Lipstick Alley. I met some nice people through PMs. Condi sucks. He a notorious predator / pervert all over social media, and he is into "age play. Fancy fancy The Hood Oracle. This is not okay. I made a thread today and was "gang" attacked by crazy Nicki Minaj fans. The Internet's largest African American Forum.

Instead of looking at themselves they want to judge and/or psychoanalyze others. The double standards are crazy over there with the admins. LSA is toxic.

Claim to hate racism but insult other black folks in the name of "accountability". They write posts insulting their toxic family members all while playing the victim. Avoid this website. This site is toxic. ... Click here to support Get Piffgram To Lagos organised by elizabeth Piffgram A lot of fonts love to start that sh*t they can't finish.

However, they ridicule anyone seeking relationship guidance. I am black but it's obvious that most of the people there aren't. Too Much Bullying! It used to be a light hearted place where celeb gossip and "tea" threads flowed from actual insiders. Back then it wasn't a well known website and it was fun and hilarious and people there were funny and cool. Oh and the admins are biased and "time out'd" you for pathetic stuff but let people who post harassment-comments get away with it.

The owner is Verve Hosting. Sorry you can't. Mods are biased, useless, have their favorites and would put you in time out for defending yourself. (Hence the immature conversation topics, the inability to accept differences without personal attack and the name calling).

Does anyone know who the owner of is? There are disturbed individuals on here *******@est in 1996.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think these "fonts" are stalking my thread?

I'm posting here because I just got on time out (yet again) for defending myself against annoying fonts (particularly@ oSoGorJESS &@Shadeybootskell) who have started mess with me by constantly snarking at me with fighting words (I didn't insult them this time, mind you, and I went back and saw that the posts I put defending myself against them were mysteriously deleted while the posts from the other fonts who provoked me first are still up). Now all LSA is about is full blown stalking and obsession over other people's opinions. All of the fonts on this website are stalkers, insecure and have no life. This website was created for people to be able to hide behind their phones and bully people and talk mess. Some seriously evil and delusional people on that site. Lipstick Alley ranks 162nd among Forum sites.

I stay in back alley *******@BAKED *******@Riven *******@Soy Tres are sending each other their photos and giving each other their personal information.

They're f*****g useless! I don't understand. I can say I have a learned a bit about relationships from the 10%. Leaving to overcome racism. No Moderation! When you message the mods they don't even reply. People here are seriously so stupid omg you will lose brain cells reading their comments. I'm not saying that there aren't black people on there, that act like that but I bet y'all didn't know, that LSA was infiltrated, by white people, YEARS ago. You need to be a 10.0 baddie.

How can we get the option to delete or posts, account, etc???????? Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: The African American or ADOS women are very jealous and hateful on this website towards, Weirdos allowed to share "teen porn" on this site, Honeybunzz10/helensparta25 stalking boxer boy, Africans hate light skin black people & Lipstick Alley violates Google Adsense Rules, STAY AWAY!

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