slavic customs, and new names are being borrowed from all over the world.

The same year, the ethnic Croatian areas of the Zeta Banovina from the Gulf of Kotor to Pelješac, including Dubrovnik, were merged with a new Banovina of Croatia. Dalmatia also includes several national parks that are tourist attractions: Paklenica karst river, Kornati archipelago, Krka river rapids, and Mljet island. In the Early Medieval period, Byzantine Dalmatia was ravaged by an Avar invasion that destroyed its capital, Salona, in 639 AD, an event that allowed for the settlement of the nearby Diocletian's Palace in Spalatum (Split) by Salonitans, greatly increasing the importance of the city. take a look at our Dalmatian breed file here. In 1481, Ragusa switched allegiance to the Ottoman Empire.

[20] There remains, however, a strong cultural, and, in part, ancestral heritage among the natives of the cities and islands, who today almost exclusively identify as Croats, but retain a sense of regional identity. [17] The latter are historically more influenced by Ottoman culture, merging almost seamlessly at the border with the Herzegovinian Croats and southern Bosnia and Herzegovina in general. The two communities were somewhat hostile at first, but as the Croats became Christianized this tension increasingly subsided. [29] It was slowly incorporated into Roman possessions until the Roman province of Illyricum was formally established around 32–27 BC. At the end of the First World War, the Austrian Empire disintegrated, and Dalmatia was again split between the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia) which controlled most of it, and the Kingdom of Italy which held small portions of northern Dalmatia around Zadar and the islands of Cres, Lošinj, and Lastovo.

[citation needed], Dalmatia is today a historical region only, not formally instituted in Croatian law. The southern city of Ragusa (Dubrovnik) became de facto independent in 1358 through the Treaty of Zadar when Venice relinquished its suzerainty over it to Louis I of Hungary. The political struggle of Dubrovnik to be united with Croatia, which was intense throughout 1848–49, did not succeed at that time. With the arrival of Croats to the area in the 8th century, who occupied most of the hinterland, Croatian and Romance elements began to intermix in language and culture. Jure, 1762 m) and Velebit (Vaganski vrh, 1757 m),[21] although the Vaganski vrh itself is located in Lika-Senj County.[22]. From the present-day administrative and territorial point of view, Dalmatia comprises the four Croatian littoral counties with seats in Zadar, Šibenik, Split, and Dubrovnik. Let's be honest: it’s impossible to see a Dalmatian dog and not be reminded of Disney's famous animated film "101 Dalmatians", right? Do you like this idea? The president of the council of Kingdom of Dalmatia was the politician Baron Vlaho Getaldić.

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