One result of its ground-breaking use of food prices and “commodity market networks, market integration, the geographic and economic distribution of food commodities, and cross border trade” (Famine Early Warning Systems Network, 2008:1) was the development of new ways of seeing the nature of socioeconomic threats to food security in some countries—significantly different patterns of food pricing within countries, strikingly divergent global food price influences in different re-. For example, U.S. agricultural price interventions, as in use of corn for fuel, can have a direct impact on food prices in fragile societies that can be amplified by climate events that reduce agricultural production. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the . Normal techniques of intelligence analysis are also useful for assessing some of these components of vulnerability, such as the willingness of governments to respond on behalf of only particular segments of their populations in the event of need. National Security Studies 1254 Words | 6 Pages.

1 (July): 133-153. The topic of national security vs. personal privacy, in recent events, has been very controversial regarding which is more appropriate. Each country presents its own unique mix of exposures, vulnerabilities, socioeconomic conditions, and so forth, and different kinds of climate events have different associated patterns of exposure and vulnerability.

Courtesy of James McMahon. For example, responses to recent climate events or other disasters can affect both the future capacity to respond and security-related conditions, such as public support for governments. MASTER OF ARTS IN NATIONAL SECURITY AFFAIRS from the NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL June 2003 Author: Mieczyslaw Malec Approved by: Jeffrey Knopf Thesis Advisor Boris Keyser Second Reader James J. Wirtz Chairman, Department of National Security Affairs Students who fail NS4080 must re-take it the next quarter as an overload (but this does not require you to postpone NS0810 segments); incompletes and extensions are normally not allowed. It is important to note that although most of the phenomena of all the types we have highlighted normally change on time-scales of months, years, or decades, potentially disruptive climate events often give far less warning. Addressing many of the new and enduring methodological problems is largely the province of the academic research community. In the area of climate change, the activities include efforts to forecast climate events and estimate the vulnerabilities to climate change of various aspects of human well-being. The final thesis, approved by both advisors, is due to the Chair two weeks prior to graduation. It also requires measures or assessments of the likelihood that responses to disruptive events, particularly by responsible governing authorities, will be (or be perceived to be) inadequate.

JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

Developing a monitoring system for climate-related security threats is a long-term enterprise. <>stream The preceding chapters, following the conceptual framework presented in Chapter 2, examined and evaluated evidence about the relationships and mechanisms that could link climate change and climate events over the next decade to outcomes of importance to U.S. national security. These risks are unlikely to be foreseen by looking only at climate trends and projections or by looking only at political and social trends and projections. In this approach, analysts posit the occurrence of a particular potentially disruptive climate event the risk of which is high or increasing and consider how a country, region, or system of interest would likely respond, given what is known or expected from monitoring and assessment of the state of other environmental conditions, exposures, vulnerabilities, and likely responses to inadequacies of coping, response, and recovery.

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