Which means they allow scammers. Mercari is a selling platform that launched back in 2013. You’d think, but you’d be wrong. I sold and bought many things already and it all worked out just fine. Man, oh man. For my entire tenure at Mercari, my rating was a perfect 5 stars with all glowing feedback and seller reviews, so you’d think that customer service would respond to my inquiries with poise and grace. Mercari told me to wait 48 hours to make sure the package wasn't just incorrectly listed as delivered, and by that time, when I finally got through to USPS and found out it had gone to the wrong address, Mercari had given Zaza's closet an automatic five-star review on my behalf for a product I never received. I sold around 15 items on Mercari several of the sales went fine. The photo is of the response I received after informing them I had falsely been notified that my item was canceled. I sold around 15 items on Mercari several of the sales went fine. Press J to jump to the feed. I won't be attempting another transaction on this bogus platform. I hear Mercari doesn’t have much in the way of support when there is an issue, so I won’t be listing anything I need to pay much for or any higher value vintage items. So now the poor review sticks and I finally got my payment. Dude whatever they have 110.00 of my money which is from my daughters stuff not even those fkn items. Every day people would message and offer ridiculously discounted offers for your stuff. wait, you're talking about this post right? Boo. I'm out 35$ postage. Mercari got some rave reviews on the simplicity of listing – in fact, the entire selling process. Assuming she did anyway. Also, even though I have taken screenshots and pictures of my receipts, and sent it to the compliance team through the app (the only way of really contacting them), the only response I've gotten is "The decision we made is final". The app was easy to use and everything seemed ok so I spend an hour or 2 uploading a bunch of listings and within a few hours I had a ton of views and follows. Worst experience ever with a business I thought once was great, and now would not recommend at all. So after hearing about Mercari here and figuring it would mesh well with the type of items I flip, I decided to give it a go. 284 reviews for Reddit, 2.2 stars: 'A website owned by foreign Chinese investors (Tencent). Buyer protection is a joke. You may have already shopped around the Internet to read other Mercari reviews looking for more information on what this app is all about. This does not effect our editorial in any way. Oct 16, 2020 - Find great deals up to 70% off on pre-owned Review on Mercari. I just had someone purchase some Oakley sunglasses off me and I think I'll pass on selling on there. If it shows up broken or if you dont get the right thing you just send some pictures in and they help you return it. This is a sad revelation, as this is an industry that truly needs fierce competition.

In response, the /u/MercariSupport account left an extremely unprofessional response of "Since you violated these you've been banned for 6 LIFETIMES (2 concurrent and 4 consecutive)" This struck me as odd, as I do not believe misusing a promo code should result in such a heinous punishment. Then they suspended my account because my credit card company is going after them. Half the time the pictures come out poor or they are not supported by the app. Every day people would message and offer ridiculously discounted offers for your stuff. Mercari claims that they check and authenticate every designer brand sellers sell , but they don’t . Absolutely zero customer service and they make it very difficult to contact anyone.

Items I received did not match condition in listing. Took a pic of my receipt and sent it to Mercari. I sell supreme clothes on Mercari. Some people might try to scam you by making their products look better in the picture than in reality. But immediately after I rate the seller the reported the device stolen and amazon disabled my device and replace him with another device. They denied the return and said it didn't meet their policy requirements. Crappy Service Crappy Company. There is SO much potential for sales, it is SO easy to list and I have, personally, made SO much money from using it.

Then they said the label was the wrong weight from the seller so they had to print me a new one and issue a refund once the seller got the other one back. Haven't heard anything from them about that yet, not expecting super-fast service. It's illegal, and they are just a bunch of young kids who seriously need to be aware of what they are doing. When you purchase an item on Mercari, we hold payment to your seller until you confirm you've received your order and it is as described in the listing. Wow that is scary, bc March 16th is coming up and they have 110.00. of mine I just double checked, I was accused of same thing and also asked for my social. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 2 Year CPS Consumer Priority Service Extended Warranty for Video Game Consoles Under $1,000.00 at Amazon.com. There is basically no way to contact the compliance team and talk to them directly. Most people care about their rating, so just keep an eye out for that. This company only tore the the seller . 1,100 reviews for Mercari, 1.5 stars: 'I attempted to make a purchase from Mercari.com. lol, SO THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS IT HAS BEEN PROVEN ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS THAT MERCARI is indeed ran by the most uneducated, I started a business using mommy and daddy's money because they said i can be anything i want to be, nothing more than a high school keyboarding class knowledge in the technical field and probably business 101 if that. BBB accredited since 10/3/2014. Mercari - Beware DO NOT SELL ITEMS ON MECARI Aug 06, 2019 @ Pissed Consumer Don't trust this company and before doing ANY business with them look them up at the BBB. A company deciding to have all their customer service complaints handled publicly... interesting business plan... WTF. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to hearing from you soon! they made their choice to basically say screw you, we aren't helping you anymore, we are just going to suspend you and give the guy the money because it's the easiest and safest route for the company to take. They need help, and it really sucks, bc you can flip sht so fast on mercari. Mercari review rated 1.0/5.0: My Fiance recently passed away and I have had to sell several of our items to pay bills. I did read a few reviews where Mercari refused to refund on broken items. i'm so pissed i have emailed them so many times!! A place to discuss tactics and success stories of buying things for a low price and selling them for a higher one. If there’s only one photo of the product, you should always ask the seller to send you more pictures, preferably from different angles. I've not only contacted them through the app, but I've called them multiple times as well. Mercari review rated 1.0/5.0 with 34 Comments: I am beyond disgusted and totally sickened by what just happened to me on Mercari! The outside box she says is not damaged so it didn't happen during shipping, as I wrapped each item with thick layers of protective bubblewrap, and the on/off button is kinda hidden too so no idea how she managed to break it. Anything that will threaten their ad revenue or does not fit their narrative will be labelled as "hate speech", even where no legitimate cause has been observed. eBay takes buyers sides, but not quite as easily as Mercari. They are just regular people who want to sell the stuff they don’t need anymore. *We are not officially affiliated with Mercari, Press J to jump to the feed. The item showed "fee shipping" in blinking text. Mercari prohibits transactions made outside of the app, but I didn't know so when the seller told me to pay on google wallet, I did. AND WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY EVEN TALKING ABOUT... whoa, not going to lie though. If you dont submit a seller Rating within 3 days of receipt of the item, or if we can confirm delivery through the items tracking information, well assume the transaction was successful and release payment to your seller.

One of the best things about Mercari is that it is now possible to do everything via mobile app, which makes this platform super convenient and universally accessible. Be very careful if the price seems too good to be true. She requested a refund and now I wait to see what Mercari does. You could attempt to send a stern letter from a lawyer to this scam buyer. Use my situation as a lesson. 2. Yeah, just updating you on my situation as well. To add insult to injury, during the review process I tried to transfer my funds and they had the gall to reverse the transaction. In a 1-star Mercari review on Trustpilot, the reviewer said they bought an item that never arrived and customer service was no help in resolving the issue. They are just regular people who want to sell the stuff they don’t need anymore. Awesome App! I was selling at least a couple items a week and have had only one sale since the shipping increased , Don't bother, there customer support is useless. Its not like eBay or Amazon are any better, in fact they are worse, much worse. So here is my personal Mercari horror story. Was damaged in transit or broken before. Reply.

And these fools reply with "yeah that is weird" lol. This option makes Mercari way safer and fairer than some other e-commerce platforms. Mercari review rated 1.0/5.0 with 155 Comments: I tried Meracari as well, which should be called bargin bin pushy shoppers. I assure you, my items were genuine, sealed in the package, with all the appropriate accoutrements. Deleted the app and called it a day. (even though that is what the package said) so I reposted and changed the wording, a week later wake up to the same fn emails. Havent had problems with ebay. Behind a slick, impressive exterior is a company that is very poorly ran. Asked for return. Also will consider what appeals to younger buyers potentially.

Dude whatever they have 110.00 of my money which is from my daughters stuff not even those fkn items. It’s always safer to use your credit card, and this applies to all kinds of online shopping. It's great to sell online that is until you make sales and don't get paid. Everything else I have read about Mercari can be summed up in this post. It's like treasure hunt. 855 464 7482 They have deleted it from the web. Mercari is awesome. *We are not officially affiliated with Mercari, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It was a small item for me so I'm not too concerned, but she's contacting me outside of the app and threatening to leave bad reviews on my other sales channels if I don't refund her money through mercari (which I can't because she's already rated my item).

Final decision. 43 sales. It’s always better to buy from sellers who have a lot of reviews on their profiles. (even though that is what the package said) so I reposted and changed the wording, a week later wake up to the same f*n emails. I'm interested to know how it gets handled by Mercari. When I placed an order there was a $4.25 shipping charge. This app needs to get its shit together or its going to go down as a flaming turd in a month or 2. On the selling side of things, I've only had one issue with an order and it sucked that I wasn't able to give the user a partial refund because there's literally no way to do so. Join over 260,000 subscribers! I told Mercari about the scam and they didn't even read the complaint.my point is they get the three days ratings before pay right what are they doing to prevent this type of scam. I "reported" 10 different times and no one ever got back to me. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.google.com/amp/s/gethuman.com/a/phone-number/Mercari. If something is missing or if the product is in bad condition, you can file a complaint and ask to get your money back. Others may want to as well. but yeah the same issue can happen in any platform and most tends to favor the buyer because that's where they get their money from. Read them to see whether buyers were satisfied with the items they have received.

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