I’m no expert. Also can you help me spell the name Hadasah Nina in Hebrew with vowels? The Hebrews were investigators. Yaacov (Jacob): Yaacov was the son of Isaac in the Bible.

Yair: means "to light up” or “to enlighten.” In the Bible Yair was a grandson of Joseph.

", Menashe: Menashe was Joseph's son. Hillel means praise. Often, great secrets of the Torah are steeped in gematria. The Hebrew alphabet (excluding final letters) in Rashi script as rendered by Koren Publishers. Yehoshua (Joshua): Yehoshua was Moses' successor as leader of the Israelites. © Copyright, all rights reserved. Gardiner would be Gardner. It doesn't translate well. Still, even the Egyptian elite understood that a country's survival largely depends on its ability to change, especially when the world around it changes without scruples. It consists of 22 letters, all consonants, none of which are lowercase. ינותן Joseph had initially ended up in the house of Potiphar, and the latter's wife hoped that Joseph would live up to the Hebrews' reputation of wild pursuits (39:7), but much to her shock, Joseph had more manners than she did and declined. Is there anybody who can help? ScienceQuantum Mechanics and Chaos TheoryHope and the Scientific MethodThe Passion of the Christ and the Theory of EverythingWhy sheep are humanHumanitiesScience, religion and data retentionCamels and international tradeThe Social Psychology of PlanetsLinguisticsOn script and information technologyWords and nominal reasonThe Hebrew alphabetThe Hebrew calendar, BibleHow the Bible works (on the name Mary)Biblical namesInterlinear New TestamentLots and lots of topical articlesHebrew dictionaryGreek dictionaryMiscellaneousThe gospel of impurityEndosymbiotic eukaryosynthesisFaith, Evolution and FreedomThe Fate of Our World: The Bible, AI and CryptocurrencyOnline e-book (free, no tricks)Weird Patterns in History and Movies, HousekeepingCookie policy and EU Cookie LawCopyright & ContactSupport usThrough PatreonVia Paypal, Excerpted from: Abarim Publications' Biblical Dictionary, Ae2tdPwUPEZBhJZJ51xCziitqpVrDrxeaJE78CHGjTRmuxaAen3E4j14kwc, (c) Abarim Publications — first published here on 2006-04-19; moved to present location on 2008-05-18; last updated on 2020-10-19, Discover the meanings of thousands of Biblical names in.

", Nechemya: Nechemya means "comforted by God.”, Nir: means "to plow” or “to cultivate a field.”, Nissan: Nissan is the name of a Hebrew month and means “banner, emblem” or “miracle.”, Nissim: Nissim is derived from the Hebrew words for “signs” or miracles.”, Noach (Noah): Noach (Noah) was a righteous man who God commanded to build an ark in preparation for the Great Flood. The name means “God has given.”, Jordan: The name of the Jordan river in Israel. What would be its underlying meaning? I'm fascinated by the complexity and intrigued and anxious to learn more.

Merom: means "heights.” Merom was the name of a place where Joshua won one of his military victories. Eli: Eli was a High Priest and the last of the Judges in the Bible. The derived noun עבר ('eber) describes what or where you end up when you do the verb: the other side or region beyond. This common term 'ibri, or so the theory goes, was then recruited by the Bible writers to denote a kind of theological nomadism, that of the Hebrews, or the "school" of thought which is typically not pinned down in one particular position, or even organized in a political sense, but which travels with the herd from one grassy pasture to the next, learning from other nations and cultures as it goes along.

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