Adrien is the prize in a Paris-wide Friendship Day treasure hunt, but Marinette is teamed up with Kagami, who has disobeyed her mother to participate. Cristina Vee, Bryce Papenbrook, Keith Silverstein. Ladybug. But she has a secret other teenagers don't have - she lives a double life as a crime-fighting superhero known as Ladybug. On an emotional journey in Morocco, an entrepreneur pieces together the turbulent life of his estranged mother and meets her adopted daughter. When they enter the Montparnasse Tower, Ladybug and Cat Noir lose their memories and transform back into Marinette and Adrien in front of each other. Hawk Moth akumatizes Max's best friend and pet robot, Markov, into Robostus, a raging techno-threat with the power to bring inanimate objects to life. The akuma fighters try to apprehend Mr. Pigeon, a bird lover who has kidnapped all the park keepers in Paris, but Cat Noir's allergies interfere. Two decades after the Wanninkhof-Carabantes murders in Spain, this documentary reviews the case from judicial, political and sociological perspectives. Humiliated at the premiere of his new Ladybug and Cat Noir movie, the director becomes Animaestro, forcing the real superheroes to act fast. Ladybug and Cat Noir challenge the Bourgeois couple. During a sleepover with Marinette, Alya punishes her twin sisters, Etta and Ella, who get akumatized into monsters that multiply when they eat.

Alya's older sister Nora becomes akumatized by Hawk Moth into Anansi, an enormous spider-woman hybrid named after an African folktale. During the filming of a short horror movie for Marinette's class, scared star Mylène is akumatized into a slimy monster that feeds on others' fears.

Sabrina, angry at Chloe for the attention she gives to Ladybug, becomes Miraculer, who can steal powers away from superheroes.

Animaestro 22m.

Without money and alone in the immense city, Marinette accepts the help of a young and resourceful girl, Fei. In a flashback, Ladybug and Cat Noir's origins are revealed, as Marinette befriends Alya and meets Adrien, a famous model with an overprotective dad. But, as soon as she arrives in China, her purse gets stolen with Tikki inside, whom she needs to secretly transform into Ladybug!

Marinette beats Adrien's video game tournament partner, Max, so she can replace him and spend time with her crush, but Max akumatizes into a villain.

When he's fired by the mayor, police officer Roger becomes Rogercop, a villain who thinks he's enforcing the law by ruling Paris as a dictator. Timetagger. The perfect opportunity for Marinette to spend time with her friends, especially Adrien. All the Miraculous Ladybug News you could ever need!

Episodes. ... Stormy Weather 2. When she is humiliated by Gabriel, Chloe's mother becomes Style Queen, who possesses a magical scepter and aims to exact her revenge on Adrien. While Marinette tries to retrieve her diary from Chloé, Adrien's fencing teacher is akumatized into Darkblade, a villain who storms city hall. Retrouvez en exclusivité tous les replay, videos, exclus et news de Miraculous : Les aventures de ladybug et chat noir sur TF1. Backwarder. Ladybug and Cat Noir each get the other's Miraculous when they must take on Juleka, who has become Reflekta again and now has a sentimonster.

Little does she know, her school crush Adrien is actually Cat Noir, another city-saving superhero. In an attempt to impress her mother, Chloe tries to become the superhero Queen Bee but is instead transformed into the supervillain Queen Wasp. A jealous sculptor in love with Ladybug akumatizes into Copycat, a duplicate of Cat Noir who tries to take his rival's place by Ladybug's side. When Marinette elects to hang out with her friends on her birthday instead of her grandmother, grandma is akumatized into a candy-gun-wielding baddie. Heart Hunter The Battle of the Miraculous - Part 1, Miraculous World: New York - United HeroeZ.

Armed with a magic microphone, Ladybug and Cat Noir must defeat Rossignoble while dancing and rhyming at the same time. Humiliated in front of Adrien by Marinette, Lila -- a rival who pretends to be Ladybug's friend -- akumatizes into Volpina, a villain of illusions.

Marinette meets Alya and friends for a treat at André's, a legendary Parisian ice cream maker, but André is akumatized into the villain Glaciator.

Cet article présente la liste des épisodes de la série télévisée d'animation Miraculous : Les Aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir. ... Marinette and Adrien confront Lila with her lies, so she asks Hawk Moth to akumatize her into Chameleon, a new villain determined to destroy Ladybug. Marinette must rescue Adrien from a group of overzealous fans and from his own bodyguard, who has been akumatized into the hulking Gorizilla. Marinette and Adrien confront Lila with her lies, so she asks Hawk Moth to akumatize her into Chameleon, a new villain determined to destroy Ladybug. A single mom becomes entangled in a twisted mind game when she begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss while bonding with his mysterious wife. The perfect opportunity for Marinette to spend time with her friends, especially Adrien. Adrien's best friend, Nino, is akumatized into the Bubbler, a villain who traps adults in bubbles and sends them floating away into the atmosphere. Party Crasher. A humiliated zookeeper is akumatized into a villainous shapeshifting animal on a day when Marinette, Adrien and friends are visiting the zoo in Paris.

When his dish at a competition is sabotaged, Marinette's great-uncle chef Wang Cheng becomes Kung Food, who recruits henchmen with his cooking. Animaestro. Ladybug and Cat Noir are trapped between two time travelers from the future, one of whom has been sent by Hawk Moth to steal their Miraculous.

French Spanish Season 3 Chameleon. Reflekdoll. A teacher starts her job at a high school but is haunted by a suspicious death that occurred there weeks before... and begins fearing for her own life. In fact, he's travelling with his father, Gabriel Agreste, who is particularly interested in a unique exhibition of a precious necklace holding an eagle talon... a jewel that could possess powers that Hawk Moth wants. Marinette reveals her feelings for Adrien on the anniversary of his mom's death, but his lookalike cousin pretends to be Adrien and responds cruelly.

Marinette tries to arrange some alone time with Adrien at the wax museum, but she's supposed to be babysitting Manon, who becomes Puppeteer again.

Ladybug and Cat Noir face one of their most fearsome opponents when Hawk Moth sets a sinister plan into motion by akumatizing his assistant. Rejected by a rock star, an angry fan becomes Pixelator, who traps Parisians in his camera's memory until Cat Noir and Ladybug halt his photo spree.

When he can't find anyone to test his video game that pits formerly akumatized villains against one another, Max again becomes one himself: Gamer 2.0. Disappointed that Cat Noir doesn't return his daughter's love, Tom becomes Weredad, who locks Marinette in a magic prison to protect her from hurt. Anxiously awaiting news about her astronaut application, Max's mom becomes Startrain, who wants to turn her train into a rocket ship.

Kagami becomes jealous when Lila manipulates her way into the Agreste mansion and turns into Oni-Chan, a masked villain who can teleport.

Marinette babysits little Manon, who becomes akumatized into the Puppeteer while playing with dolls of Ladybug, Cat Noir and some infamous villains.

After Marinette mixes up some messages, an old love of Master Fu becomes Backwarder, who wields a magic wand that can steal time from others. Jagged Stone seeks to replace the guitarist he fired, who akumatizes into Desperada, a villain with a magic guitar that turns people into stickers. A rock star is scheduled to visit the bakery owned by Marinette's parents, but his overwhelmed personal assistant is akumatized by Hawk Moth. In a continuing flashback to Ladybug and Cat Noir's origins, Marinette mistakes Adrien for a bully and hesitates to embrace her Ladybug persona. The students give gifts to Miss Bustier on her birthday but the popular teacher is akumatized into Zombizou, a monster armed with evil black lipstick. Miraculous World: New York - United HeroeZ For the French-American friendship week, Marinette and her class travel to New York, the city of superheroes! For the French-American friendship week, Marinette and her class travel to New York, the city of superheroes! Marinette and Kitty Section record a music video, but an unscrupulous producer, the father of XY, steals their ideas and inspires Luka to seek revenge. Marinette and Adrien's relationship finally takes a cautious step forward, but Kagami -- and the future of Paris -- stand in their way. Based on the animated hit, Miraculous Crush: A Ladybug & Cat Noir Match 3 combines the world of Miraculous with captivating, pick-up-play puzzles! Marinette considers declaring her feelings to Adrien for Valentine's Day, but first they must stop Dark Cupid, a villain bent on eradicating love. When Paris is in peril, Marinette becomes Ladybug. Ladybug and Cat Noir will soon have to ally with the American heroes to defend them from their enemy! When anger over a broken watch turns Alix into a time-traveling villain, it's up to Ladybug to return to the past and thwart her plans. The two girls will ally and discover the existence of a new magical jewel, the Prodigious. Marinette lies about preparing a good deed to perform for others on the Day of Heroes and quickly finds her untruth spinning out of control. When Chloe considers leaving Paris, her father, Mayor Bourgeois, turns into Malediktator, a powerful villain who wants her to stay at any cost.

The supervillain Sandboy uses his powers to turn the nightmares of Parisians into reality, forcing a Tikki-less Marinette to intervene. For the French-American friendship week, Marinette and her class travel to New York, the city of superheroes! Marinette uses her powers to leave a gift for Adrien, causing him to realize her secret identity -- which has a devastating impact on the future.

Trying to learn how to be nice, Chloé throws a party but loses her temper and fires her butler, who becomes akumatized into the vengeful Despair Bear. Line up the adorable Kwamis and use Ability Jewels to earn the highest score in each stage, then fight against your favorite akumatized villains in challenging boss battles. At a celebration for their twentieth anniversary, the Bourgeois couple is akumatized into Hearthunter, a two-headed Cerberus that devours love. When a villain with the power of the ancient Egyptian gods wants to sacrifice Alya, Ladybug and Cat Noir must fight an army of mummies to rescue her.

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