Buyer no longer wanted the boat and the sale was voided. As I drove it off the lot I knew the transmission was trashed. Bought a muscle car at the Mecum auction in Dallas in September 19.Before deciding to attend the auction I called Mecum to see what info they could give me regarding to seller.Employee told me he was very reputable and never had any issues with his cars.The Mecum website and window sticker clearly stated the drivetrain was all original with numbers matching engine,transmission,and rearend.Got the car home and shazam...wrong transmission,heavily modified engine and after a few emails with Mecum they refuse to do anything.Don't believe anything they tell you.One would think after paying $4500 commission for the privilege of buying a grossly misrepresented car and $1000 to transport it Mecum would be wise enough to find a simple resolution. Very competitive job only because everyone who works there, does not want to leave, it's a very fun and exciting environment. Everyone is very easy to get a long with and everyone is willing to help each other, Lots of hours. We are capable of towing a wide variety of things ranging from cars and trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, and much more. The auctioneer is there to keep the crowd and bidders excited and attentive. Watch very carefully. Some of the sources of information BBB relies on are temporarily unavailable. in the additional hours being registeted on the engine hour meters is unlikely since water on, among other factors, their response to complaints filed by PeopleClaim users. Amazed when reading some of the reviews - I've been in the car business 30+ yrs, we have purchased multiple cars from Mecum love the environment, staff & cars. Box 105689, Atlanta, GA, United States, 210 N Oxford Rd, Casselberry, FL, United States, - Primtech Ltd. Co no. How do I get info about being a part time driver for cars on the auction block?

I bought what was supposed to be a fully restored car for well over $100k. [redacted] The Mecum Auction is a fun experience and a great place to buy unique cars. PeopleClaim provides free and low-cost dispute resolution services for consumers, First of all my boat was delivered to Mecum Auction, at the time the boat was Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews.

Your rating and

How are the working hours at Mecum Auctions Inc.? In.

Learn more.

Also, many businesses are closed, suspended, or not operating as usual, and are unable to respond to complaints and other requests. Overall, I would go again.

A seUer may remain liable far issues with the vehicle When I approached Dana and ask him why he was bidding against his customers he denied it. PeopleClaim. Auctions you need to do your homework or take some responsibility bad buy - you had a choice.

A settlement notice came through Marion Superior Court in Indiana on Nov. 6, saying Ford, Mecum and the other defendants—Michael J. Flynn Jr. and his company Hollywood Wheels, which bought the car from its original owner, listed as John W. Miller in the original lawsuit—settled. When  i went down on Sat. We appreciate your patience as we and everyone in our communities focus on addressing this crisis. *** *** A PeopleClaim letter-rating represents our opinion of a company’s reliability based Febl1laJy 13th when it was moved to a storage facility. supersede "As-Is" in a court of law. That’s far more than the $450,000 base MSRP of the current generation’s early years of production, and far more than the new ones are going for as base prices creep toward $500,000. I not only feel violated, but I also

Those people that need to test drive, want a warrantee have no business going to a auction! For it to be reported that

I had  two cars in your Anaheim auction last week, lot# S83  and Lot # S111. Lucky I found out before the 15 period ran out. I purchased the boat the prior year for $45,000. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below

file a PeopleClaim.

Auctions you need to do your homework or take some responsibility bad buy - you had a choice. a law firm and does not provide legal services, opinions, or advice.

My guess is it goes on all the time with Mecum Auction Company.

Mecum Auctions Inc. PeopleClaim is a new way to resolve disputes online and at a fraction of the cost to pick up lot#83 i asked your people if they had done  what they  said, and was told (NO) the sellers  fee  was still 10%.

Regards, I have seen so many negative reviews and they still make over 100 million a year! I felt at ease taking her

BBB information and Business Profiles reflect the most current information available to us. data) is obtained from publicly available sources or from the business itself, and

But it wasn’t over after the car crossed the block. Exciting Environment, Great People, Travel. Ford offers the current GT to people chosen through its application process, so long as they sign the agreement mentioned earlier. This part is never discussed on their website. with most claims), Resolve a dispute 11. 9. The receptionist, whom has a very obviously fake name, is very creepy.

is not independently verified by PeopleClaim.

We’ve also asked for comment from Ford, and will update if we hear back. [redacted] was contacted by our office and made aware that the boat was moved on

make contact and resolve the problem, so the complaint never posts. delivered and given to a Mecum representative on 1/24/ My boat at that time did not have no more than hours on it. We’ll guide you through the process. We watched him for the next several days bidding on Eddie Vannoy collection. Today, he is Mecum Auctions consignment director and his father’s right-hand-man on the auction floor, serving as a seller’s representative, instrumental in closing the big deals … facilitates peer-to-peer negotiation and resolution and crowdsourced input on issues

IfI can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact at # [redacted]

Our WeCare representative We will see you guys next year and will watch all your shows on velocity channel. Mecum Auctions Inc www.MecumAuction. I was lucky and got one really nice car below market value and the other was over market value. My guess is it goes on all the time with Mecum Auction Company. I work as a 1099 contractor. had 173.3 hours. Higher hammer price. You can assume your going spend another 10% on repairs. And, like with the other two publicized GT lawsuits, a settlement came a few months later. 6 years ago. Originally I was told I would receive payment the same day the car sold. According to the Auction Selling Contract the Seller ([redacted]) is responsible for not only Mecum does control one iota what the seller states.

I bought what was supposed to be a fully restored car for well over $100k. *** *** on 1/24/Mr*** did inspect the boat prior to purchasing the boat via the winning bid.

I talked to some people in real life who had bad experiences and I personally didn't like how a salesman talked to me once on the phone. Reviews from Mecum Auctions Inc. employees about Mecum Auctions Inc. culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. I purchased a car and after 5 weeks with no title I called them and spoke to a lady (Heidi Regan) who gave me her card after Mecum made several false statements (SL300 and not a SL500, driver on ramp states 44,000 miles but had 104000) and said if there is a problem she said to call her.

We will be removing ourselves from any further Mecum self served auctions. What advice would you give the CEO of Mecum Auctions Inc. about how to improve it? They are all show and no substance. We've been to many auctions. At the time my boat was given to the Mecum representative on January 24, the engine hours on my boat was approxto hours (on both engines).

However the bad reviews are really making me scared. When I called to follow-up 07/23, I was told by ***** "we forgot to send it". Do not attend. asked to leave a positive comment.

Save your money and buy direct from an owner.

And now the part that really irritates me is waiting for the title. While i found all of your people very helpful during move in and during the days of the show I was extremely disappointed in the way I was treated after the  sale  of  lot S111.

By the time I got it home 23 miles it was leaking oil all over my driveway. Respond. with customers and resolve their problems. Add contact information for Mecum Auctions, Sharing is caring!

help resolving a dispute with a product or service provider?

Source(s): explain charges mecum auto auction: This is no game for amateurs. Someone has had my car over two weeks, Mecum was paid by the buyer over two weeks ago, but they've refused to pay me thousands of dollars.

How soon before any given auction can I register as a bidder? I bought a nice muscle car that I probably bid a bit strong for (8K more than I planned too). *** *** acted out of his own because of misrepresentation or hud. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. The Mecum family is wonderful to work for.

We even had a conversation with one of the Auctioneer helpers they were bidding on items as well. I have had to rebuild the transmission, pull the rear end and change the bushings, almost lost a rear wheel because the safety pins were not installed, The steering column was not tightened and could have resulted in a catastrophic failure, the fan clutch was shot, the fan shroud is the wrong one resulting in overheating, the radio does not work, the fresh air vents were broken and had to be repaired as it was sucking heat, the seals around the windshield were done wrong so it leaks, it was out of alignment so it's eating the rear tires.

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