Some of us are looking to work in the aviation industry as professionals when we grow older. On February 24, 2009, the aircraft involved in the incident, along with other 747-400s in the Northwest Airlines fleet, joined the Delta Air Lines fleet as part of a … Contributing to the fatalities in the accident was the inoperability of the DC-9 internal tail cone release mechanism. In January 2004, the Airline Pilot Association awarded the "Superior Airmanship Award" to Northwest 85 crew. Geib declared an emergency and began a diversion to Anchorage, Alaska. began in February, 2013 as a one-man (er… teenager, rather) show. N661US was the first 747-400 ever built by Boeing and took its maiden flight on April 29, 1988 bearing the registration number N401PW. Deciding that no immediate danger existed, he did not order an emergency evacuation, and the passengers and crew deplaned using the rear airstair after the aircraft was sprayed with fire retardant foam as a precaution. In January 2004 the Air Line Pilots Association awarded the “Superior Airmanship Award” to the crew of Northwest 85. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The pilots contacted Northwest Airlines at Minneapolis St Paul area, but no solution for the bank came out. World Aviation Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Northwest Airlines Flight 255, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, crashed shortly after takeoff from Detroit Metropolitan Airport on August 16, 1987, at about 8:46 p.m. EDT (00:46 UTC August 17), killing all six crew members and 148 of its 149 passengers, along with two people on the ground. Five seconds later (at 13:45 EST), the crew saw the Boeing 727 heading towards them. The episode is titled "Taxiway Turmoil".[5]. Northwest 1482 was cleared from the gate towards Runway 03C, but it missed turning onto taxiway Oscar 6 and instead entered the Outer taxiway. Virgin Australia Prepares For Upcoming Holiday Season, SKY Airlines Plans to Issue $100 Million In Bonds, Go…, Major European Flight School Charging Students $81,000 to Convert Licences, Italian Authorities Threaten to Ban Ryanair Over COVID-19 Procedures, Cape Air Chosen for Manistee Essential Air Service Despite Controversy, United Moves Flight Crews Away from Downtown Hotels in Anticipation of Post-Election Civil Protests, Interjet Cancels Flights After it Fails to Pay for Fuel, Eastern CEO Details Strategy After Purchasing Additional 777s. That’s okay though, because we’re all here for the same reason: we love the airlines. Some of us are still trying to decide what we want to do. While she may be out of the sky, she will continue to be on display at the Delta Flight Museum, so people can continue to appreciate her beauty as the “Queen of the Skies.”. Geib declared an emergency and began a diversion to Anchorage, Alaska. The aircraft was repaired and flew for Northwest until 1995. Senior Captain John Hanson and F/O David Smith were on rest break.

[1]:9, Of the surviving passengers, the NTSB stated that 10 received serious injuries and 23 received minor or no injuries. N661US has been with Delta since the merger – flying to destinations all over the world. Hanson re-entered the cockpit and continued to fly with Fagan. In addition to being a Boeing test aircraft for nearly a year, N661US flew for Northwest Airlines from 1989 until 2009 when Northwest merged with Delta Airlines. this was due to a fatigue crack in the power control module which caused a hardover of the lower half of the rudder.

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The incident occurred at 21:40 EDT.

It was also theorised the Boeing 747-451's testing may have been too much for the aircraft to handle. N661US at ATL (Photo provided by Sylvester Pittman,

The DC-9 caught fire and was destroyed.

It occurred when Flight 1482, a scheduled Douglas DC-9-14 operating from Detroit to Pittsburgh International Airport, taxied by mistake onto an active runway in dense fog and was hit by a departing Boeing 727 operating as Flight 299 to Memphis International Airport.

Since then, we’ve grown to have 20 active team members, and yes, we’re still growing. N661US has flown for 3 companies during its 27 year history.

[1]:4 The captain then shut down all three engines and ascertained that no one on board had been injured and that the aircraft was only lightly damaged.

Geib initially believed one of the left engines had failed. The 727 was operating Northwest Flight 299 to Memphis, and had just been cleared for take-off. The end portion of the control module housing had separated from the main portion. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

The NTSB added that it did not receive medical records for three passengers who were admitted to a burn center; for purposes of the report, the NTSB labeled their injuries as serious.

The 27 year old bird will not be scrapped, instead it is moving across the street from Hartsfield Jackson International Airport to its new home at the Delta Flight Museum. Aircraft and crew. Northwest Airlines Flight 85 was a flight from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport to Narita International Airport that experienced a rudder hardover event on October 9, 2002 when the flight was in proximity to Anchorage, Alaska. The sole survivor was a 4-year-old girl who sustained serious injuries. Tomorrow we say goodbye to a very famous aircraft; N661US will be flying its last revenue flight later this evening as Delta 836 departing Honolulu and arriving back in Atlanta early tomorrow morning. The Boeing 747-451 involved was registered as N661US and was built by Boeing Co for flight testing as N401PW. Just because N661US flying days are over doesn’t mean people can not see her. Delta will be moving N661US to the Delta Flight Museum to be put on display. At the time of the incident, Jr Captain Frank Geib and F/O Mike Fagan had taken control of the aircraft.

On 9 October 2002, the Boeing 747-451 experienced a lower rudder hardover due to metal fatigue.

[4], The Douglas DC-9 operating Flight 1482 was registered N3313L; it was built in 1966 and had a total of 62,253 operating hours. Hanson re-entered the cockpit and continued to fly with Fagan. The Douglas DC-9 operating Flight 1482 was registered N3313L; it was built in 1966 and had a total of 62,253 operating hours. The Boeing 747-451 abruptly and unexpectedly banked 30-40 degrees to the left. N278US was flown by Kitty Hawk Aircargo before being scrapped in 2011. When the airplane is finished getting a fresh coat of paint and the modifications are completed, the airport will take down part of its fence and the 747 will be towed through, accross the road, and parked at the museum, in collaboration with the City of Atlanta’s Department of Aviation. Despite being in the communications dead zone, Northwest 85 contacted Northwest Airlines 19, who relayed the mayday message to Anchorage. To correct the error, they were instructed to turn right onto Taxiway Xray, but the crew instead turned onto the active runway, 03C.

The Boeing 747-451 departed Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport at 14:30 EDT.

Former Northwest Airlines Capt.

The 727's wing hit the right-hand side of the DC-9 and cut through the fuselage just below the windows, then continued aft, finally cutting off the DC-9's right-hand (#2) engine. Contributing to the cause of the accident were (1) deficiencies in the air traffic control services provided by the Detroit tower, including failure of the ground controller to take timely action to alert the local controller to the possible runway incursion, inadequate visibility observations, failure to use progressive taxi instructions in low-visibility conditions, and issuance of inappropriate and confusing taxi instructions compounded by inadequate backup supervision for the level of experience of the staff on duty; (2) deficiencies in the surface markings, signage, and lighting at the airport and the failure of Federal Aviation Administration surveillance to detect or correct any of these deficiencies; and (3) failure of Northwest Airlines, Inc., to provide adequate cockpit resource management training to their line aircrews. The DC-9 was delivered new to Delta before being sold to Northwest predecessor Southern Airways in 1973. The FAA published an NPRM making the ultrasound inspection mandatory on Boeing 747-451, 451D, 451F aircraft. The captain of NWA85 reported none of the emergency procedures could correct the issue. At that time, the flight crew only had limited rudder control and no control of the ailerons which meant they had to steer the aircraft with asymmetric or differing engine thrust. This wasn’t your typical hand flying however. The lower rudder control module's cast metal housing had broken.

The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) as well as Boeing launched investigations into the incident. [1]:12, The Boeing 727 operating Flight 299 was registered N278US and had been purchased by Northwest in 1975. The crew turned the Boeing 747-451 around and landed safely in Anchorage, Alaska. The rear jumpseat flight attendant and a passenger died from smoke inhalation in the DC-9's tailcone; the tailcone release was not activated, and later investigation determined that release mechanism was mechanically inoperable.

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