$17.44M, Unrated Valerie Leon, 81 min

Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi. Director: Stars: | The chief merit of this film is certainly Lee’s dynamic performance, which he throws himself into with gusto. Hazel Court, | Veronica Carlson, Her spirit returns in the form of a young girl and strange things start to happen. Terence Fisher | Tell us what you think in the Comments Section below! Horst Janson, Diane Clare, With a handful of tools – iconic actors, small budgets, simple sets, beautiful heroines, and charismatic heroes – Hammer consistently nailed it, delivering one memorable horror film after another. Horror, Thriller.

Having shown her talent for dramatic acting in earlier gothic films, Fontaine lends those skills to the Hammer universe. Professor Bernard Quatermass' manned rocket ship returns to Earth, but two of the astronauts are missing and the survivor seems ill and unable to communicate. Freddie Jones, Hammer Mummy Films; 1. 92 min Stars: Fontaine must summon all her courage to face an evil foe whom she thought she had successfully escaped.

82 min

| Valerie Leon, Drama, Horror, Music. Stars: Jack Warner, |

Ray Barrett, Roy Ward Baker Michael Carreras 91 min | Eddie Byrne, Not Rated Director: James Donald,

Edward de Souza, Terence Fisher

Ronald Howard,

Barbara Shelley, Robert Urquhart, Peter Cushing, 4,213 Rasputin the Mad Monk (1966) – Don Sharp. | Christopher Lee, A mysterious artifact is unearthed in London, and famous scientist Bernard Quatermass is called into to divine its origins and explain its strange effects on people. 82 min

"My ranking of all four The Mummy films in the Hammer series from 1959 to 1971. The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958) – Terence Fisher. Barbara Shelley,

Hugh Burden, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. 78 min The setup for this film seems too good to be true, and film fans wise enough to sense the implications of this description are right to salivate at the prospect. Val Guest Richard Pasco, | A master swordsman and former soldier and his hunchbacked assistant hunt vampires. | Seductive vampire Carmilla Karnstein and her family target the beautiful and the rich in a remote area of late eighteenth-century Gemany. Stars: Hammer Mummy Films … | Peter Cushing, Andrew Keir, André Morell, The great Ingrid Pitt was given a well-deserved chance at the starring role in Countess Dracula, and she made it a memorable one. Drama, Horror. Tell us what you think about this feature. 88 min | Terence Morgan, 83 min Director:

Directors: | However, only 1/3rd of Hammer films were horror! Stars:

In 18th Century Spain, an adopted boy becomes a werewolf and terrorizes the inhabitants of his town. Pippa Steel, A list of 60 films compiled on Letterboxd, including The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958), Let Me In (2010), Dracula (1958), The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) and The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959). Brian Clemens Christopher Lee, Through a daliance with one of the czarina's ladies in waiting he soon ... See full summary », Director: Horror, Young workers are dying because of a mysterious epidemic in a little village in Cornwall. Director: $0.80M, Not Rated Director Terence Fisher. | Jonathan Harker begets the ire of Count Dracula after he accepts a job at the vampire's castle under false pretenses, forcing his colleague Dr. Van Helsing to destroy the predatory villain when he targets Harker's loved ones. Peter Cushing, Hugh Burden, R

Barbara Shelley, Unrated

James Villiers, $0.10M, Approved

Stars: Yvonne Furneaux, Margia Dean,

| Christopher Lee, Biography, Drama, Horror, Thrown out of his monestary for licentious and drunken behaviour, Rasputin travels to St Petersburg to try his luck.

The Mummy’s Shroud (1967) 4.

Nike Arrighi, Stars: | 90 min Privacy Policy (http://www.tasteofcinema.com/privacy-notice-and-cookies/) Theme by, Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, The 10 Best Hammer Horror Movies of All Time, Taste of Cinema – Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, The 10 Best Indie Sci-fi Films of The 21st Century. Peter Cushing, But dark forces seem to have followed her, and the teacher receives warnings that a sinister cult is on her trail. Michael Carreras | Horror. Horror, Sci-Fi. Forrest Tucker, Roy Ward Baker Peter Cushing, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Christopher Lee. Director: André Morell, 95 min

Stars: In 1895, British archaeologists find and open the tomb of Egyptian Princess Ananka with nefarious consequences. 87 min

Martita Hunt, | | Stars:

Madeline Smith, Devil worshipers plan to convert two new victims. About this list: Best to worst | 91 min Director: Stars: Below are ten of the best to add to your watchlist. Director: Stars: Victor Frankenstein builds a creature and brings it to life, but it behaves not as he intended. Jeanne Roland, Approved 84 min Thorley Walters, G | After a close encounter with a witch doctor which leaves her mentally fragile, Fontaine returns to the quiet life of a school teacher.

Stars: Christopher Lee, | | Director:

Baron Frankenstein escapes from the guillotine and goes to Germany. Stars: After having escaped punishment for his previous crimes against nature, Victor Frankentstein resumes his work – both as a medical doctor and as an experimental scientist. Christopher Lee, | Hammer Mummy Movies Ranked Best to Worst by Horror_Metal | created - 06 Sep 2018 | updated - 06 Sep 2018 | Public "He who robs the graves of Egypt dies!"

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