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This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Cecil Harvey and Rydia pass through this cave to search for the Sand Pearl.

Underground Waterway is unlocked by completing Mist Cave in the Final Fantasy IV realm.

Hobs, Edward, Harley and a trio of guards from Damcyan traverse the waterway via hidden passages that let them climb back up the falls. There, you’ll battle Alfred and pick up the Deep Sinker Shard ability. User Info: VagnF.

Underground Waterway Antlion Cave Mount Hobs Mount Ordeals Ancient Waterway Lodestone Cavern ... the first floor of underground waterway wont 100% map bc of some nook for whatever reason Vynir Jan 1 @ 6:29am sealed cave maps are incomplete, no alcove maps equ3striangam3r Dec 20, 2019 @ 9:51pm I'm actually on my way to defeat Zemus in the Lunar … This guide should be used as a supplement to complete each area. She lectures him on how sages ought to use their magic, and the two return to Mysidia.

So I decided to save it for later. Map of Underground Entrance North - B1 (DS).

After that, you can continue on to Secret Sorcery Lab and Inferno Cave.

Gameplay details

For those that are having issues with being stuck at 99% on map I suggest taking a good look at your map. Farm any Deeseama you find until you pick up the Aqua Stream Directional Shard.

2D:2,320 accumulated gilPotion x4Hi-PotionEther x4ElixirRemedy x2TentShadowbladeIce RodFeather CapHades HelmetHades ArmorHades GlovesIron Ring3D:580 accumulated gilPotion x3X-PotionEther x3Dry EtherPhoenix DownMaiden's KissTentBomb FragmentZeus's WrathBronze HourglassHermes SandalsShadowbladeIce RodFeathered CapHades HelmetHades ArmorHades GlovesMap completion: Eye Drop x5, Antidote x5, Tent x3, Potions x5, Zeus's Wrath x3, Phoenix Down x3 Use your new Aqua Stream ability to head to Hidden Desert.

Reaching Damcyan

Thanks. On his way back Edward is accosted by bandits and washes down the falls to surface at the bottom.

An Octomammoth blocks the rest of the passage, which is the exit that leads to Damcyan. I know there was at least one map I didn't finish because I triggered the scene where they found the Falcon and they automatically left the tower.

At the end of the cave the three of them defeat the Octomammoth, granting passage to Damcyan.

Tellah failed to defeat the Octomammoth at the end of the cave on his own, so he returned to the southern part of the cave. The following is a list of locations in Final Fantasy IV, found in Earth, the Underworld and the Red Moon.

Namingway, under the pseudonym of Mappingway, gives this item to Cecil Harvey in the Mist Cave. Below, we’ve included a complete map of Forbidden Underground Waterway with a few notes about the area.

Maybe you should try that.

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Locations in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Underground_Waterway_(Final_Fantasy_IV)?oldid=3353530. Forbidden Underground Waterway map It’ll take a couple new abilities to explore all of Forbidden Underground Waterway. It is only visible to you. The Wayfarer's Map is an enchanted dungeon map provided by Namingway in the 3D versions of Final Fantasy IV.

Several years later, Palom and Porom explore the waterway as training for Palom's quest to become a sage.

The secret area behind the waterfall (SNES).

At Underground Lake B2, there are two secret passages, one after the long corridor on the left side of the entrance and the other one near the exit for Underground Lake N. Both pass through the wall and lead to the southeast side of the area where there is a treasure.

Map of Underground Waterway North - B2 (DS). Tellah also passes through this cave so he can reach Damcyan because his daughter, Anna, ran there with Edward Chris von Muir, who was disguised as a Bard.

In Inferno Cave, you’ll pick up the Invert Shard ability — which is arguably the most useful in the game. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America).

After looking really closely I noticed a small little piece missing from an area that I didn't need to go to/didnt have a chest. Exploit the Octomammoth's weakness to dark attacks.Exploit the Octomammoth's weakness to lightning attacks.Defeat the Octomammoth without having any water attacks absorbed. The party must defeat the Octomammoth. One thing I have to add for those who get stuck at 99% on the Underground Waterway entrance with two pixels that refuse to appear on the outlines.

AlligatorAmoebaFangshellGigantoadGoblinKiller FishRed MousseSahaginSword RatTiny MageToadgreZombieOctomammoth (boss) I had several that were stuck at 99%. Underground Waterway on the world map (PSP).

Below are screenshots taken after using the Sight magic.

User Info: Libitz55.

This will allow you to explore underwater. 1 Story 2 Items 3 Enemies 4 Musical themes 5 Other appearances 5.1 Final Fantasy Record Keeper 6 Gallery Acrophies Moogle Eater Blood Slime Lesser Lopros Tyrannosaur (Boss) The background theme that plays at the Underground Waterway is the game's "Dungeon".

He sets out for Damcyan to find a cure. 1 Maps 2 Earth 2.1 Overworld 2.2 Underworld 3 Red Moon Move mouse cursor over a location for a link to that location's article. All rights reserved. The After Years Final Fantasy IV They discuss their pasts and how Rydia, a Summoner of Mist, could improve her powers. Where do I need to go?

Travelling to DamcyanTravelling to Kaipo

Enemies The entrance is located at the western edge of the … Type Please see the. It is the sewers of Baron, and connects the city to Baron Castle.

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. I started the game a while ago, and I couldn't complete that map.

Underground Waterway

But, I am at the part when I just got Edge, and there's still a tiny bit that won't become part of the map even if I go right to that part of the map! I have all the rooms except B2 North Filled, but I can only get that one to 80%.

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