Leigh is very much like the admin and has a passion for creating awareness for those that cannot speak for themselves. Required fields are marked *. Leigh started the channel with the intention to highlight the issues of child abduction and child issues. Cold Case Unsolved: Jolene Cote Case - Authorities say Highly Emotional Crime & … Leigh is very much like the admin and has a passion for creating awareness for those that cannot speak for themselves. True Crime Daily. Click here to have a look at some of the videos they have published. Soothing voice, in-depth information on the cases covered, victim-focused and respectful viewers. She co-hosts a podcast called Crime after Crime with John Lordan. We may be biased because we are Northern Irish, but Mike Oh and his channel are one of our absolute favourite channels to watch and we look forward to his videos every week. You couldn’t ask for much better in a channel. During this period, your copyright strikes won't expire and you can't upload new videos. He co-hosts a podcast called. Danelle is a full-time mom on top of Youtube and posts once a week on a Saturday. Auf meinem Kanal erwarten euch viele tolle Videos rund um die Themen Baby, Mama-Sein, Familien VLOG's und Beauty!

He also has a Patreon channel, which has a bunch of videos not fit for YouTube. Thanks so much for the mention! You can find Jim’s channel, here. Jim’s channel is incredible if you are like our admin and study psychology with criminology interests. Danelle focuses mostly on unsolved cases, covering cases that again, don’t have as much media coverage, or cases that others may not have heard of. This is one of the most in-depth Youtube channels we have come across since Danelle, John and Cayleigh. We decided that given there are channels with huge following stats that we would focus more on the smaller channels that do (in our humble opinion) a much better job in research and giving a full overview of the cases they cover. Will definitely check them out. These are cases that don’t get as much media attention or aren’t as well known as others but deserve just as much recognition. United States About Youtuber Anchored from the streets of New York City and led by renowned veteran journalist Chris Hansen, Crime Watch Daily delivered in-depth true crime sagas showcasing the very best of crime journalism. The cases are from all over the world covering child endangerment with the hopes that people will take part by taking notice and sharing the videos. We came across Mysterious WV by chance, one of their videos began to play automatically after a previous Youtube video had finished.

If tv , to ,discovery ,all the crime tv channels .paramount an the list goes on . On this channel, you can also find informational videos about self-protection from Navy Seals and private investigators, as well as a series of interviews with people who survived insane situations. This channel has a lot of true crime documentaries, usually 40 minutes and longer. The Best YouTube Channels. We are also focusing on channels that talk about unsolved cases and missing persons. The list isn’t in any sort of order and we have included a brief description of the channels and the Youtubers behind them. WV stands for West Virginia. Thanks for the suggestions! Danelle focuses mostly on unsolved cases, covering cases that again, don’t have as much media coverage, or cases that others may not have heard of. He posts videos three times a week and has a new case every single time. She co-hosts a podcast called. There are two channels, We only found Danelle’s channel last year, but have watched all of her videos. His Irish humour gives a light-hearted kick to what is some awful stuff, but while remaining respectful. If you would like to follow these individuals on social media then be sure to look in their “About” sections. You can find Mike’s channel, here. She's also going to do another video. If this is your first time violating our Community Guidelines, you’ll get a warning with no penalty to your channel. ... Linda … This is just one list, we have a tonne of other channels out there that we intend to add to future posts. He posts new videos every week and is very active on his social media.

Do you want to help support TMTL and the work they do? You can find Jim’s channel. Along with the True Crime content, he also has a bi-weekly podcast, The Graveyard Shift with Mr. Davis where he narrates 3-5 NoSleep stories. Like many others on this post, John does a lot of research on his videos, he explains everything in detail, keeps the videos based on the victims and on their families and provides updates that are so important when covering cases like this. We thought long and hard about the type of channels we watch, some are super popular and some are just starting out, or not as well known. Mr. Davis’ main focus of his channel is to cover various cold cases, true crime, and other content similar to that. Prayers do work. I have mentioned Mr. Davis previously, he was the one that highlighted my first post on Walter “Fig” Mitchell and what spurred the revamp of The Missing and the Lost. Serial killers, creepy twins, old ladies locked in rooms for decades… if you have a spare ten minutes visit his channel and give one of his videos a watch, there’s plenty more where these came from. She does a very great job of discussing it and it was very informative to me. If so, click here to learn more about how you can help support us and get interesting updates. My name is Eleanor Neale and my content ranges from true crime/unsolved mystery videos to makeup, to vlogs, to basically anything I choose to put out! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Crime Youtube Channels. Anyway I'll post the link below for the It's a crime YouTube video. Vintage Files is a Canadian true crime YouTube channel thatoffers a range of listicles with information about cold cases and other unexplained occurrences. He co-hosts a podcast called Crime after Crime with Danelle Hallan. He presents the facts in a respectful and timely manner; no dragging out videos for more ad revenue. Mike “Oh” a fellow Irish true crime lover is the owner of That Chapter. Danelle is a full-time mom on top of Youtube and posts once a week on a Saturday. After three copyright strikes, you'll have seven additional days to act before your channel is disabled. Serial killers, missing persons, spree killers, mass murderers, family annihilators, thrill kills, crimes of passion, and other true crime. You may pay for YouTube Premium because of its ad-free experience that lets you binge without break, but the service would be nothing without its best shows. You can find his channel, here. If you don’t know, scary story channels are basically people reading either listener submitted, or online sourced real life terrifying experiences. You can find Mike’s channel. Follow The Missing and the Lost on WordPress.com, UNSOLVED: FOUND – DOMINIC POTTS, 21, PLUMAS COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, USA, Unsolved USA: Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered Children (Part One), UNSOLVED: Baby Doe, Stanton, California, Found 10th February 2014 on a Conveyor Belt at CRT Transfer Recycling Centre, UPDATE: Independence Doe found on 4th July 1996, UPDATE: Baby Jane Doe of Opelika, Alabama. YouTube's Official Channel helps you discover what's new & trending globally. If your channel is part of the YouTube Partner Programme, you're eligible for a seven-day courtesy period.

He posts new videos every week and is very active on his social media. Watch must-see videos, from music to culture to Internet phenomena You can find his channel, here. He covers unsolved crimes, mysteries, creepy tales, cold cases and a bit of tin hat conspiracy theories.

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